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James Franco Confirms Flirting With That Underage Girl On Instagram! Watch His "Embarrassing" Confession Here!

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James Franco, everybody!

The Of Mice and Men star was put on blast a couple days ago for flirting with an underaged Scottish minor on Instagram who was visiting New York as an early birthday present from her family.

Unlike many who would usually just let an incident like this go until nothing comes from it anymore, the thespian decided to address this debacle head on!

James went on Live! With Kelly and Michael to speak out on his bad judgement that played out for the whole world to see!

Take a look at his honest and candid response to the whole thing (above)!

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81 comments to “James Franco Confirms Flirting With That Underage Girl On Instagram! Watch His "Embarrassing" Confession Here!”

  1. FrancoLuver says – reply to this


    Seriously who even cares? … Honestly what a dumb girl! If you have the opportunity to go to James Franco's hotel room you fucking do it!

  2. Bob says – reply to this


    You go Franco!

  3. 3

    Franco is straight? Wha? And my godz, Kelly Ripa. Eat some carbs gurl. Even her voice is skinny. You know, that awful screechy tone that Kristen C has too.

  4. Rose says – reply to this


    Aww. They're both morons. Lol but I feel more bad for him because the little shit put it up online.

  5. coco says – reply to this


    She is NOT the first or the last underage girl…..the guy is GARBAGE. So sick of his smug narcissistic, entitled ways. Is he EVEN talented at all??? NO….WHAT GOES AROUND JAMES COMES AROUND.

  6. Barbara says – reply to this


    hmmmm….so he DID try and hook up with a 17yr old, who made it very clear she was. Shame on him

  7. Laken says – reply to this


    Re: coco – 17 is not underage in New York. Next time, caca, try separating your personal opinions regarding his professional talent from whether or not he actually did anything illegal.

  8. ckasper7 says – reply to this


    please…what even was that…an admissinon? an apology?…way to sugar coat it Kelly & Michael. I think this is not the first time he has done this..just the first time he was caught…look at this instagram…he follows thousands of young girls…#creepy "this is new to me" james states about social media…please you eat, live, sh$t, and breathe on social media…it is your existence. yet, you are unfamiliar with the medium. wish I could scalp this overprice tix for tonites show…perv! 17 is legal…I know, I know…still creepy!

  9. Lady muck says – reply to this


    Just want to point out that the lass didn't consider herself a minor. I stay 2 villages over from her and 16 is the age of consent here. Aye a guy his age should be more careful though

  10. fid says – reply to this


    1. The legal age of consent in NY State is 17, the girl is 17 turning 18 next month.
    2. This is obviously a publicity stunt. Or a very strange coincidence that his movie Palto Alto is coming out which is about him seducing a younger woman.
    3. It's not like he sent her a pick of his wang.

    I don't see anything wrong with his interaction with her. Obviously if this is a real conversation and not a PR move, then she was basically trying to trap him into something so that she could get her 15 minutes of fame.

  11. Bo says – reply to this


    Who cares if it's legal! It's just creepy and kind of sad.

  12. The Fanco's show is o says – reply to this


    Cuz I'm a Creep! Creep!* Creep!** Crreeeeppppp!*** (disk skipping), I'm a weirdo..

  13. kayla says – reply to this


    Re: FrancoLuver – hahahahahaa i feel like we should be friends.

  14. coco says – reply to this


    Re: Laken – you obviously have never met or been asked to sleep with this guy. you can't shine shit…….even on a good morning show……..

  15. Laken says – reply to this


    Re: coco – Ah, I see. Well, nice work completely abandoning all hope of forming a reasoned judgment about this nonissue, and choosing to continue your role as armchair character assassin. I do hope it helps you feel better about yourself.

  16. FrancoLuver says – reply to this


    Re: kayla – Agree lol!

  17. FrancoLuver says – reply to this


    This shit has blown way out of proportion … Seriously he literally did nothing wrong. Either your jealous or there’s something extremely wrong with you cause if you’re telling me if Franco asked u to go back to his hotel room ud say no? I call bullshit!

  18. Laken says – reply to this


    Re: fid – Exactly right, and we can always count on perezhilton.com to pack on exaggerations, amplifications, and sensationally-deceptive descriptions onto inverted molehills like this.

  19. Much weird says – reply to this


    Re: FrancoLuver – you're*** jealous not your jealous. I'm on your side but you know…it's only an insult if you do it right. :)

  20. FrancoLuver says – reply to this


    Re: Much weird – Thats Awesome! Thanks lol :)

  21. taryn says – reply to this


    Re: FrancoLuver – THANK YOU lol

  22. taryn says – reply to this


    Re: fid – great points

  23. god I'm a god too says – reply to this


    I do not know why, but whenever I look at this guy, I have this strange feeling this guy stinks from the mouth, smell of cat pee!
    And as soon as my spirit dares to venture a little further afield, I start to think at what lies under the bottom of his belt and right away! Tsss !!The smell of rotten cheese comes to my mind!

  24. 24

    What a sleazebag. His explanation didn't explain THAT. Even if she WAS 18, he's much older AND inviting an unknown female to a hotel room is SLEAZY.

  25. Don't callmeback bbay says – reply to this


    Did someone had noticed the dirty state from James Franco's fingernails ? For a celebritee it is quite neglected!

  26. Idiots says – reply to this


    I guess i shouldn't expect more from the perez hilton crowd, but the point of this was not "social media is tricky". The point of this is he tried to seduce a TEENAGER. A child. Where's the shock about his attempt to seduce a girl half his age? Who thinks its okay for a 35 year old man to invite a 17 year old girl to his hotel room? If your 17 year old daughter was chased after by a 35 year old, would you allow it?

  27. DanielleGrimsby says – reply to this


    I still think this is still just Franco being Franco? Seems like the exact thing he'd do to promote a movie.

  28. Sue says – reply to this


    Re: ChoochRe: Chooch – Who's Kristin C?

  29. Colby says – reply to this


    "The Of Mice and Men star was put on blast a couple days ago"
    Uhhhh…. James Franco wasnt in the Movie Of mice and men. nor is he in the band…..

  30. Damn James Franco says – reply to this


    Just Damn.

  31. 31

    Re: Colby

  32. FrancoLuver says – reply to this


    Re: Colby – He's in Steinbeck of mice and men broadway play…

  33. amittaizero says – reply to this


    Re: LakenRe: Laken – You're making the moralizers' brains explode with your careful, thoughtful opinions.

  34. man the harpoon says – reply to this


    Re: Chooch – someones jealous that they're a fatty and she isn't, insecure much land whale ?

  35. skulls says – reply to this


    Franco admitted to his close friends that it was love at first sight with this weird looking teenager, yup folks he's twisted and gross. My friend who is gay slept with him and JF butthole was stinky and gross yuk

  36. Demode MC says – reply to this


    My mother was 17 years old when she married my father, who was 23. So please just shut the fuck up, you judgemental fat fuck. Thanks :)

  37. andy says – reply to this


    hes a pedophile bitch

  38. Bianca says – reply to this


    He's a celeb, he should be hitting on supermodels, not teenagers!

  39. fuckingmommas says – reply to this


    Go franco he's so bomb
    shoulda tapped dat ass

  40. Danica says – reply to this


    Re: FrancoLuver – No I wouldn't because guess what?? I'm not a fucking slut who follows men back to their hotel rooms just because they walked up to me and asked! But the fact that you would says a lot about your character so stfu!

  41. Andreya says – reply to this


    Re: Demode MC – unless you're completely incapable of doing math you'll realize that the age difference between 17 and 23 and a shit ton different than the difference between 17 and 35 you complete dumbass -.- you just succeeded in making yourself look stupid

  42. 42

    Re: Sue – Chenowith

  43. Earl1985 says – reply to this


    the legal of age of consent in New York state is 17. and most states the legal age is actually 16 and more over the legal age of consent in Scotland is 16

  44. taryn says – reply to this


    Re: Idiots – age is becoming less of an issue, depending on the ages of course. 17 and turning 18 in a month wont make a difference soon who she talks too. once shes 18 she can do whatever. most people these days have some years between them. my parents have a 20 year difference, they arent together but still it happens…if she was like 14 or he was in his 50s it might be grosser…35 to me is still young

  45. 45

    Re: Barbara – SO TRUURE!!!

  46. Liz says – reply to this


    Wow what a whore. Anyone who says shes at fault is retarded

  47. girlliesweets says – reply to this


    Re: fid – Well the girl wasn't from New York, she was from Scotland. And what self-respecting grown man flirts with a girl who admitted to being under 18?

  48. He was honest & WRONG! says – reply to this


    He may be an actor, but he also tried to take advantage of a 17-year-old CHILD. The fact that she published it doesn't make me feel bad for him. It makes me want to make him carry a petition to his neighbors letting them know he tried to engage in pedophilia with a CHILD. He has probably done this before and will probably try to do this again albeit more carefullly. Disgusting.

  49. Joanna says – reply to this


    Honesty? Is this really what is called honesty? After the story has been made public he goes on TV, uses imprecise language vaguely talking about poor judgement, online naievety etc. He basically frames himself as a victim. I hardly knew the guy existed but now I know for a fact that he is a douche.

  50. dusty says – reply to this


    this is a movie promotions jesus christ people

  51. Not without my daughte says – reply to this


    I just wonder if it was his first (not barely legal) attempt?

  52. Not without my daughte says – reply to this


    Re: He was honest & WRONG! – Please! Calm down! She was not so innocent..

  53. WILD95CAT says – reply to this


    James Franco didn't suck any di*ck last night?? Now I KNOW y'all are pulling my leg.

  54. Wild95cat says – reply to this


    Re: Chooch – James Franco didn't suck any d*** last night??? Now I know y'all are trippin.

  55. YoMomma says – reply to this


    Re: Rose – James Franco had it coming you sloppy ugly shit!

  56. antiemo says – reply to this


    how sick that everyone just thinks this is ok. The man is a pig. An immature moron who stalks college kids. Grow the fuck up you small dick asshole. No woman wants him so he hunts for girls. Damn pedo. I'm sure he's probably tried to get with younger girls. Nasty pervert.

  57. p says – reply to this


    17 is legal in most states.

  58. Allie says – reply to this


    You know it may happen to everybody but if he had actually done something with that girl, he would get probabtion. A normal non rich and non famous person would go to prison and then be thrown on the sex offender list.

  59. jail time for franco says – reply to this


    James franco is a pedo and a pervert.

  60. tom says – reply to this


    Shes not underage in Europe you morons…

  61. san diego says – reply to this


    who cares. I dated a 24 year old when I was 17.

  62. scu says – reply to this


    Re: tom – you're dumb and a pedophile too

  63. derek says – reply to this


    At least that man is honest and humble, he could of got his PR agent to o a spin off but kudos, he ook it on the chin and stood up fr himself, well done

  64. Sandra says – reply to this


    A 17 year old girl is at legal age (at least in my state) to do what she wants with whom she pleases. He not at all gross by what he did, the girl looks older than she actually is. Good for him for trying to meet an ordinary girl. To bad she put it all over the internet.. I think she lost her chance with James. and James if your reading this I would never do that to you, and I'm totally at legal age. : )

  65. Sandra says – reply to this


    Re: FrancoLuver – You said it all.

  66. Ladies Love Assman says – reply to this


    Ladies Love Assman Promotions

  67. Hristo says – reply to this


    Oh whatever! Leave him alone. That little 17 year old bitch was gagging for it! Bitch pahleeease!

  68. marta says – reply to this


    girl was 17, age of consent in new york is 17, age of consent in scotland (where she was from) is 16. she's under 18, but she can sleep with all the guys she wants to, it's not illegal and she's not underage. sure, people might find it creepy that he went after a girl so young, but he hasn't legally done anything wrong.

  69. Toprumper says – reply to this


    17 is not underage in Scotland where the girl is from so there's no big deal.

  70. Me says – reply to this


    Re: Rose

    I'm sorry but a 36 year old man hits on a 17 year old girl and you call her "a little shit"???? That's bleeped up. He's the *shit*, and he totally deserves for the whole world to see it.

  71. Me says – reply to this


    Re: Sandra

    Yeah good for him, as a 36 year old man, trying to bang a 17 year old..you know..because they would have so much in commong. Get a life Sandra. You're as gross as he is.

  72. Me says – reply to this


    Re: Hristo

    You sound like such a winner. Put the porn down and get out of your parent's bedroom and try living in the real world. Maybe it will help with that little misogony problem you got.

  73. Me says – reply to this


    Never really liked James Frano. Like him even less. Could care less if it's legal or not. Still think it's gross either way. A 36 year old movie star would have a hard time finding things in common with a 36 year old regular woman, let alone a 17 year old regular girl. He was totally being a pedo about the whole thing. Funny how many peple will call the girl a name for simply doing something we all do with social media, which is basically broadcast are entire lives. And it's funny that a 17 year old girl gets more flack for something a grown 36 year old man, way past his teenager or even early 20s, is doing. Get a grip people. As the older man, he has more responsibility. We aren't talking about a 25 year old woman and him. We are talking about someone who is 17. And anyone over the age of 25 KNOWS that you are such a different person at 17 then you are at 25 and beyond.

  74. raven Flower says – reply to this


    and u know if Could lose his Teaching Licenses for this and he could kiss his teaching career goodbye because u wondered if he sleeping with Students as well and its against the rules anyway and what ass even those he said he was sorry but he the one who Set it up after all and he the one to blame what ass I guess the world will never look at him the same what ass

  75. themessmaker says – reply to this


    If you google who the girl was and see pictures of her, she does not look 17 whatsoever, she looks like she's 24!? I believe James!!

  76. Colemandingo says – reply to this


    Franco is a real creep, and his smirk on the TV just makes me cringe. Regardless of NY state law, the fact that he was pushing a hookup as hard as he was with a girl young enough to be his daughter turns my stomach. The only question I have is how many other times he has tried this, because I seriously doubt this was a one time thing that he has "learned his lesson on." If only good old Chris Hanson were still on TV instructing guys like this to "take a seat right here", (sigh), a girl can dream.

  77. someoneusetoknow says – reply to this


    I Don't think he was that's sorry no no he only did that to keep a straight face for people to feel bad for him and forgive him for what he did no he not Sorry he knew exactly what he was doing and I think he was happy about it he didn't care that she was underage or not underage he wanted getting Laid that all that Matters to him what ass I guess he true Nature is coming out and its not good one either

  78. someoneusetoknow says – reply to this


    Re: someoneusetoknow – I went to middle school with him and he wasn't a creep back then

  79. Kirkland says – reply to this


    The girl is cute, but she's not attractive in comparison with the Hollywood female starlets he works with and is surrounded by on a regular basis for him to make a complete ass of himself over her after learning her real age. This story is a bit amusing and a bit overblown and due to New York's consent age of 17. He just looks like a dumb ass here. At his age he should know better than to chase after babies, especially underage ones. Is he a pedi? Who knows? I really hope he's learned his lesson here. You can't trust young teenager with social media and as a celebrity you have to be careful with whom you socialize with as well. In short, James Franco got BUSTED! smh

  80. raven Flower says – reply to this


    I say he could never done this in the First time but now that something he going to have to live with for the rest of his life he scar for life on this one and he Set him himself for this I thought he was good person but I guess not he just Wolf in Sleep Clothing who is out for attention and to have people feel sad for him and such I really thought he was good person I'm not trying hurt him but I wonder about him sometimes and some of the Stuff he does is Mess up I just hope he didn't turn into a fame whore I would lose all Respect for him if he did he is better than this

  81. amc73 says – reply to this


    Re: coco – 17 is not underage in New York. Learn before you talk