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Man Tries To Get $140 From An ATM & Ends Up Getting $37,000 Instead! But What Happened To His Unexpected Jackpot?!

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A man wanted to make a simple withdrawal of $140 from a bank ATM in Portland, Maine when he unexpectedly hit the jackpot. The machine started spewing out thousands and thousands of dollars…$37,000 to be precise! Sounds straight out of Portlandia to us!

So, the guy did what any of us would do: tell a bank attendant start stuffing all the cash into a shopping bag!

A buzzkill lady who was behind him waiting to use the ATM at 5:30 a.m. yesterday (wow, a lot of people doing some transactions in the wee hours, huh?) called the police when the guy was spending more time than usual at the machine.

When police arrived, they found the guy still mid-stuff! So, the money was returned to the bank, and no charges were pressed on the man who would've been $37,000 richer. In fact, we expect the exact opposite to happen. We expect him to be de-pressed over all this!

We kid, we kid.

While police investigate, a bank official described the cash-spilling issue as a "code error" and said that none of the customers' accounts had been affected.

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7 comments to “Man Tries To Get $140 From An ATM & Ends Up Getting $37,000 Instead! But What Happened To His Unexpected Jackpot?!”

  1. karen says – reply to this


    I bet that guy b****es about how evil banks are all the time. How they're stealing from us to get rich & the first chance he gets he tries to steal from them.

  2. RPtr says – reply to this


    Just to clarify - Portlandia is about Portland, Oregon - not Portland, Maine. Doesn't reflect on anything close to what Portlandia represents!

  3. 3

    Lady should have minded her own business, this was obviously the bank's fault for some kind of programming error and he was not trying to steal from the bank - it was an honest error.

  4. W says – reply to this


    Out of Portlandia? Seriously? Portlandia isn't about Portland Maine o.O

  5. Patrick Boone says – reply to this


    Well it's America were banks take money from everyday hard working people and get to keep it, and a homeless man is "GIVEN 37,000 by a bank and the bank was "nice" enough not to send it to jail. There you go folks get rich and you can do anything you want:-) We the people have been thoroughly convinced that we should be both screwed and impotent! Our great American revolution against the greedy red wearing people has been stolen by greedy red wearing people!

  6. Jessica says – reply to this


    This happened in Portland, Oregon. Not Portland, Maine. Saw it on the news a few nights ago.

  7. 7

    omg I hate that lady who called the police!! ughhhhhhhh!! people are annoying!