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Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens are clearly total BFFs. Like they're so BFF you probably don't want to tell Ashley Tisdale or Taylor Swift about it! … Read more…

16 comments to “Vanessa Hudgens Pays A Controversial Compliment To Her BFF Selena Gomez! Was What She Said Nice Or Wrong? You Decide!”

  1. DieBieberDIE says – reply to this


    She meant free spirit and most Gypsy's are. NO big deal

  2. 2

    Word on the street says vanessa and selena like to not wash their crotchal areas for a minimum of 20 days because they believe the crusted bateria laden semen that imparts in their lady folds helps them in their professional careers.

  3. natalia says – reply to this


    you've got to be kidding me

  4. anon says – reply to this


    Intent doesn't make that word's appropriation by a white girl okay. "Gypsy" is the non-preferred term for the Roma people. At best, it's ignorant; at worst, it's an ethnic slur. Ignorance is not an excuse.

  5. pam says – reply to this


    Bohemian? It was meant as a compliment, so why cause trouble Perez?

  6. E says – reply to this


    The only reason why Perez is posting this story is his attempt to stir up shit in anticipation of lady gaga releasing the single gypsy, you are pathetic Perez!

  7. Dan says – reply to this


    What??? You're really digging deep trying to find something bad in her comment. Wow!!!

  8. heyyyyo says – reply to this


    "we're not sure calling a non-gypsy a gypsy is a-ok."

    It's not even okay to call a 'gypsy' a gypsy. It's a racial slur and offensive to the roma people and other travelers. I know she just meant 'free-spirited' or 'Bohemian' or whatever, but she should have used one of those words instead.

  9. Nicole Grosvenor says – reply to this


    People in the entertainment industry (film, tv, music) call themselves gypsies because they tend to move around a lot, like nomads, and are never in one place for a long time, like nomadic gypsies from the Romanian culture

  10. gabbibabii says – reply to this


    Re: anon – ummm, pretty sure she isn't white… js

  11. Mouse says – reply to this


    This gypsy comment is about the same girl who thinks it's appropriate to wear a bindi as a sexy fashion statement in her music videos. She's not even Indian. You really pick and choose when to be preachy-PC, don't you?

  12. Natalie says – reply to this


    "Gypsy" is a slur. Period.

  13. Tara says – reply to this


    I honestly don't see how this is a big deal, she's just describing her bestie in the best way possible, gypsy means free spirit. All you are doing Perez is trying to cause controversy when there is none.

  14. Jules says – reply to this


    Re: anon – neither girl is 'white'. vanessa is mixed race and selena is hispanic.

  15. EVANGELINE says – reply to this


    For starters: SHOWS ON TLC ARE SHOWS AND ARE MEANT FOR ENTERTAINING PURPOSES NOT FOR EDUCATION. The show you mentioned is a Reality show, meaning its scripted so it'll be interesting and controversial enough for the viewers.
    As a Roma myself, I can assure you that. We lead normal everyday lives too.
    We are not all gangsters, murderers, nor are we criminals. Yes, some gyspsies go against the law and end up with a reputation but it's not only a "gypsy thing".
    Every nation and race has their own criminals and offenders.

    I don't think Vanessa meant to offend anyone, but the way you're blowing this story up, implying that you might think it is offending to call someone a gypsy, seems like an insult to me. In your context it is a slur, while in Vanessa's I doubt it was. (Btw I'm not a fan of hers, I know little about her work etc.)

    Being a gypsy is not a crime or a punishment, just as being gay, black or jew isn't.
    Check your facts and educate yourself before you post something like " real type of person/lifestyle, it's called an Ethnical group!
    Segregation and discrimination is not a way to go, especially coming from a person who, at least in theory, is against such behavior.

  16. 16

    Re: KrazyCarole – Gross, lol