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Ed Sheeran Was High On MDMA When Peter Jackson Asked Him To Write A Song For The Hobbit? What The Fili!

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We know Hobbits occasionally like smoking some weed, but Ed Sheeran tripping is an Unexpected Journey!

In a recent interview, Ed admitted to experimenting with the drug MDMA while in Ibiza this past October as he was celebrating the wedding of his producer, Jake Gosling:

"If I was ever going to try it, it would've been there."

Ed! You…shall not…pass a drug test! We hope this was a one time thing, and that our favorite red head (aside from Bombur) isn't petting MDMA, whispering "Preciousssss" to it!

However, just as he was peaking as high as the Misty Mountains, he got a text from director Peter Jackson, asking him to write for the The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug!

At first, Ed couldn't believe what he saw:

"I thought the text wasn't real, because I was like, 'Is everything just great today?"

As we all know now, Ed wasn't tripping balls, he was seeing right!

Ed went on to perform and record the song I See Fire, which may or may not be a tale about him hallucinating! JK! We kid, we kid.

[Image via WENN.]

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3 comments to “Ed Sheeran Was High On MDMA When Peter Jackson Asked Him To Write A Song For The Hobbit? What The Fili!”

  1. dave says – reply to this


    You hope this is a "one time thing", you are so ignorant. Over 30,000 people kill themselves each fucking year…and if some people want to do MDMA to escape problems and BE happy that is bad? Please don't be so ignorant…the only thing MDMA does is make People happy and love each other..it is nothing like weed, cocaine, heroin; in terms of side effects and danger…please educate yourself before dissing what you have no knowledge about…oh year and let's not forget the 80,000 people a year that DIE from legal prescription pills …its frustrating what so make thing is right or a correct opinion is far from it.

  2. Rheannon says – reply to this


    He didn't admit anything based on the quote you have given, he said IF he was going to try it, it WOULD'VE been there. Not that he did there. If there's more to the story, print it, if not, don't assume and spread crap.

  3. josh says – reply to this


    He's complete idiot !