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32 comments to “Jessie J Is Still Talking About Her Bisexuality "Phase" In Her Longest Twitter Rant Yet!”

  1. 1

    Am I supposed to know who this is? Am I also supposed to care who she has relations with? I say no to both

  2. you suck perez says – reply to this


    calling it a phase is offensive? give me a fucking break.

  3. :þ@ says – reply to this


    Sometime, gays people are so childish..

  4. :þ@ says – reply to this


    Sometimes, gays people are so childish..

  5. 5

    For her it was a phase. She wasn't trying to say it's a phase for everyone. GEEZ.

  6. Please says – reply to this


    Gentlemen, run for your lives.

  7. United Lesbians says – reply to this


    Jessie talks too much. Will that her can handle the consequences?

  8. Amanda says – reply to this


    Never thought Jessie was so coward! Will that she thought that being openly gay, lesbian or bi is easy? Jessie you're a hypocrite coward! If you use the support of lgbt, this way so miserably before not had left closet. Thank You B…tch!

  9. RoRobert says – reply to this


    I remember a post on instagram of Jessie about character and opportunity. Yes Jessie, you proved twice that you have no character, because you is an opportunist and takes advantage of the situation as it sees fit. An hour you're bi, another straight, and when you lose your arguments? No problems because you're great with lies. Then you want people to trust you, while you is a f…cking liar?

  10. Amiee says – reply to this


    JessieJ respect your fans then & maybe they will respect you back.

  11. Allison says – reply to this


    before she were daring in to tell the truth since the beginning than saying that rubbish now. lol

  12. jessiegay,say straight says – reply to this


    with Jessie's penalty. how much retraction she will have to do to contain the fury gay? haha! all of! and it still thus won't work! because she played shit the fan! and got screwed!

  13. Amanda Again says – reply to this


    Never thought Jessie was so coward! Will that she thought that being openly gay, lesbian or bi is easy? Jessie you're a hypocrite coward! If you use the support of lgbt, this way so miserably before not leave the closet. Thank you bitch!

  14. ken says – reply to this


    Jessie are surprised at the negative repercussion of your statement. What did she want? That the world were enthralled with the gall to assume how hard it is be straight? lol

  15. Lewis says – reply to this


    she tells to your followers quit of your comfort zone, but she wants to feel comfortable. What? Total hypocrite.

  16. Andie says – reply to this


    Why the hell is her calling her bisexuality a "phase" insulting if it's the truth? I thought lgbt issues were supposed to be all about being true to who you are and how you feel. For Jessie, she dated a girl at one point, and now doesn't feel like she wants to do it again. What exactly is wrong with that?? Human sexuality is fluid, constantly moving and changing and evolving, and that's twice as true for female sexuality. People in this world are way too obsessed with labels, and it seems the lgbt community is just as obsessed with them as everyone else. It's sad, because that community is SUPPOSED to be the place where people will be accepted even if they don't fit into the perfect box of gay or straight. Any lgbt person who was offended by Jessie's comments, thank you for showing us you're just as intolerant as you claim the rest of the world is.

  17. To Andie says – reply to this


    It's not about being intolerant with Jessie's sexuality, but rather, of be used by her. She was the one who raised a flag that could not sustain. and not we. In mouth closed no flies. That stay quiet and date who she wants, but don't be talking shit, while many gays and lesbians are harassed, humiliated and killed every day because of declaration like hers. phase is so religious. so prejudiced. so limited. I feel sorry for his ex-girlfriend. being humiliated like this publicly.

  18. Katie says – reply to this


    it's true! are all just talking about Jessie, but no one thinks how your ex-girlfriend is feeling. certainly humiliated.

  19. JODYE says – reply to this


    However worse that Kira has been for Jessie, didn't deserve this. Is a public embarrassment.

  20. Trish Bendix says – reply to this


    She’s done the queer community a great disservice by referring to her interest in women as a “phase,”. When a public figure like Jessie J says she is no longer bisexual because it was a “phase,” she is telling the world that romantic or sexual feelings for the same sex can pass on, that they were somehow less real or sincere than those felt for the opposite sex. In short, you can become an ex-bisexual just like you can become an ex-gay once you get the experimenting out of your system. As someone with a huge LGBT following, Jessie J is likely to disappoint many with this kind of statement that she felt she needed to make. The other facet of this is that many will not see her as “truly” bisexual, and anytime someone’s sexual identity is being decided by other people, it can become a dangerous situation, one that can lead to ignorance and violence, including things like corrective rape of lesbians and other related hate crimes. While it’s clearly something she wanted to make known for her own sanity or personal gain, it is a very unfortunate tactic for the rest of us who cannot turn our queerness off, and more often than not, don’t want to.

  21. Priscila Pires says – reply to this


    Keep Calm! Jodie Foster kept secret for 20 years about his sexuality and dated Rob Lowe and look at her today. Jessie J is really straight or happy with men? Only time will tell. For me, Jessie is too proud to go back, even if it is not honest with herself. Poor little rich girl!

  22. @v@ says – reply to this


    Maybe she meant 'stage.'

  23. Alex Malgua says – reply to this


    Let me re-phrase that, honey.. "I wanted to seem really edgy and cool so I lied about my sexuality to get attention, now im all about the music and the 20 or so Instagram selfies I post every day to show how amazing I am, but nobody currrr anymore, so im once again using my sexuality as a means to try and grab some more attention to show how authentic and amazing I am". Let's face it, she's quite dumb…!?

  24. Kareen Griffiths says – reply to this



  25. Dolly Digest says – reply to this


    The reason people are angry is because Jessie J used an already oppressed minority group simply to boost her public and increase sales through they. It is tantamount to pretending to have a black parent/grandparent to appeal to the black community. Whilst I do not hold any hate for her, I do feel that there would be a karmic retribution should her record sales slump and it would be of her own making.

  26. Dolly Digest says – reply to this


    Yep, her whole career was 'just a phase'.

  27. Kadeen Griffiths says – reply to this


    Jessie J can downplay her own forays into same-sex relationships as much as she wants, but it’s still a part of her and a part of her history that she is trying to cut out as if it never happened. She may not be denying it, but she is retracting it and in a lot of ways that’s more damaging, because it makes it seem like she’s ashamed as much as she is annoyed.

  28. Amy Jo says – reply to this


    Jessie honey you just aren't getting it are you? As a gay woman, I have no problem with her labeling her past relations with both sexes a phase. People experiment all the time, big deal. My issue is with the woe is me act she's putting on right now because people are calling her out on her lies. Words get lost in translation all the time, especially when you are famous. But anyone with any semblance of character would have corrected the misunderstandings. But she didn't because she is greedy and saw this as a great opportunity to exploit her fans. The worst part is that she drug an already suffering minority group through the mud for her own personal gain. A real class act she is.

  29. says – reply to this


    All these gays angry who come here to comment in a manner completely hysterical, unfair and so biased, will do eventually far more harm to their cause that they will help this last!

  30. Bruno says – reply to this


    We can accept the fact that a artist or anyone that relate only with sex opposite, declare yourself as bi just to demonstrate support for CAUSES LGBT and human rights. Now a artist as Jessie J that really dated one girl for years, denying fully his bisexuality? She this being bad and hasty in his statement. No, not we can accept. Darling, stay only with the men. But will that they really want to stay with you? Yes, of course! Neither doubt about it! There are much candidates because you're rich and famous. But and true love, security and confidence that you need? Hmmm … In this casso, good luck… And better you prepare for the many betrayals of Tinie. If indeed is he who you want. Your mind and his spirit knows that you and him together not have a relationship loyal, secure and lasting as you fancy. Your heart is so much stubborn to see reality. But not worry one day, you will leave to back his insistent negation. And understand that is possible build a family with another woman. And generate wonderful children. Not be so limited in his prospects. You leave of be a incredible bird to become a stupid snake. And snakes are blind and guided only by heat of moment. Listen! If what you feel for him is true/real, then why the hell not reveal to the world the name him? You're afraid of being betrayed? Lacks confidence in the ”love / fidelity” his for you? Tell!

  31. LuL says – reply to this


    Re: Bruno
    Hysteria embodied

  32. Bruno says – reply to this


    Re: LuL – Really, darling? xD