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Lindsay Lohan Was A Diva During Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings?! Get The Skinny On Her Sober Gatherings & Attitude HERE!

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Oh no LiLo….

First, Lindsay Lohan admitted to drinking a glass of wine during her recovery.

Then, a source revealed she's attending Coachella this week with Dina Lohan as her chaperone.

And now, an insider is confessing the starlet was a total diva during her New York AA meetings—seemingly distracting the entire group!

According to a source inside the Alcoholics Anonymous meet up, the 27-year-old wasn’t on her best behavior when attending the sessions near her downtown apartment late last year!

Apparently, Lindz was tardy on multiple occasions, and "seemed bored" while sitting in the back of the room with her sober coach!

The source added that the Mean Girls actress left early, which is a huge "no, no" in the recovery community:

"Lindsay didn’t seem interested in speaking with anyone. She stuck to herself. It's unheard of to arrive late or to leave a meeting early. It was shocking."

We hope all of this isn't true!

We're really pulling for her new healthy, happy sober life—and even more then that, an on-camera comeback!

Get your act together, girlfriend!

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8 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Was A Diva During Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings?! Get The Skinny On Her Sober Gatherings & Attitude HERE!”

  1. Aquar1an says – reply to this


    "The source added that the Mean Girls actress left early, which is a huge "no, no" in the recovery community"

    YOU KNOW WHAT IS A HUGE NO-NO? LEAKING INFO ABOUT ANONYMOUS MEETINGS! These are supposed to be safe places for sick people to find help and support, not judgement from others. This story is insensitive.

  2. BobbieFisher2 says – reply to this


    What in the hell is wrong with you Perez?! AA is by definition anonymous. I have ZERO respect for Lohan but this is disgusting and enables Lohan to say she can't even go to an AA meeting without the press reporting on it. This post directly impacts her sobriety. I say SHAME ON YOU! And I don't usually say that - because I normally like what you have to say about Lohan. But this is bad judgment, bad reporting, bad gossip. TAKE THIS OFF YOUR SITE IMMEDIATELY - for your own integrity's sake. AND apologize.

  3. 3

    funny that she went to an AA meeting where there are probably much more famous and much much more talented perforning artists who attend the same meetings, but she makes the experience a vanity moment. she brings the whole meeting down, probalby endangering the sobriety of anyone who would be in the same room with her. PHONY. KANIVING. FELONIOUS THIEF. she needs a real wake up call. OPRAH shoveling dollars into the hands of a drug addict who has no sense of responsibility was pretty darn stupid.

  4. Tawnia says – reply to this


    This is why she perhaps has a hard time in recovery. Having people talk about her while she is obviously trying to make an effort to get better. The anonymity of meetings is very important, a shame that is wasn't respected

  5. bullydoggy says – reply to this


    lets not forget that AA was court ordered and part of her probation. When court ordered she needs to fulfill her obligation…i.e. be there on time, no leaving early and try to learn something while your there. I agree, reporting on AA meetings should not be something the media is involved with. On the other hand, not attending, leaving early, causing unrest….these are a direct violation of her probation. Typical of Lohan, the only reason she does anything is for money, court ordered ,fame whoring or substance abuse. She should have been locked up long ago.

  6. bulldoggy says – reply to this


    Re: Tawnia

    Making an effort to get better??Are you serious? Are you really that naive. Lindsay Lohan has not spent a single minute attempting to recover from her addictions. She's just gotten a little better at hiding them. Once she was paid 2million to "be sober" she attempted to convince us via the awful Oprah show. Didn't work to well now that we found out she hasn't been truthful since the beginning. This is now what Lindsay considers acting. Trying to convince the world that she is not lying about her sobriety. Sad Sad Sad the woman is a waste of space and will never recover as long as the cameras are on her and she is surrounded by enablers.

  7. LMAO says – reply to this


    It's all the show's fault. The show is out to get her.

  8. Lisa says – reply to this


    It's AA's fault. They made her drink the glass of wine. Delusional biatch.

  9. Jane says – reply to this


    AA meetings are supposed to be ANONYMOUS. As someone who attends them, I would NEVER discuss who I saw at meetings, and certainly not discuss and trash their behavior. This is really bad to the entire recovering community. Please do not pass this info (whether true or not on)