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Whoa! The Mars Curiosity Rover Catches A Bright Light On The Surface Of Mars! Does This Mean … ALIENS?!?!

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flashing light on mars caught by mars rover

OH! WHAT!?! This is so exciting!!

The Curiosity Rover, which likes to do it's own thing up there on the red planet, photographed a flash of blinding white light on the surface of Mars!

Which is SO COOL!

But, does this mean there's alien?!?! Have we FINALLY found proof of alien life?!

No, silly, of course not! We already found it on Saturn's moon the other day! LOLz!

But, really, it's not some alien life form signaling to us for help, it was just a "cosmic ray hit" according to Doug Ellison, an imaging expert at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory!

Doug explains that the ray hit is due to high energy particles hitting the surface of the planet! SCIENCE!

NOOOO! We were SO hoping for aliens! Guess we'll just have to keep waiting for Yoda to come visit!

[Image via NASA/Disney.]

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One comment to “Whoa! The Mars Curiosity Rover Catches A Bright Light On The Surface Of Mars! Does This Mean … ALIENS?!?!”

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    I think the most important thing we can now do, is to find out if its gay, or if it supports gay marriage.
    And if not, lets exterminate it, and the rest of its species.