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Accused Colorado Movie Theater Murderer James Holmes Worried About Being Unfairly Judged! Does He Deserve To Have His Case Moved Out Of The County?

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James Holmes, the 26-year-old who police say went on a shooting rampage during a screening of The Dark Knight Rises in 2012, is requesting a change of venue for his upcoming trial.

His legal team argues that if Holmes is tried in Arapahoe County, scheduled for October, he’ll be unfairly viewed by potential jury members. They’re asking for a more neutral location.

Um…well here’s the thing:

12 people died and many more were injured in that Aurora, Colorado movie theater. The tragedy made headlines around the world. So…good luck in getting an impartial jury. We don’t know of any area in the U.S. that looks too kindly on mass murderers.

Holmes’ attorneys are hoping to convince a jury that he is mentally ill rather than a coldblooded killer, which is the more common depiction of him, especially in and around Aurora.

The defense team recently presented the judge in Holmes’ case with an expert analysis of both print and broadcast news coverage from local media outlets. They also included graphic comments posted by users on local news websites. All this to exemplify just how biased the community has become.

One of Holmes’ lawyers wrote:

"Unfortunately, the effects of this case have festered within a community surrounded by unremitting prejudicial news coverage. As a result, prejudgement abounds, including the vilification of James Holmes as evil rather than a severely mentally ill young man.”

The judge is expected to rule on the motion within the next two months. Should Holmes be found guilty, he faces the death penalty and could be the first person executed by the state since 1997.

[Image via Pacific Coast News.]

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8 comments to “Accused Colorado Movie Theater Murderer James Holmes Worried About Being Unfairly Judged! Does He Deserve To Have His Case Moved Out Of The County?”

  1. STFU says – reply to this


    Perez, you don't know anything, stop trying to sound smart, you're not. Stick with the fluff pieces you don't have to know big for words for and have any actual facts for.

  2. Irish says – reply to this


    Trials are moved, nothing new. I am pretty sure they already know he is mentally ill. He saw a psychiatrist and she has been pretty outspoken about his mental illness. He was trying to get help for it. Everyone in this country deserves an impartial jury. I am in Colorado and I think they should move the trial, so please stick to your mindless celebrity news.

  3. Don'tHavePityForLiars says – reply to this


    He sould be raped by Hiv-Positive Gorillas!
    Go to hell, balls sucker psycho!

  4. MGFunk says – reply to this


    Ummmm…am pretty sure everyone in the U.S. is judging him pretty fairly. We are just judging him based off his actions…sounds fair enough to me.

  5. kikikiwi says – reply to this



  6. 6

    How about seeing if you can do a prisoner swap with Florida (his conviction is pretty much a given, don't think he can please mental because this took some planning on his part) and let him meet his end with Old Sparky.

  7. Kylee Chaffin says – reply to this


    The law clearly dates that he is subject to a jury by his peers. Peers being the citizens who are forced to draw a conclusion on wether or not this man deserves to walk the streets with normal decent people. This man deserves to be locked away at the very least. People like this are not fit for society and should e treated like the monsters they are. Out of sight out of mind.

  8. 666 says – reply to this


    He is so cute. <3 I love his orange curls.