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Lena Dunham Cracks The Crowd Up While Being Honored By LGBT Group By Telling A Story About How Her Sister Came Out As A Lesbian!

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She’s an actress, a director, and a nudity enthusiast, but above all else, Lena Dunham is a storyteller.

So it’s no surprise that while being honored at the Point Foundation on Monday night, she was able to retell the time her younger sister came out as gay and it left the room in stitches!

The Point Foundation helps LGBTQ students overcome obstacles to complete their educations. During Lena’s acceptance speech, she told the audience of how her bond with the gay and lesbian community started at a very young age.

Lena explained:

"This is probably the most attractive room I have yet to enter. I don't want to traffic in stereotypes, but gay men clean up real good, which is probably why I have dated so many of you. I have always felt a strong and emotional connection to members of the LGBTQ community. It was actually a huge disappointment for me, when I came of age and realized that I was sexually attracted to men. So when my sister came out, I thought, Thank God, someone in this family can truly represent my passions and beliefs.”

How great is that line?!?

Lena went on to talk about just how easy it was for her sis to admit she was gay because of the environment she was raised in. She said:

"My sister Grace coming out as a gay woman at age 17 was a huge turning point for me in my understanding of the issues facing LGBTQ people. We were raised in an environment—the art world of downtown Manhattan—where no one hid their sexual orientation, and a common question from four-year-old me was ‘Mom, are those ladies gay together?’ I was always very jealous of any child who had two dads. And because of our parents’ deeply held commitment to acceptance and equality, my sister’s process of coming to terms with her sexuality was as angst-free as anything involving sex can really be. She was assured by the adults in her life that she was not only accepted, but adored for who she is. I am so happy that this is the way she was able to enter the world as a woman and an LGBTQ person.”


If only all parents could be so supportive of their kids.

Lena’s friend and Girls co-star Andrew Rannells presented her with her award. Ch-ch-check out the pics (below) of the two together on the red carpet!

You’re right, Lena. Gay guys DO clean up well! Dayum!

[Image via Retna LTD.]

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7 comments to “Lena Dunham Cracks The Crowd Up While Being Honored By LGBT Group By Telling A Story About How Her Sister Came Out As A Lesbian!”

  1. .. says – reply to this


    I hope for Lena's career that her sister will always remain a lesbian and for sure, that she will never tell, one day : "that was just a sexual phase".

  2. 2

    And Lena, just when will you finally announce that you too are a LESBIAN???

  3. 3

    I usually love her but…
    "So when my sister came out, I thought, Thank God, someone in this family can truly represent my passions and beliefs.”

    REALLY? Really Lena?! Because, I think the last thing your sister needs to do is use HER sexuality or identity to channel YOUR feelings about LGBTQ rights/matters. Kudos to straight people who are supportive of the LGBTQ community, but your gay/queer/trans etc. friends or family members do not need to act as your conduit for your own feelings (even if positive) about LGBTQ matters. Entitlement much?

  4. 4

    OK, glad she is happy.
    So what is the latest letter in LGBTQ stand for - I can figure out the first four, but no idea what the Q is for unless it is for queer - face it, there are not that many words beginning with the letter Q (unless you are in the Yucatan Peninsula where use of the letters Q and X are very common).

  5. Sigh. says – reply to this


    It is interesting that abortion is looked down upon yet being a gay homosapian isn't. On average a man has 1-2 children. 2 gay men = 1-2 x 2 less children to enter the world. Those gay people aren't even giving a child a chance to be. The more gay people, the less population growth. Eventually, the Birth-death rate will go in favor of death, theoretically. It is a shame people don't see the bigger picture.

  6. Emily says – reply to this


    Re: teeter totter – Q stands for queer or questioning

  7. Yuck says – reply to this


    She's a disgusting obese cretin and her sister is a perverted deviant rapist. What a vile family, they all deserve cancer.