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Mickey Rooney's Will Reveals Some Shocking & Surprising Facts About His Estate, Marriage, and Family

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We're still so sad about the death of Mickey Rooney.

There's already been so much drama over where Mickey should be buried, we didn't think any more rifts could occur.

But then we found out some pretty mind-blowing deets about the late great actor from his will.

Apparently, Mickey put all his affairs in order less than a month before his death.

We now know that Mickey had been living separately from his wife, Jan, for over a year, but they had actually legally separated as well. However, she was still named the beneficiary for his pension or Social Security distribution.

In addition, Mickey's entire estate is going to his stepson Mark, Jan's son, who had been taking care of Mickey at the time of his death.

What's even more surprising is that Mickey's estate is worth only $18,000. Apparently, he had previously claimed that this was due to elder abuse and money mismanagement on the part of Jan's other son, Christopher Aber.

That sounds awful to have had to deal with that!

Subsequently, Christopher and all of Mickey's other relatives are excluded from being in charge of his estate.

In addition, Mickey had previously disowned all 8 of his other living children, seeing as how they were in better financial shape than he was, according to his court-appointed conservator.

Wow, who knew that he was struggling so late in life?!

Rest in peace, Mickey. You were a living legend.

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One comment to “Mickey Rooney's Will Reveals Some Shocking & Surprising Facts About His Estate, Marriage, and Family”

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    Wow and I thought I was in poor financial shape. RIP Mickey, you were great, a real legend.