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Sacré Bleu! French Workers Are Now Prohibited From Checking Their Work E-Mail After 6pm!

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french workers union prohibit work emails after 6pm

Americans basically live by four simple rules:

1) Work hard.
2) Word harder.
3) No, seriously, get back to work — you're supposed to die at that desk.
4) Never pay full price for a late pizza.

But au contraire say our European neighbors — that is not their secret recipe for kicking a$$ at life at all!

The French in particular are soooo concerned with, well, overworking the workers that they capped their work weeks at 35 hours way back in 1999!

Greedy bourgeois pigs have found ways around that law, though! They might send employees home on time, but they've also started forcing them to monitor their e-mail accounts and smartphones outside of the office! Wait, doesn't that mean they're working more than 35 hours now?!

Quelle horreur!

Thankfully, those hardworking French law makers and workers' unions have engineered a solution to protect against this exploit — they've prohibited employees from sending or accessing work related e-mails after 6pm!!!

Wow! That's pretty hardcore!!!

We wonder why our American overlords haven't passed similar laws protecting our working men and women?

C'est la vie, we suppose! And back to work!

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16 comments to “Sacré Bleu! French Workers Are Now Prohibited From Checking Their Work E-Mail After 6pm!”

  1. strangemercy says – reply to this


    What if I told you there's more to life than work? That's why the French and other Europeans enjoy life more than Americans who are constantly stressed out. Also please stop using French phrases if you don't know French. It makes this website sound dumber than it already is.

  2. 2

    Sounds like a great idea. North American companies seem to expect employees to work non-stop. They do not know the meaning of quality of life. They just burn employees out, throw them away, and replace them.

  3. Kyle says – reply to this


    The French already have the "35 hour" work week, lol. So this isn't shocking. If they ever expect their economy to grow, or to get their unemployment rates especially among "youth" they're going to need to change these laws and CGT (the union that fought Sephora, who wanted to be open longer hours) need to realize that this is the 21st Century and that these rules don't fit with today's society.

  4. 4

    Fake story
    Where is the link to the real story ?

  5. 5

    Re: Kyle – You mean that in today,s society people should be exploited because it's the American way of doing things ?

  6. phillip says – reply to this


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  7. François says – reply to this


    1 nobody say "sacre bleu" in France since 1800 but "Putain" or "fait chier" every day
    2 it is not a law but a agrement in the internet business
    3 35 h is for half of french workers
    4 German work less
    sorry for my bad english

  8. lilev says – reply to this


    I'm french and I wasn't aware of that. But that's great if it's actually true!!
    There should also be a law to allow me to have a five minutes break during my 6-hours shifts as a sales assistant (yes, standing, walking, running during 6 hours with my managers yelling at me without a single minute of break: welcome if France :-) )

  9. Linda says – reply to this


    lolzzzz !!! That's a big big big fake, it's not for everyone but an agreement for a little little category !!! Do you really believe everybody working 35 hours a week ??? Do you really believe all that you're reading ??? Perez Come on ! Check before publish please !!!

    Love you Perez anyway !

  10. Et oui… says – reply to this


    Re: Linda – Well sorry to bust your chumps.. the 35hours a week is true, and not an invention.

  11. 11

    35 hours a week and 5 weeks of paid vacations annually.

  12. Linda Paulus says – reply to this


    Re: Et oui…Re: Et oui…Re: Et oui…

    Do you know where I am right now ? I'm in Toulouse, France in my office. 35 hours is right in the law for sure, but there is many many laws that allow us to work more. A REAL exemple : my contract is 39, and I work maybe 50 and my boss is calling me everyday after 6 and saturday and sunday ! lolz !!! Again, don't trust evey single thing you read !!! But if you want you can explain me from USA what"s going on in France :) ))) Sorry for my english.

  13. nicole says – reply to this


    Re: strangemercy – 100% agree with you! My mother is from the Netherlands and no one there works over 35 hours a week. They enjoy their lives and have a happy thriving country. We have a lot that can be learned from Europe. But sadly, the mentality of Americans will never change.

  14. 14

    Sorry but the Japanese have had a far more crazy work ethic than Americans for a VERY long time. There is even a word in Japanese for "death by overwork" - karoshi. They start their day before sun-up, take a dinner break and go back to work and MAYBE get home by 9pm. The "work till you drop" mentality is only in a slight few career areas in America. Being raised by a Japanese father I grew up with that insane work ethic, and I am in a professional career that takes few holidays. I have not had a vacation since 2002 other than a few days off here and there - not a full week. Most Americans make sure to take all their allotted vacation time. Vacation time I Japan is something you get almost in name only because you are almost never able to take the time off. My uncle could barely come to the US to see my dad when he was dying even though he "gets" like 3 months vacation time - they just don't approve the time off! My cousin was told he cold take the time off to come here (1 week) but they could not guarantee he would have a job when he came back - and he had worked for the company like 15 years! All he does is stock vending machines all over Osaka for Suntory - not like he has a high level job!

  15. Jeff says – reply to this


    Oh my gosh Perez would you please do us all a favour and check your facts : this does not concern all the french workers but only those who work on the I.T business and paid on the basis of a total number of working days. We French are not as lazy as you think !!!!

  16. FranceRocks says – reply to this


    Clearly this guy has never gone to France. France is one of the most productive countries in the world and yet we're not overworked like here in America, get to enjoy life and aren't as fat nor as vulgar for that matter. Get your facts straight or find something else to denigrate.