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Kendall & Kylie Jenner Prank This Unsuspecting Woman, But The Joke Ends Up Being On Them! Wait Till You Hear This Mega Diss Towards The Kardashians!

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Ouchhh! Dare we say this could be…unconscious karma for pranking this poor girl?! Lolz!

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are such pranksters in their own home. Their family members were victims of their funny harmless pranks and now they're taking it to the next level.

The young fashionistas took their pranking ways onto the new TBS show, Deal With It, where the two girls attempted to pull a prank on this unsuspecting lady.

Unfortunately, what they thought would evoke a HIGHlarious comment from the woman turned out to be an insult to the young ladies!


See it all go down (above)!

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12 comments to “Kendall & Kylie Jenner Prank This Unsuspecting Woman, But The Joke Ends Up Being On Them! Wait Till You Hear This Mega Diss Towards The Kardashians!”

  1. 1

    Hahahahaha…………..BURN! Act like it and sooner or later someone will call you it……

  2. 2

    How can they get offended? Their whole family shot to fame because their older sister, Kim Kardashian, had sex on tape with someone she is not married to and it became PUBLIC and she agreed to accept money from it. Thats why they are in the position they are in today; because their sister was acting slutty. No argument there. So SLUTTY seems to be a reasonable description for the Kardashian name, no?

  3. 3

    Telling it like it is…. You go girl!

  4. Miss Mo says – reply to this


    Spoiled brats. They flaunt what they've got, to a lot of us women, they are slutty. And they were insulted? It's their choice to take it from behind, flash their behind, model with their boobs showing, take swimsui photos for the world to see. And then they get to display their power of wealth by embarrassing a woman who'd rather not fall into the slut category or accept "kardashian" as a compliment.

  5. Danny says – reply to this



  6. *staged* says – reply to this


    Add five other black women at the table, and you really got a completly oposite scenario.. I do not think the two Kardashian sisters would have had enough guts to cross to come and sit close to this Group of enraged ghetto-big-mama!

  7. 7

    More sad sisters desperate for expensive irrelevant careers…

  8. 8

    (They didn't know?? That's just sad.)

  9. canh33 says – reply to this


    they are not even kardashians. they r jenners. there still fucking idots.

  10. Imani says – reply to this


    she got scared about what she said cause they popped up. bye girl i would have said it again out loud while they were right next to me if that's really how i felt. what they gonna do, try to fight me? lol

  11. Oh For the love of G! says – reply to this


    You bunch are just a group of desperate cray crays! Ffs get a life and stop bashing the Jenners. Has the possibility of allowing comments on articles made mode of you total pricks? You people delecte from other peoples mishaps and misfortunes. Who gives a fuck if Kim got famous with a sex tape? It's really time for some of you self righteous f**** to back down nd bitch about something else. You people just make me sick!
    And before the haters starts telling me i'm a Kard/Jenner fan, I am not! I am just tired of seeing people throw their frustrations on the internet without knowing the people they are talking about. Reading most of your comments only shows that you are way worse than any kardashian or Jenner if you spend your the spilling this much venom of hatred!

  12. Al says – reply to this


    Man I wish this girl would have owned it, she said they were slutty and she shouldn't feel bad about it. She should have handled her self like a women and not try to hide when they came out.