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Perhaps a red carpet interview from the past could finally provide some answers in the wake of Peaches Geldof's tragic passing and inconclusive autopsy! … Read more…

11 comments to “Peaches Geldof's Sudden Death Could Be Explained From Something She Revealed In An Old Interview??”

  1. Tim says – reply to this


    Unfortunately, if it had been heart or cholesterol related, that would have been concluded in the autopsy.

  2. fancypants66 says – reply to this


    Twenty five year olds don't typically die from cholesterol issues. That catches up with you in your 50s and 60s. However, bad genetics (parent's who had heart attacks at early ages, siblings… etc.) could explain a heart attack of such a young person. But it is highly unlikely her death was due to 'bad cholesterol'.

  3. blueness says – reply to this


    Other interviews she talked about month-long juicing and pressures to lose 10 more lbs. Her family must feel they are living a nightmare now.

  4. Shonnie says – reply to this


    ummm if they completed the autopsy and found nothing and are now on the toxicology wouldn't that mean it wasn't from her heart as they woukd have saw it while doing the autopsy part

  5. Dev says – reply to this


    My friends little sister died at 13 from high cholesterol, so young people can have it. It's hereditary. But an autopsy would discover it, especially if her Dad or family let them know about it. No matter the reason it's just so heartbreaking for family and friends.

  6. Pam says – reply to this


    Re: blueness – Great point, those cleaning techniques can be deadly by causing the kidneys to shut down.

  7. Luke says – reply to this


    she suposedly had that advice. Who was this doctor that put her on a diet that made her go from looking though a bit plump happy healthy and happy to a bag of bones and so ill if you passed her would make you stop in your tracks. Friends close to her have said they were worried of her transformation. She has a history of fooling herself to the press also to cope. When younger it was I'm not a fan of stick thin women in numerous interviews, even posed with handles and all for lingerei campagne to support this. Then later when suposedly advised to go on diet that made her become dreafully not only think but gaunt and face looking horific showing she wasnt naturally thin but eating badly then when stoped became thin or face wouldnt look like that. and juicing alone is not cuting out junk its the extreams. she then claims she had never felt more confident in her body. and became obssed with posting picture of her tiny body showing it off some even looking altered to be smaller. Friends have also said she had undergon platic surgery around same time as weight loss, teeth, lips. So everything points to this disease that then caused health issues body and mental where celebrities are obsesed with themselves and being perfect. heidi is perfect example beautiful confident then slowly starts to change thigns to be perfect and more get intot that hole the more unhappy with your "falws" and everything spirals downhill.

  8. Luke says – reply to this


    having everything on tap seems to be reason for this. they loose complete touch or pespective of whats normal and go insane. Normal girls out of high school to her age have to work not just what there given any job they want when they want and still dont appreciate the oppourtunities and think theyr above dealines. and look after their bodies as much as their income allows for basic health. When you dont need tht and can have anything and everything nothing seems valued or enough. to have the time to photoshop yourself or spend all time online shopping or worrying of your apearance is when it starts seems illness of the privellaged and really disgusting. that youll spend milions to tweek yourself surgery and clothes on your starved body until you die of tht than people who cant even afford food to survive. and thats the daughter or someone with interest in humanist things.

  9. Luke says – reply to this


    it looks like this was going n a while from photos. That she looked veryvery ill. Doesn't make sense why epople around wern't shocked enough for an intervention. psycologist, nutritionist. She seems to be so intelligent that could put to rest all worry of friends with her convincing like to press attitude and opinions.

  10. Clair says – reply to this


    Somehow I cannot see her "pigging out"… Either way, it's a shame.
    RIP Peaches

  11. ViannaR says – reply to this


    Re: bluenessRe: blueness – I worked years ago with a young man whose brother died at 30 of cholesterol problems. This young man said it ran in his family and he feared it. He passed away at 29 of the same condition.