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Italian Man Is Jailed For ‘Stalking’ His Neighbors With The Sounds Of His Lovemaking!

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man imprisoned loud sex noises

We should all be so lucky to have a man this gifted in the bedroom!

A 42-year-old Italian lover has been thrown in prison because his h8er neighbors couldn’t handle the sounds of him pleasuring his girlfriend any longer!

12 of the angry Vigodarzere vicinos filed a suit that the neighbor was ‘stalking’ them with his sex sounds, saying:

“[The] screams and moans disturbed the peace in the condominium and the building’s decorum.”

Sounds pretty freaky!

But, when the lover extraordinaire tried to explain to the judge that noises don’t equal stalking, Hizzonor wouldn’t hear any of it and sentenced the man to prison for six months.

He’s of course appealing it.

It can definitely be annoying when your neighbors keep you up for any reason, but c’mon, how long is he really keeping them awake for?

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12 comments to “Italian Man Is Jailed For ‘Stalking’ His Neighbors With The Sounds Of His Lovemaking!”

  1. the ban says – reply to this


    He cant be that much of a winner if he cant afford his own house. I could literally shoot off a shotgun in my house (of course … i'm not that crazy. Just saying) and NOBODY would hear it because my nearest neighbor is .. OVER THE MOUNTAIN AND THRU THE WOODS. Some of my "next door neighbors" are 12 acres away. Ah, the beauty of semi rural living (rural means.. SPACE. My yard is so big that if i go out one end… I come in the other. Very frustrating). I feel sorry for people who live in apartments or condos or worst of all ROOMING houses. Noise bleed. Sex noise. Radio and tv noise. Household fights. And you have strangers walking past your front doors at all hours going to a neighbors apartment. Living in an apartment is like … living in an ant colony. I'd be bugged every minute of the day in that settting. But I relate to these neighbors. I had one of these bungholes in a hotel room next to mine years ago and my sister was like "OH MY GAWD" and i was like "Shhhh. they dont have to know we hear them"…."see yah. i'm going to my room". The next 5 minutes were me on their wall getting turned on galore. And I didnt have anybody with me to relieve my pressure. I dont mind sex noise… when my sister leaves. But when she was in the room.. I wanted to BEAT the guy and take his place.

  2. 2

    lol I used to live in an apartment but it was a long time ago and the reasons I opted for my own house with a large backyard (none of this quarter acre crap!) was to have a bit of privacy. Yes, being able to have a nude swim in your own swimming pool, or listen to the music as loud as you want, or just enjoy the sounds the nature itself has to offer (hate traffic noise!) is definitely a perk of having your own property. Unfortunately my neighbours are a bit closer then yours, "the ban", and they are snoopers as well! Needed to put padlock on my gate to stop them from wondering in whenever, now they have to climb it if they are THAT desperate :D
    Nevertheless, I definitely don't have to listen to the moans of my neighbours when they are at it; if they are "at it" at all as they are rather old and decrepit looking (eek!). I guess it would get irritating, night after night, after night… ewww!
    Than again, a jail sentence for having loud sex?! That's a bit over the top, don't you think? Or do we know the WHOLE story?

  3. Melissa says – reply to this


    Re: the ban – Wow entitled much? You're a braggy jackass. You're basically calling people that can't affford or can't qualify to purchase a home a loser. I'm a homeowner too, I own a big home in rural Ontario, Canada, but I'd never look down or think less of someone that rented, it's a choice they make that fits their family best. 35+% of Americans rent their homes, and the benefits of home ownership vs. renting are greatly exaggerated, there are great benefits to renting instead of owning.

  4. 4

    Re: the ban – It's not a matter of being able to afford or not a house. Italy is a pretty small country. Most people, rich or not, live in apartments, and even houses are close together and you can hear your neighbor's noises.

  5. Evidence says – reply to this


    Wow maybe he should of tried the pillow trick. If we did not use the pillow trick I might also be in Jail.

  6. @v@ says – reply to this


    The sounds DON'T equal stalking. A jail sentence for this denies human nature, serves no one, and is a poor solution. The judge should have ordered him to sound proof the ruddy bedroom; it's not rocket science. If he's renting and has no money, egg cartons work well in a money pinch. He needs to consider his neighbors and their chronic lack of sleep…but JAIL? Ridiculous.

  7. The ban says – reply to this


    Re: Melissa – This is how I was raised and indoctrinated from birth. This is the evolution of an adult primate (the way I was taught to believe it is by my family): 1) Study in school. Get straight A's and B's. Resist the temptation to allow less cranial kids to cheat off your papers. 2) Go to college. Kick butt there too. 3) enter the workforce in a career that has a high glass ceiling (doctor, lawyer etc) or better yet… business ownership (which has no glass ceiling but higher risk). 3) by late 20s or early 30's… own your first house. 4) By 40s MAYBE move on up to another house as your family grows. A bigger one. And so on. Its called……"upwards mobility". Try it. I did it a little backwards. I started my business in high school (my dad forced me to) and dropped out of college because I couldnt do both fulltime. but… same end result. The average person didnt even succeed at step one despite knowing they were supposed to have. I can think of NO advantages to living …with other people's drama so close to my wall. I was raised in a house and I will die in one .

  8. the ban says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – Egg cartons. Those would quiet the sex but crackle a loud fire. Here is what I would do if i had a loud girlfriend: "SHUT UP. WE HAVE NEIGHBORS. JEESE. Do you hear THEM?"….. "i cant"… "thanks for the compliment, but seriously. Do i have to google 'gagballs'? ". Gosh. I feel sorry for KIDS who have to hear their mom's orgasms because…….they live in small apartments. And in some families, the only thing that separates the kids from the parents in bed… is a curtain. they can hear the vaginal squishing. Brrr. brr. House only for me. I'd live in a tent in the rockies before an apartment in the city. But… i'm clearly not against OWNING rental property.

  9. The Ban says – reply to this


    Re: Melissa – and I dont feel "entitled". The word I would use is.. EMPOWERED. I feel EMPOWERED to not have to deal with the drama of fighting with another tenant over a parking space. "why do I always have to park in the space below the pigeons?? why dont we take turns? fair is fair"……"park it on the street if you dont like the pigeons but THIS spot is MINEEEE! Turn this.. [middle finger]. ". I've heard horror stories of… tenants in apartments fighting over PARKING spaces. Forget it. Half of the garage is for MY car and half is for HER car. The other cars sit in the driveway. No fights. No fuss.
    No middle fingers.

  10. the ban says – reply to this


    Re: Screamer77 – Yes, perhaps I was looking at it with "american centric" vision. In italy, a large percentage of 40 year olds still live with their parents (but not even in a basement).

  11. the ban says – reply to this


    Re: The ban – Heh. never did learn to count.

  12. 12

    Re: the ban – Yes, that's absolutely normal. It's cultural, but also a matter of space and money. And even if we wanted to live in our parents' basement, we couldn't since we don't have basements like Americans do. Our 'basements' are divided in separate storage rooms that are assigned to each apartment.