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Katy Perry Is So Happy Being Single That She'll Stay That Way For Awhile!

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katy perry happy being single

Good! It sounds like she's finally finding happiness!

Katy Perry has been through some really rough breakups in the last few years, so she’s swearing off of relationships… for now.

A friend of the singer recently opened up about where Katy’s head is at, and it sounds like she’s doing well! The friend said:

"Katy will not let romance derail her life right now. She is happy being single. I don't see her getting into another relationship for a very long time. Why would she? She has a fantastic career, a ton of friends and is generally happy with things. She thinks that a relationship will complicate things right now. She's looking for something showstopping [for her tour]. Something that will grab the attention of everyone. She can't focus on that if she's dating someone. Right now, she needs to have a one-track mind, and it can't be about a boyfriend. Katy has always been a romantic, but she knows that it doesn't all have to happen immediately. She doesn't need to have the prince on the white horse now. She'll wait, and take care of herself in the meantime."

Wow! That’s a lot of goodness right there!

With Katy’s tour starting on May 8th it makes sense that she’d want to stay focused because Miz Perry always puts on a great show!

And who knows, maybe love will find her when she least expects it!

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13 comments to “Katy Perry Is So Happy Being Single That She'll Stay That Way For Awhile!”

  1. Jess says – reply to this


    Yes, Katy. We believe you. You are a very strong and happy woman, yes. John Mayer is bad and now you are free of that. Now go start your tour to sing all those songs about the most amazing person you ever met who you vowed to love unconditionally. What was his name?

  2. Cam says – reply to this


    I believe Mayer is a paid boyfriend escort service for theses women but this time he wanted to get an empty headed chick to help promote that crappy music of his so Katy you have been single since your divorce from Russell Brand and he dumped your stupid ass.. I have 0 respect for this ho.

  3. MB says – reply to this


    Well unfortunately, she traded a nice normal life, with a good honest guy, for a career that sets her for life. She has more money than most people ever will, for the rest of her life. Fame, she gets to go out on stage and pretend to be something she's not, fake eyelashes, fake hair, ridiculous cloths and makeup, just absolutely unreal, and have thousands of peoples attention, anywhere in the world.

    The problem is nobody real, genuine, good would ever be able to trust her, because she's so unreal, and anybody famous or not, with their hand in the air kissing her butt, is either after fame, money, whatever, and they really don't give 2 craps about her and/or they are seriously messed up people you shouldn't want to be around.

    She's 30, I'd say if she has hope at the possibility of anything remotely real as far as a relationship within the next 10 - 20 years (when she's 50) she better either quit now, OR just be happy with all the money and fame her career brought her enjoy it and get laid by some random whatever every now and again, because that's what she traded for it.

  4. MB says – reply to this


    Don't know about you guys, but she lost me at "I Kissed A Girl"

  5. 5

    No one who immediately gets back with their ex-boyfriend after getting a divorce is "happy to be single." I have friends like that and they can't stand being alone for a second. It's kind of sad really…if you don't love yourself, chances are nobody else will either. Not in the long run, at least.

  6. Irishone says – reply to this


    The real problem is that she is a hard core alcoholic and she is let it ruin her marriage and a relationship that may have actually worked. She promised to stop drinking so He gave her another chance. Hopefully she gets help, but is doubt that will happen any time soon. Better she remain single because drunks always try to take others down with them.

  7. 7

    I think Katy is just being realistic. For whatever reason, Katy and John flamed out. Everyone knew that was going to end up happening as soon as we heard she was dating him a few years ago. John just isn't a long term relationship kind of guy. I think Katy realizes that if she spots a single guy who she is really attracted to she probably has a good chance of at least doing a "hangout"/date with him. Who knows what might happen with Katy this year. She seems to be a fairly spontaneous person. Some Hollywood super stud might give her that "Hummingbird Heartbeat" feeling and she'll be powerless to slow things down with him. I read an interview one time where she said that when she has a relationship it usually gets serious and she wants to marry him. She said she doesn't have casual anything with guys. Heck, most girls are like this. No really surprising to me.

  8. linda says – reply to this


    she's lesbian now enjoying life fuck all you hataz !

  9. british bulldog says – reply to this


    Re: Irishone – I Agree no serious guy with brain and future is gonna take on this train wreck seriously

  10. Lick this Girly Girl says – reply to this


    Re: MB – you mean she's victim of her own success ?
    i see ….

  11. No Thank you says – reply to this


    Re: MB – i Agree

    you just described her quality of life for the next 20 years , What life ,i feel bad for Russell He was the true Hollywood victim ,

  12. Angela w says – reply to this


    She Will be Looking for Excitement ending up on some bed with extranger every Night
    and the result will be the same ,just Like true Rockstar

  13. sunshine says – reply to this


    Re: someguy2621 – i've read enough of your responses to literally laugh at loud at your comment "Everyone knew that was going to end up happening as soon as we heard she was dating him a few years ago" If I didn't have a life, i would go back through those posts and quote you.