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You Might Think Katy Perry & Robert Pattinson Reuniting At Coachella Is Big News, Until It's Topped By Who They Ran Into!

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katy perry robert pattinson hang out at coachella run into liberty ross

Oooohh! How innnnnnneresting!

Katy Perry & Robert Pattinson have been really good friends for a long time…Remember that HIGHlarious drunken karaoke video of them!?

Well the pair was spotted hanging out together at Coachella by a fan, who obviously posted pictures to their Twitter IMMEDIATELY (below), and they looked to be having an awesome time!

The besties went to the H&M Loves Music Party and were spotted dancing, laughing, and having a good time together as friends do!

But unfortunately, they had an awkward run-in with someone they didn't expect!

Liberty Ross!

Ya know, the ex-wife of Rupert Sanders who Kristen Stewart cheated with!!

We're sure Rob & Liberty are not #1 on the lists of people they both want to run into, but the pair played it cool with one another!

Sources said:

"[They] didn't speak to each other, but both definitely saw each other. [It was] extremely awkward. [But] he was cool, she was cool and they just kept moving along."

That's good! At least there wasn't any drama from or for each other!!

Though, we're sure it was pretttttty awkward on both parts, since they were both the ones who were cheated on!

We're glad that Katy was there to help Rob forget about the awkwardness though!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN/PCN.]

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18 comments to “You Might Think Katy Perry & Robert Pattinson Reuniting At Coachella Is Big News, Until It's Topped By Who They Ran Into!”

  1. 1

    well, I really don't see why those two should give a damn about each other at all! They don't move in the same circles, have different lifestyles… what's the big deal? So they were in the same town for a while along with other few hundred thousand of idiots. It doesn't mean they have to fraternise, does it? Besides, how old is this woman? I thought only younger generation was going to this Coachella place. Anyway, whatever! Bloody post about nothing!

  2. Marisa says – reply to this


    Except Katy Perry pr agent need her to be linked to a man to keep her image in the media. She can't seem to stand on her own name.

  3. Carson says – reply to this


    Pathetic chick age seem to be stuck on 10 years. I understand why Brand dumped her.

  4. Brittany says – reply to this


    Robert and Kirsten were at coachella together! I saw them during lorde! Even got a photo of them. Where is this in the gossip news?

  5. Brittany says – reply to this


    I saw Robert and Kirsten together during lorde. Even got a photo of it. Why is no one reporting that Kirsten was at coachella aswell?

  6. mac says – reply to this


    idk why it would have been super akward..its not like either of them were the ones who did the cheating. they both were wronged, didn't do anything wrong

  7. 7

    Fake story with invented sources.

  8. bjsmith says – reply to this


    This is a bs story. Rob or Liberty have nothing to be ashamed of. They did not cheat. Their ex 's did. Awkward maybe a little. It was people of all ages at coachella. Kristen was not there. She is in New Orleans making a movie. Rob had fun. Good for him.

  9. Tired of shit says – reply to this


    Perez, Oh Perez… I hope one day you get stalked, insulted, bashed on gossip sites, followed everywhere while people create fake stories of you. You are pathetic, seriously! In other words, I hope you get a dose of your own medicine! Making a story out of nothing seems to be what you do the best!

  10. April 15. says – reply to this


    Re: Carson – So Sad what tragedy .

  11. Loving D new tax codes says – reply to this


    Re: Carson – The joke was on him ,He was Victim poor guy .

  12. 12

    Katy also reunited with another longtime male friend of hers … Diplo. Does this mean that him and Katy are getting down and dirty in the sack now? For all we know this guy Diplo is gay. Like a lot of stars in the music business, Katy often works and socializes with guys who are gay. I bet Katy prefers to hang out with gay guys sometimes so the tabloids won't be speculating all the time about them dating. Maybe Katy should show everyone her independence and rebelliousness by hanging out with lots of certified heterosexual guys. Scandalous, eh? Why not? She's about to start up a big world tour.

  13. face it .. says – reply to this


    Re: someguy2621 – I Sure hope so the poor girl needs Help .

  14. Moral Obligation says – reply to this


    Alcohol and Cigarettes are ruinning her looks Though ,in just one year she has aged terribly ,Kinda sad to Watch ,but we must cheer her on and wish her the Best .

  15. 15

    Re: Moral Obligation – I saw a closeup of Katy's face a few days ago. Her skin looks really good. She used to have problems with acne a few years ago. I guess her "Proactiv" stuff really works for her.

    I wish Katy would stop smoking. Nasty habit. I used to smoke a few years myself. I never really liked it that much. Made me jittery and irritable. I just wanted to hang out with the so called "cool kids" who smoked outside. Katy better quit smoking or she'll end up with trashed vocal cords and lungs like Whitney Houston did.

  16. 16

    Re: Moral Obligation – I agree that smoking and drinking will start to show up on the face around the age of 30. I do wish she would stop too but I also think being with John Mayer aged her the most. Hope she gets healthy and finds happiness.

  17. shortstuff says – reply to this


    Re: Brittany – If you saw them where are the pictures? Are you sure it wasn't someone else you saw?

  18. Tess24 says – reply to this


    Liberty Ross the famewhore! No one knew who she was since she got cheated on. Now her old man jimmy Iovine paying people tons to keep her relevant, making it seem like designers really want to work with her. Why didn't she get jobs before Rich Jimmy Iovine came into the picture??? She is nothing, old desperate and fucking ugly trying so hard to be important when all know that Jimmy Iovine has been paying people so much money to hire her and put her on magazines. She be nothing without Jimmy Iovine absolutely nothing but a loser. She is still a loser, jimmy is an undercover pimp he bangs young chicks all the time. I don't feel bad for Liberty she deserves it 100 pct. she wanted out of marriage and fucked jimmy Iovine right after it came out on the news that her husband was cheating. She is nothing but an ugly slut.