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Lindsay Lohan's Bad Girl Antics Cause Elle Indonesia's Editor To Call Her A B*tch On Last Night's Lindsay! WATCH!

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There are only two more episodes left of Lindsay Lohan's OWN reality series…

And this one was definitely not lacking action, seemingly jam-packed with magazine drama!

Last night, Lindz continued to shed light on her unprofessional behavior—when she didn’t show up for a scheduled fashion shoot with Elle Indonesia, causing fashion editor Anindita Saryuf to call her a b*tch behind her back!


Although the Mean Girls starlet eventually completed the rescheduled job, the actress' carelessness laid heavy on the crew.

Celebrity photographer Eric Silverberg and an entire glam squad waited anxiously at the location losing precious natural light by the minute—which as we know, costs mucho dinero!

Too add on to the issues, since Miz Lohan hadn’t shown up for the first day with Elle, the magazine team had to return all the clothes to the designer they'd chosen for the spread—forcing the actress to wear her own clothes for the photos.

In the end, everyone made it work—but that didn't stop the editor from nastily commenting on Lindsay's poor behavior!

Ch-ch-check out the AH-Mazing clip (above) where NO ONE is having Lindsay's awful behavior!

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20 comments to “Lindsay Lohan's Bad Girl Antics Cause Elle Indonesia's Editor To Call Her A B*tch On Last Night's Lindsay! WATCH!”

  1. Anna says – reply to this


    Last night was hard to watch…cringe-worthy. I was rooting for Linds…still kind of am but she makes it so easy to give up on her and just call her a lost cause.

  2. Austin says – reply to this


    But they do have some of it. They should have said great…you don't want the work we walk away. Understandably they are 2 days flight time away but still. Why does she get so much leeway. I thought Oprah was staying on top of her…she is making Ms Winfrey look bad. The plug needs to be pulled on this gal ….let her pull her way back up instead of everyone giving her a million chances that she clearly isn't appreciative of.

  3. Fluffy says – reply to this


    Agreed Anna. It was very hard to watch. I am personally sick of her using "I am a night person" "Sobriety is hard" blah blah blah excuses!!! She's a brat, she's always been a brat. Her mom is protecting her entirely too much. She needs to hash out her demons. If she wants to drink, let her drink, drink her career down the drain. She cannot sleep until 2 pm daily and ditch out on people like she does, and expect things to be handed to her any longer.

  4. Daria says – reply to this


    Lindsay is uninteresting and impossible to root for after seeing the show. She seemingly doesn't care, is perpetually late which is so rude. In my industry if you show up late, you're out. You missed your opportunity. It's unbelievable. Lindsay missed an appointment with a major studio guy that was willing to help her because the meeting was at 12:30 and she woke up at noon - in LA which is 3pm in NY. WTF? Oprah you got duped.

  5. 5

    Oprah got PLAYED.

  6. 6

    I didn't feel sorry for that lady or anyone else that continues to work with her. They all know what she's like and continue to give her chances. She will never change, until she has no one willing to give her work and she's back living with her parents. She doesn't have respect for anyone else's time or money. She's not even a B actress. She's pretty much along the lines of the kardashians. Who is her agent? He must be amazing if he can still beg people to give her work! geesh.

  7. 7

    She is really a dumb arrogant bitch that thinks way too much of herself. WTF she couldn't do a 20 minute interview to someone who was giving her some nice exposure? I just watched a video shot of her and her scummy friends playing dare….they look and act like a bunch of scummy uneducated cheap gangsters. Hopefully she at least has the grace to kill her career goodbye in the last episode of this garbage.

  8. 8

    And then claiming credit as a stylist (because she wore her own clothes, because they had to send the planned wardrobe back, because she was a no-show)! Okay, sounds delusional to me. That's that.

  9. Bella says – reply to this


    No one cares about linsay. She'll never change. No one even comments on your stories about her anymore. Can we please reserve space for REAL celebs. Her time has come and GONE.. If I wanted to read about escorts I'd read the dirty

  10. Alan says – reply to this


    Lindsay, I love you, but you say in your show that you want people to take you seriously when you're not being serious at all. You're costing money, time, and your reputation is getting worse! SHE HAS TO STOP FUCKING THINGS UP. How hard is it to go to a freaking photoshoot on time? and she has the worst excuses ever, she wakes up really late, she made the crew for her show wait a lot, and her excuses are not even legit ones, like family accidents, or anything that would make someone to not go to stuff like that.

  11. TWang says – reply to this


    Just start the shoot at the same hour but give her a false earlier time; since she wants to pull a Marilyn Monroe every other shoot. Even then, everything must be molded to her advantage, so stupid. I loved Lindsay, but shes acting like such a brat.

  12. ms trudy says – reply to this


    the camera crew and real stylists should not have given her a second chance. no show, no pay, no second chance. there are plenty of other people who would jump at an opportunity that she just spits on. if people stop putting up with her shit and paying her for it she'll either start showing up on time or will be kicked to the curb where her talentless ass belongs. I mean, really, what has she done as an adult that hasn't been cringe worthy? sooner or later she'll face a rude awakening. sooner than later from the look of things. the shows ratings are in the toilet and she just looks more and more like a spoiled whiny little bitch that needs a good open handed pimp slap across her over inflated face.

  13. Deb says – reply to this


    Didn't some posters here imply repeatedly that sand jockeys are reaming her?

  14. hahaha says – reply to this


    Now she admits to just one glass of wine. ha-ha she is off the wagon, As if anyone believes she can drink only one glass hahaha

  15. Gert says – reply to this


    She is a fuck-up and that's what she'll always be.

  16. George says – reply to this


    I was newly rooting for Lindsay too, but really, she needs a good boot up the a r s e and told to grow up. She's not a princess, does not look like one and hasn't the background to pull off acting like one. She's just about done

  17. stacy says – reply to this


    Ugghh I watch the show lindsey she seems like she's still using. Get your shit together girl before you lose EVERYTHING! I loved her but she's not that special to KEEP people waiting all the time and hiding out in her room behavioral patterns of a user or extremely insecure. We all have daddy issues and mommy issues work through them get off the drugs she used to be so pretty its changing her looks. The excuses are OLD GIRL!!!!

  18. jamielee says – reply to this


    You know, Oprah has wasted her time with LiLo - sorry, but she's just a brat. She is unprofessional, cannot face any 'issue' without sending her 'people' to do it, and she just acts like a diva.

  19. Larry says – reply to this


    Re: stacy – Completely agree. I've been there and she is definitely still using and not just a glass of wine. She probably does uppers and then pops pills to come down then sleeps all day. Wish anybody strength if they are sincerely trying to better their life. Just don't believe that's her.

  20. Sinatra says – reply to this


    Lindsay is now a complete has been. She has zero work ethic and we saw a window into that when the Director of Georgia Rule sent her that letter telling her to get off of her high horse and Lindsay and Dina's response way back then was to blame everybody else.

    Lindsay is such a loser and that is exemplified by the people surrounding her…those friends of hers are the bottom of the barrel in life and her mother is just a wacko who has way too much control.

    Lindsay has no sense of responsibility to anybody, she never has. She acts like a spoiled brat. When she wants something, she just takes it, but she found out that you can't do that…you will get charged with theft. She has no control mechanisms and she is surrounded by people who absolutely kiss her ass.

    It is no wonder she is the Monster she is!

    In Ten Years, she will have Zero Money, she will be an Addict, she will be on the telly for another version of Dr. Drew's rehab to get what-ever money she can. She will be another one of those actresses who will have lost her looks, no friends( other than the druggie types), prostitute herself to get her fix and nobody will care about her at all because there will be a new generation of stars that the media will be following.

    Lindsay, Oprah was your opportunity to shine but instead it was the worst thing you could have done because now WE all see what an Asshole you and your mother are and nobody likes assholes around them!