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Rachel Berry hasn't had an on-screen love interest since the passing of Finn Hudson and it totally makes sense. While we all want our leading lady to be … Read more…

11 comments to “Should Rachel Berry Move On? Ryan Murphy Reveals The Difficulty Inside Finchel's Relationship On Glee

  1. Guest says – reply to this


    I don't think they should include it in the show. What I think they should do as an ending scene finale scene of Rachel walking through New York or on set of a new broadway show and her bumping into someone, dropping her stuff and when the guy helps her their eyes meet and then it just mutes out and you can see them having a small conversation but we aren't hearing it OR it could be like in HIMYM where the mothers bf died and she literally went out and spoke to the sky saying that she was going to move on now and that she was letting him go for real this time, whilst a few tears. I think that would be a perfect ending, it leaves Rachel's romantic life an open ended question but with assurance that Rachel will learn to love again.

  2. Laya says – reply to this


    I don't think glee should address it. Finn and Rachel's relationship was the core of the show and to see Rachel with someone else would affect the fans. I just think the show should focus on Rachel honouring Finn at the end rather than move on. Finchel was half of what glee was about, there is no reason for them to focus on a new love interest for rachel. The show should honour finn and finn and rachel's relationship and what it meant and represented in the show.

  3. Sharon says – reply to this


    No new love….it is hard enough to watch the show go on without Finn/Cory. I and many fans like myself could not stomach to see it. Let her career be her goal…It always was and should be more so now. Let her rise to fame for Finn. She can show him what she was capable of in his honor. Don't bring someone in…don't do that to us. I don't know how she could ever do it or nor shall I believe that she want to do it. Move on in her own life when she is ready but leave the two separate. I still look for and miss him. I am sure that many feel the same way. Please don't bring someone else in the picture.

  4. Samantha says – reply to this


    I think It would be ok if in the last episode of glee, they would just show Rachel like smiling to a guy but not show a relationship.

  5. Patrick says – reply to this


    My preference on the matter would be no; I personally do not feel the need to see Rachel end Glee with a new romance.

    To have someone swoop in within one season and sweep her off her feet would feel forced and uncomfortable to me considering the context of the overall storyline and the amount of time left for the show. Plus, I think for all she puts up an admirable professional front, she is still privately mourning Cory. It could be a bit much to ask her to make out with someone who is not "her Finn".

    I'm confident that Rachel, like Lea, will find love again when the time is right, but that doesn't have to mean 'right now'.

  6. lizzie says – reply to this


    I think Cory said it best in a documented interview: a relationship like Finchel is so deep that it couldn't disappear quickly. In reality, unlike on tv, life just doesn't happen fast, and, personally, I feel, if a potential bf replacement appears, it'd ring false to the fans and make Rachel appear shallow. After such an unexpected tragedy, I would imagine Rachel is still sorting through grief and, as Lea is doing, focus more on her career rather than finding another beau.

  7. LbUnforgettable says – reply to this


    I completely understand the point of both lea's personal and professional point of views and feeling about moving forward! Cory wasn't just her friend and coworker but her real life boyfriend! She should take all the time in the world to find the strength to move forward if she so chooses too. As for the shows perspective I understand the need to move forward to keep a happy fulfilling story line for the viewers! I myself am a dedicated GLEEK an I could completely see a romantic fling or relationship happening to Rachel with a random guy who watches and loves her performance and she finds out later on he just so happens to be her stage life competition.

  8. Hailee says – reply to this


    She cant be alone forever. yes she is grieving but no one can expect her to be grieving forever. so yes i think they should bring a new love interest and its not like he would be replacing Finn. Rachel deserves happiness

  9. Glee fan says – reply to this


    End it with it all being a bad dream of Rachel and have her run off to meet him and be happy ever after! Please!!!!! They have end up together in our imagination!

  10. Lauren says – reply to this


    Bring back Jesse St James <3

  11. Santana Lopez Lol Not says – reply to this


    I think she and San would have been a great couple. Sam and Mercedes make me sick and mad. 1 thing that Mercedes is a wailer…. 2 Mercedes acts like a dick. She has a guy who loves her for her and actually helped her get a record deal and then she doesn't want him because he's white? By her saying that Sam should've just left her because that's racist. I'm black and I find Sam hot as hell. Also she's I think she should go and stay in LA. Actually off the show. B/c if it's obvious, I don't like her character. She's whiny and she wails/scream every time she sings. She's like a wanna be Maria Carey -.-