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Think Lindsay Lohan Going To Coachella Was A Bad Idea? You'll Be Even MORE Convinced After You Hear What She Was Doing There!

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lindsay lohan is off the band wagon again spotted drinking with her sister friends at coachella

This is NOT good news!

We can't imagine what will happen when Oprah gets wind of this!

Lindsay Lohan has been insisting everywhere and anywhere that she's fighting to keep herself sober, but witnesses are saying that this ain't the truth!

Apparently, LiLo has completely fallen off the sobriety train and was spotted getting her drink on at Coachella!

Which was not the best place for her to be in the first place, but she's LiLo and she'll do what she wants!

Sources said:

"The group [were] standing in a small cabana, booth-type thing and one of the friends was making regular trips to the bar. I overheard the friend order four vodka sodas and when he carried them back to the group. He handed one to Lindsay and she started drinking it.

She didn’t seem to care who saw and none of the group seemed concerned. She couldn’t stand up straight and she was frantically chain smoking cigarettes. In one of her hands she had a plastic cup with a clear liquid in it."

Ughhhhh! It's super upsetting to hear stuff like this!

As if being called a b*tch on her show wasn't enough, she's gotta pull these antics?

Come on, LiLo! You're better than this!!

But, what comes as the most shocking thing is that not one person in her inner circle is surprised to see/hear about her drinking!

The sources continued:

"Lindsay doesn’t have any court mandated rehab requirements coming up. And without that she would never go back and get treatment so she’s really not going to be held responsible for anything. She swears that she’s going to do the right thing and stay sober, then she doesn’t and she apologizes when people find out.

Unfortunately this story wasn’t completely shocking and really no one was surprised. Lindsay was working hard to stay sober and everyone was really proud of her. They hope she can get back on the right track. "

We hope she can too!

A lot of people were rooting for her to succeed (Including us!) but it seems she's letting her last chances go to waste!

Get it together, gurlfriend! We still believe in you!

[Image via PacificCoastNews.]

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10 comments to “Think Lindsay Lohan Going To Coachella Was A Bad Idea? You'll Be Even MORE Convinced After You Hear What She Was Doing There!”

  1. 1

    Funny, how with everyone having a cell phone camera, not 1 photo of her drinking etc. I know she is a mess, but don't make stuff up perez.

  2. 2

    She is oblivious and is heading for the lowest bottom she has ever had. She has not reached bottom yet. The people around her have her so convinced that what she is doing is normal behavior, they are only killing her.

  3. 3

    It's sad that nothing seems to be able to get Lindsay off the path of self destruction.

  4. 4

    I doubt many people really care all that much if Lindsay is off the wagon. She's like Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen's ex wife. Been to rehab about 20 times. If she doesn't "get with the program" by now she probably never will. Everyone knows that Lindsay is a sneaky, devious kind of chick. She probably gets some sort of thrill when she sneaks around and gets some booze or drugs. She's thinking … "Ha ha … you didn't catch me this time Oprah … you didn't catch me paps … I'm just too sneaky and clever for you!". Drink more Lindsay! Do some more drugs. People really don't care.

  5. Bella says – reply to this


    Who's shocked by this? I don't need pics. I watch a bunch of sweating (high) Russians at her house at 7:20 am drinking and piercing their ears with a knife .. As a recovering addict myself.. Sober people don't put them selfs in those situations. But when I was using I had many nights turn into mornings like that. She's not sober ..

  6. 6

    Fake source, fake story, as usual.

    With all these people around them, how come NO photos came out ? Not ONE ?

  7. nicole says – reply to this


    Will someone please explain to me why this girl is still garnering attention? Hasn't she proven enough to everyone in the world that she is unprofessional, washed up, and immature? If everyone just started ignoring her maybe she will just fade away into the shadows. She needs a dose of reality, but let's be honest here. That is never going to happen.

  8. jil says – reply to this


    get ready to settle into the life of a Zlister Lindsay. bye bye.

  9. ms trudy says – reply to this


    if she was working hard to stay sober she would have a sponsor and she certainly wouldn't be going to coachella. I don't think anyone cares if she's sober or not so what's with all the lies she spews? the whole oprah thing was a total fail, just like lindsay herself. it's not to late for her to join the 27 club is it? maybe they can give her an honary membership if she's 28 now.

  10. Alan says – reply to this


    If there's not a picture I don't believe it. People saw her drinking and everything but they didn't took a photo? SOUNDS FAKE TO ME.