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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star Porsha Williams Arrested For Battery! See Her Marvelous Mugshot HERE!

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It's been a few weeks since her alleged fight with another cast member at Atlanta' Biltmore Hotel, but Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams just finally got served by justice.

An arrest warrant was issued on Wednesday for simple battery and, sure enough, Porsha turned herself in to the authorities just minutes ago.

In case you forgot, the supposed brawl took place on March 27th between Porsha and her co-star Kenya Moore, but apparently it took a few weeks to get Kenya's statement because she was busy filming.

Wow! At least it made for a dramatic reunion episode of RHOA!

Shortly after turning herself in, Porsha was released on a $2K bond.

We aren't sure what the future might hold for her, but she should sleep soundly knowing she takes a totally seXXXy mugshot.

[Image via Fulton County Police.]

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96 comments to “Real Housewives Of Atlanta Star Porsha Williams Arrested For Battery! See Her Marvelous Mugshot HERE!”

  1. oliviapippip says – reply to this


    nooooooooo porsha !!!! =(. Still love you though!

  2. Baili says – reply to this


    Kenya is little b***h for filing charges!! Must mean she got her ass whooped!!!! Way to go porsha she needed it!!!

  3. Greg says – reply to this


    It's about time someone went bat shit crazy on Kenya's ass. Kenya is a country. Kenya is also one of the dumbest , pretty, black women around. They should have shoved that wand up her ass.

  4. JustAThought says – reply to this


    Ha! Ha! What a DUMMY! Fell right into Kenya's trap. HA! HA! You're so less than smart, Dumbbella.

  5. There says – reply to this


    There is nothing sexy about an alleged violent human being.

  6. Tammy says – reply to this


    Re: Greg – i think so to can t stand that trouble maker let her stick that wand in any bodies face because any one would stick that wand up her ass as far as i or anyone else in that position would Bravo needs to tell Kenya to keep her play things at home

  7. tellthetruth says – reply to this


    Can't wait to see the reunion. As I understand Porsha said something derogatory about her dog Velvet. I lost a Yorkie myself and he was my baby like Velvet was to her.I understand the pain. It was low down of Porsha, if Kenya said anything in response, it was no excuse for Porsha to get physical. She pretends to be all class and all that, well, she showed how classless she really is.

  8. tate says – reply to this


    kenya is a stupid insecure bully and and the ultimate baby. about time someone smacked the shit out of her

  9. sucks to be SUCKERS says – reply to this


    I cant believe people watch this garbage. My girlfriend and I sit around watching documentries about.. DEER (it wasnt my choice. I wanted to watch CNN)..trying to learn something about the world while the rest of people are watching THIS shit? I think they should do a "real asian tiger mom wives" series so american women can see how asian women successfully raised the the highest IQ, highest achieving, lowest homicide/crime rate, highest earning, highest learning, lowest divorce rate, richest families per capita, lowest drug rates, lowest teen pregnancy rate, lowest unwed mother rate… race of americans despite occasional language barrier issues. I think its time to show american women how "weak and submissive" asian women kicked their asses in the nurturing department. Now that I'm kinda on the inside looking into the asian family structure… I see what they are doing differently. All porsha is showing.. is how black women did the opposite in nurturing achievement.

  10. sucks to be SUCKERS says – reply to this


    I dont think there is such thing as a sexy mugshot. Thats like calling someone "sexy trailer trash".

  11. V says – reply to this


    Lame. And definitely NOT NOT NOT worth breaking news.

  12. RealdealTexaswoman says – reply to this


    Re: sucks to be SUCKERS – if you are so enamored of the Asian race and their way of doing things, why don't you go over there and live in their overcrowded housing, high suicide rate, and sub par food (because no one can afford to eat well there)….you people make me sick..what the hell does anything in this article have to do with Asians, tiger moms, or anything else you are talking about..smh..try to focus honey on the subject at hand…..

  13. Sharon says – reply to this


    yup, that's how those big mouth women roll. They talk all big but when someone punches em in the face, they "file charges." You put it out there, be ready to take it. Kenya is a sissy

  14. RealdealTexaswoman says – reply to this


    Re: Greg – I agree, I wish I could see it right now,…we're gonna find out that Porsha is a real woman and that crazy bitch Kenya can keep it up and she may REALLY get her ass stomped nine ways from Sunday…lol

  15. Danielle says – reply to this


    Re: sucks to be SUCKERS – People probably watch the show for the same reason that you come to this site. *hard side-eye*

  16. Pam Adams says – reply to this


    I haven't see the show yet, but for the highlights. Keyna has been making digs at her for the last two seasons, and Porsha has been taking these jabs and taking these jabs, not for only her, but for other castmates. From, what I have seen Kenya deserved that and more. She was continuing put a bull horn in her face, putting that wand in her face, and being her true self, a "b…h".

    U can only push someone and back them in a corner before they snap back. I think this just shows how big of a slimball she is. She can't even stand up for herself, w/o having someone put in jail. While I don't condone fighting, there are certain things that are worth fighting for.

  17. Sucks To Be Suckers says – reply to this


    Re: RealdealTexaswoman – First of all, I cant just up and move anywhere (as much as I like to think I can). I own a business and I have ZERO confidence that I could relocate to japan and enjoy the same level of success in my area of expertise. Plus i'm practically illiterate in japan. How I learned to speak japanese while struggling at reading it is quite a perplexing accomplishment. As for "overcrowding". With a homicide rate of only 0.3 per 100,000/yr I actually wouldnt mind tin can housing. Already lived there. I can afford something a little bigger than a tin can though. As for "suicide rates"… In america, the highest suicide rate of women is white and native. Black females have the lowest. Asian is just above hispanic women (CDC). And if i had anything to say about this show ON topic.. i'd stab my stomach with a sword as that would mean that I have watched this show. A true dishonor.

  18. dee dee says – reply to this


    Porsha, should get a medal for beating that trouble making bitch , hope they take Kenya off the show.

  19. shaygirl says – reply to this


    Go after Bravo and andy cohen. they let Kenya do all that stuff. hostile work environment get plenty from bravo and andy cohen. andy eggs its on as much as anyone.

  20. Rere says – reply to this


    I like Porsche n Kenya but Kenya does cross the line at times I always thought Phaedra would beat that ass team porsha

  21. Sucks to Be Suckers says – reply to this


    If I was a reality tv addict (which, by george, I'm not) and i wanted to watch females fight… I'd watch Bad Girls Club. Kitten fights are cuter than cat fights. But as it turns out, my tolerance level for violence is very minimal. I'd rather watch girls twerking than fighting.

  22. Gigimimi says – reply to this


    Why did Andy allow Krazya to use a bullhorn and wave that stupid wand in Porsha's face? I blame Andy for allowing the delusional Ms. Awreakaca to use weapons of mass distraction. Who wouldn't react like that? She's actually lucky Nene didn't attack her. Now I wished Cher slapped Andy harder.

  23. Pinkaka says – reply to this


    You stay right there and let these people tell you you were in the right for attacking Kenya because of what she said! YOU WERE WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS! There is never any justification for you or anyone to walk around hitting someone over things they say. They talked about Christ are you any better than He? Our President is berated and belittled daily! Have you seen him go out and hit someone because of it?? As Christians, we have to be ready to turn the other cheek, walk away, PRAY, or anything to remove ourselves out of the situation. It doesn't make you any less of a woman. All season long most of you have called Kenya foul names, belittled her to no avail, but when the shoe is on the other foot and she goes on the defense, you want to fight! USE YOUR WORDS! VIOLENCE IS NEVER THE ANSWER! Now you have a legal battle. YOu have to spend money on bail and attorney fees. Tell me, was it worth it?

  24. Kimmykblu says – reply to this


    Re: JustAThought – your so right just as Wendy would say dumb dumb,which sensible woman marries a man worth over $20mil and gets nothing after divorcing😒

  25. Kim says – reply to this


    OMG you guys, I just read the wildest book about celebrity screw ups.

    Two models sexually blackmail their way to the top and they've got it made - they're living the super model high life - until the bad karma, in the shape of a psycho NFL star quarterback, catches up with them.

    Then things get messy, real messy, real quick, in the week before Super Bowl.

    Check out Model Citizens Riding For A Fall @ Amazon. This story has got Hollywood movie written all over it.

  26. cin says – reply to this


    Re: sucks to be SUCKERS – bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbut u read the blogs… yeah ok.

  27. Susan G. says – reply to this


    Kenya Moore got just what she deserved. She is a real BI–H. She is always sticking her nose in other peoples business and finally someone got fed up and did something about it. if IT HAD BEEN ME I COULD HAVE CLEANED THE STAGE WITH HER.

  28. crystal price says – reply to this


    Re: sucks to be SUCKERS – you can't believe people watch this…and I can't believe people take time out of their scheduled to comment on a show with a huge ass paragraph on something they don't watch…..now who is the pathetic person in this scenario. you have plenty of time to talk shit about a show you dont even take time to watch…..get a fucking life!!

  29. Y A C says – reply to this


    Leave Kenya alone, she's my favorite

  30. DreedGeekDiva says – reply to this


    Well, I dislike them both, Kenya is always starting shit or in the middle of it. And Porshia just insults my sensibilities because she is so freaking dumb. Get educated, looks and body won't last forever.

  31. Laura says – reply to this


    I do not support violence, but it's about time someone check that mouth of Kenya's . Porsha. You finally stood up for you're self . Good girl

  32. Jami says – reply to this


    Kenya kept assaulting her by putting the stick in Porsha's space ( yes by law that IS assault) ….Kenya earned that beat down . Now let's let Phaedra rep Porsha in court !

  33. collen says – reply to this


    it's about time that b**ch got what she deserved………..good going Porsha

  34. thebestone says – reply to this


    Kenya has started mess since she first appeared on the show and now the other ladies have had enough! I don't blame Porsha… Kenya has been picking at Porsha and she is just plain tired of it! I DON'T THINK SHE SHOULD HAVE BEEN KICKED OFF THE SHOW EITHER… "BOTH OUR NEITHER"

  35. brandi says – reply to this


    Thank u Porscha for whooping dat ass!!!!

  36. me says – reply to this


    Kenya has been in every bodies business all season, now when it 's time for her to pay the piper she couldn't make the payment so she takes the cowardly way out. Leave people's marriages alone. You might try and get your African or whatever kind of prince you make us believe you have to be honorable by you and marry you then and only then can you make those kinds of comments. Porsha, she was not worth all of that but, girl you did whip her twirlly butt.

  37. Maurice says – reply to this


    Who celebrates one human being getting physically violent with another. That speaks volumes of a person's character (to me). Further, Kenya Moore is hated on because of her extraordinary good looks and incredibly svelte figure; If people want to blame anyone, blame the "haters."

  38. Sue oconnell says – reply to this


    Get Kenya off the show. She stirs the pot toooooo much. I will quit the show if she continues. Nene thinks its good tv. No no nene it's not. I enjoy the other girls and there r times it gets out of hand but this skank needs to go. I am non violent but I would knock this .$&@/ completely out and go to jail on my own . See you all when she is gone.

  39. Patti says – reply to this


    So Glad someone finally took that B%T%H down I wish she get thrown off the show but that won't happen as she brings ALL the drama

  40. Pat says – reply to this


    Kenya is an old beauty queen bully, fake fake fake, she thinks her sh## don't stink..she need to take a chill pill!!!

  41. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Maurice – I agree. Kenya has a lot of haters. Plus this show is so fake anyways.

  42. Mareonna says – reply to this


    Queen Kenya knows how to play the game and those who don't have to pay the price. #teamKenya-winning!!!

  43. DONTSHOOT-IMBLACK says – reply to this


    Re: sucks to be SUCKERS – — you hate this trash, but you are on Perez Hilton's website. Im confused.

  44. brandi says – reply to this


    Re: Maurice – Thank u Porscha for whooping dat ass!!!! Kenya Moore is nobody to hate on im gorgeous to hun! She is rude with no filter and at her AGE she should know better. Someone who constantly belittles others and cant get along with no one but a gay man and a dog has issues! I'm jus sayin

  45. Chicky dee says – reply to this


    A poster blames Andy for allowing Kenya to bring her paraphernalia to the set and I agree. Then I remembered last reunion she brought a fan which she used at intervals but not on anybody. Nevertheless, Porsha should have kept her temper in check and totally ignore ms former beauty queen and her antics.

  46. Dave says – reply to this


    That's a terrible photoshop job and I'm sorry but if that was a real mugshot and not some publicity stunt she wouldn't be wearing her weave!

  47. Dave says – reply to this


    Re: sucks to be SUCKERS – That's no mugshot, you can see the terrible photoshop fix on it, not to mention she wouldn't be wearing her weave if it was a real mugshot! Fake! Publicity Stunt!

  48. ann wilson says – reply to this


    Re: tellthetruth – let Kenya b stick that wand in my face, I'll be the last person she do that to. Kenya need to be fired.if not I want be watching this show again.

  49. Kimmie says – reply to this


    In order for you to know as much as you did about the show, it is evident that you watched "this shit" as well, it has nothing to do with black women, the other shows, realhouse wives of OC, Jersey, NY, etc, have the same type of violence, it is just edited.

  50. Kimmie says – reply to this


    I agree with you

  51. Carol says – reply to this


    Re: Danielle

  52. Karen says – reply to this


    In my opinion these women are no better than the whore who works the corner; they are allowing themselves to be pimped out by some man who is pulling in the bucks which they get chump change. And just like a worn out whore, they will be thrown out when no longer needed and new whores will take their place. These women have not given any thoughts to how their public display of tacky behavior will effect their family and friends. They have displayed their personal business to the world without any thought as to how their children might feel about everyone knowing their dad is a thief, moms was a stripper, man and dad both have criminal records, the list goes on and on. Its a damn shame that they are too ignorant to see this, or maybe they just don't care. When the show is done, how do they expect to go back to a normal life? They are all a joke.

  53. calie says – reply to this


    Re: Pinkaka – This is the best response I have seen yet. I thought it was just me that see that Porsha was so wrong on many different levels.

  54. sucks to be SUCKERS says – reply to this


    Re: crystal price – How i know this show SUCKS without watching it. Lets see. 1) I spent the last 10+ years hearing this from white females: "you know why white men date asian women? because they are weak and submissive. They cant handle a strong white woman"…. and then i'm going to watch a tv show about… of all things… WEAK WHITE HOUSEWIVES but no "weak asian" housewives? 2) The show surely was inspired by "desperate housewives" a show that subliminally taught hispanic women (one of the poorest women on earth with the most struggling children on earth) that they should CHASE GARDENERS. Longorias character should have been a desperate hispanic woman married to a gardener trolling the rich neighborhoods for sugardaddies. Thats how hispanic women can exit their endless loop of despair. 3) My IQ is too high to sit and watch LADY DRAMA. I have enough sisters for that. I could write 5 big paragraphs of why i know that show sucks without watching it. But most of all… 4) reality tv, in general, is RUMORED fake. "ok.. so then she's going to say this to you and then you start crying. Ok? good. ACTION.. ROLLING"

  55. Lad is says – reply to this


    I can't stand Andy Cohen, he's such a p . He and rest of that trash over at Bravo hates women because that's one thing he will never be is a REAL WOMAN created by God. These dumb housewives have all sold themselves to the DEVIL.

  56. Catty says – reply to this


    WOW! she must be really happy that she looks good in her MUGSHOT!!!!! smfh

  57. topics says – reply to this


    The top ten most dangerous cities in america as of april 2014.

    Camden, New Jersey
    Flint, Michigan
    Detroit, Michigan
    Oakland, California
    St. Louis, Missouri
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Gary, Indiana
    Newark, New Jersey
    Bridgeport, Connecticut
    Birmingham, Alabama

    I am amazed atlanta didnt quite make the list this year. Well, the year isnt over. They are probably just off to a slow start. Those are some creepy cities.

  58. H says – reply to this


    Haha so glad Porsha went to jail!! #teamkenya . Porsha ain't as classy and sweet as all them bitches make her out to be! In jail where she belongs

  59. poosie says – reply to this


    Kenya should secretly get jumped…;)

  60. Decomp says – reply to this


    Atlanta housewives are a bunch of criminals and thugs going assaulting and ripping each other off. DELETE no more for me

  61. Decomp says – reply to this


    REALLY! People are pissed at Kenya for pressing charges because SHE WAS ASSAULTED! Mixed up nuts who believe that.

  62. LogicDaily says – reply to this


    Kenya need to be fired, not Porsha. Kenya is not a mother, nor a wife. Therefore she is not a housewife, so why is she on this show. The only reason she is there is to cause conflict. Why else would a network like BRAVO allow a person to harass another cast mate to the point of intimidation and bullying. Porsha was pushed into defending herself and BRAVO allowed this explosion to happen because Kenya should not have been allowed to bring those items onto stage. Shame on the network BRAVO, and the producers of the Housewives show, for not taking a stand against bullying.

  63. Jeremy says – reply to this


    Black woman are mostly all ghetto, hood rat, trash. Sorry, it's true. And many of us think it. They bible thump and preach their Christianity at other groups yet they are consistently ghetto, hood rat trash. Truth hurts. Love your site Perez. Muah!

  64. MISTY K says – reply to this



  65. araja says – reply to this


    i watch the show every sunday i think NENE is the trouble maker the fight was not cool but all the womwn on this show are all backstabbers they talk about each other and kiss when they meet. as for phadera she should get rid of her husband and stop blamming kenya for apollo trying to get with her.

  66. Gina D says – reply to this


    I have always loved RHOA, but since Kenya Moore joined the show it has gone down hill. So sad that she is allowed to demonstrate mental illness on the show and allowed to treat cast members the way she has done in the past. Shame on Andy Cohen for allowing Kenya to remain on the show. Sad to watch! The props should have been taken away from the very beginning and there would not have been trouble. Again, SHAME on you Andy, that's not entertainment, it's trash!

  67. wrong says – reply to this


    Re: tellthetruth – Porsha has two little yorkies of her own. Kenya accused Phaedra of dissing Velvet, but again that wasn't true. Both women reached out to her over her loss of Velvet. Kenya is nuts, a liar and actually played her hands on Porsha in her first season when they were on the island and also grabbed Nene's ear trying to goad her into a fight. Kenya instigated the fight with Porsha, was totally in her face so Porsha pulled her hair, then the fight Kenya was looking for started. Porsha was more upset than Kenya. Kenya pressed charges a month or more later because the public was on Porsha's side. Porsha needs to get the footage of Kenya physically attacking her from Bravo.

  68. poosie says – reply to this


    Bravo allowed, condoned and encouraged Man-ya to bring a WEAPON on stage using it in threatening aggressive manner aganst Porsha waving & poking in her face as well as Cynthias! AT THE END OF THE DAY or THE BEGINNING ITS A WEAPON with a PRETTY crystal on it…but its a weapon Andy was loving it. Yes he was laughing. Of course Andy is just a puppet working under the powers that be so he goes along with BULLYING. Itsn NO LONGER A GAME when you are ruining someone’s life trying to get them a record. And Andy pansy is against bullying ONLY when its against GAYS,…other than that he don’t give a * UCK
    If Kenya stays the cast should carry the same wand Man-ya had and talk down TO IT, profanities, verbal, mental, emotional, abuse as they wave it in her face non stop when Man-ya is around. If Man-ya enters room cast is in they in unison all need to get in Man-yas face ganging up on her nonstop until she leaves waving that wand in he face. Man-yas past behaviors makes her so deserving. Sounds fair to me!

  69. Simba says – reply to this


    Kenya is a none MF factor on the show,it's time to replace her. She provoked that young girl and she should has kicked her a**.

  70. Spurling says – reply to this


    Im 120% with Kenya Stop violence, what Porscha did was wrong, Porscha is very classless. Porscha,Phedra & Nene are calling Kenya out of her name and insulting her I do not see Kenya getting physical with anybody, she respects other people opionion. I like Kenya she is a total lady. Good for you Kenya to press charges on Porscha teach her a lesson she was coach by the rest of the girls to get up and fight you, guess what Porscha you did Nene's dirty work like a total fool. Porscha needs to grow up.

  71. poosie says – reply to this


    Kenya aka Man-ya is not at bottle of barrel, but UNDER the barrel. That coward big mouthed bully was riding dirty the second she slimmed out of her moms *USSY

  72. MyOpinion says – reply to this


    Re: ThereRe: sucks to be SUCKERS – Good for you and your girlfriend now shut the fuck up cuz we sure as hell don't care what the hell you watch. Idiot.

  73. Jenny says – reply to this


    I hope that straighten Kenya head or close her mouth. Sometimes you have to do what you do to get respect; sorry about the fight but, tell me where or what alternative Porsha had?
    Andy took too long to tell that Kenya anything about her props no producers told Kenya to put those instruments down what he thought was going to happen? They both were dangerous.
    Oh and they left right and took wrong-not one but both should have been sent home..That's one wrong to see Part 2 on the commercial has Kenya sitting on the couch voicing her garbage again.So wrong Bravo.

  74. pilgrim says – reply to this


    Re: tate – You've got your information all wrong. Probably might want to delete your comment so you don't appear so stupid.

  75. ACQUINETTA JACKSON says – reply to this



  76. m hernandez says – reply to this


    No, I think she filed CHARGES because she needs money AGAIN to pay her rent or get evicted!!!

  77. Barbara Paige says – reply to this


    Kenya Hoore Oh I mean Moore is a BITCH no one likes her so get off the housewives show your NOT even a Housewife!!!!!

  78. big b says – reply to this


    Kenya is not that hot how she was a miss America beats me she stupid they way she provokes people and act like her s>>>>>t don't stink I agree with others violence may not b answer but Kenya had it coming

  79. Shirlee says – reply to this


    I can't believe Andy didn't tell Kenya to put that bull horn, or whatever it was, away. He had to know that Kenya was going to do something stupid. Also, why did he just send Porsha home and not Kenya and Porsha, since it was kenya that started the problem? She's been a trouble maker since she got a part on the show. Shame on Andy for allowing it to happen.

  80. joycelyn says – reply to this


    porsha was wrong because she can call kenya all kind of whore including saying here virgina stinkk but she cannot take the answer when it come back to her she take up firerage for southern bel from day one they keep calling kenya all kind of name they alway say is the change from the dollar can make noise and that noise cause porsha to loose her mindshe most remember her own business is dirty and stink

  81. vixee says – reply to this


    A blow horn? seriously biT*h? Slap!!, Pow!!, Bam!! oh ya she is a blow hard so a blow horn is fitting after all….

  82. E. Gordon says – reply to this


    I'm so glad that Kenia got her ass whipped. She never takes responsibility for her infantile behavior. Let's get rid of her once and for all people. I'm bored with it all.

  83. lovely says – reply to this


    Porsha keep your head up good job , you should sue that tv host when they allowed her to swing and point things in your face they should have shut her down then but instead they allow her to pull another weapon out get a good lawyer, you will get off, you did great a person cant take but so much. love you . you have NEW YORK ON YOUR SIDE!!!!!

  84. lovely says – reply to this


    Re: Shirlee – I agree kenya should have went home as well the two items she had was weapons far as I'm concern

  85. Rae says – reply to this


    Re: JustAThought – Wait….so you actually think Kenya orchestrated this so she could get dragged around like a raggedy Ann doll and the showdown to be immortalized by prime time tv forever, leaving her open to ridicule on her already B minute celebrity- JUST so she could get Porscha off the show? Lmaooooo You people give Kenya way to much credit. Porscha may not be that bright but Kenya 's only got her by about 4 IQ points.

  86. BlackCat says – reply to this


    Re: sucks to be SUCKERS – I only got through the first 2 sentences when I realized…… You are not in the best mental space. We all go through things. Trash tv is just that- Trash tv. Don't take it so seriously and type long griping diatribes about it. If you hate it- ignore it- instead of trying to intellectualize it and brow beat others for watching it. People so obsessed with dictating to others about their problems and shortcomings are usually out of control and very aware of the shortcomings in their own lives. Exercise. Listen to your favorite music. Connect and stay connected to those who love you and things like this wont matter so much.

  87. poosie says – reply to this


    When Porsha was under the attack of terroisim because it is exactly what it was on nation TV she had the flight/defense mode kick in. MAN-YA took it toooo far driving poor PORTIA there ! This is some fake azz BS she was high!
    @ jay. No SH*T Genius. Exactly my point!
    Hands are not a prop…but when an object / prop OR NOT is used as a WEAPON to taunt, intimidate, threaten, contol, manipulate, perpetuate fear /hate vilonence, restrict ones movement, control ones movement, …the PROP version no longer holds water & goes STRAIGHT out the window.
    What started as a PROP did not end that way. Props are NO LONGER props when used as a weapon. The law will see it the same.
    Andy made a big mistake letting Man-ya take control leading BRAVO over the cliff!
    But Andy Pansy was so caught up laughing he got lost in ignorance of Kenya’s train wreck.
    Actors, GUESTS of WHAT$ HAPPENINg LIVE with ANDY should all cancel making appearances on show until BRAVO & ANDY do the right thing.

  88. bop says – reply to this


    She deserves to go to jail.No class.Kenya gets it from all of them it's not right.Kenya has class.Phaedra is a terrible example of Christian

  89. bop says – reply to this


    Re: tate – your so wrong.Kenya has class.shame on you for wanted someone hit.unreal

  90. bop says – reply to this


    Re: dee dee – Kenya makes this silly show real ok don't be judging.look how they judge her and worry about her boyfriend who cares really it's a show.but my gosh she's human

  91. Charles says – reply to this


    Please, smooth criminal, use your brain, think.

  92. poosie says – reply to this


    @ tia warring. Exactly! Bravo and Andy need to be brought down to reality. Its all gone to their heads /abuse of power! They find the spawn of Satan Kenya aka Manya to sacrifice/discard Porsha (obviously for Andy, Bravos and Kenyas amusement/RATINGS cause no one else found it entertaining) using physical invasive perverse aggressive taunting, USING what started out as a PROP only to be used as a WEAPON restricting her movement, THREATENING, invading, provoking a defense/flight response. The trauma distress brought on by left Portia no choice to defend herself when Andy all the while just laughed and rolled his eyes!

    WTF Andy Pansy PLUS all the big wigs of Bravo SAT there and WATCHEd in the audience and none of the ASSHOL*s stepped in PORTIA was left to protect/fend for herself under attack when no one else did, ONLY TO BE SENT HOME, FIRED, JAIL and humiliated/alienated by this network that in fact orchestrated this whole ordeal -by a most likely ILLUMINATI ran network that beind the scenes promotes this behavior thrown at Portia.

    Actors, singers, all cancel your guest appearances on on WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVe with ANDY COHEN This is some straight up BULLSHI*T. Apparently the only people who are deserving of equality and human rights are GAYS! sue PORTIA if that slimey contact BRAVO had u sign allows it!

    SUE Portia if you can!

  93. yvonne velez says – reply to this


    the one they should fire is Kenya and NeNe.

    They are both trash.

  94. PORSHA FAN says – reply to this


    You go beautiful lady. Kenya got less than she deserved. she should has gotten a real left hook from Detroit…lol

  95. jacqueline says – reply to this


    Re: tate – You can only pretend for so long. But the real porsha showed up. She dress up but we always knew she was ratchet from the go. She need to grow up , mom treat her like a little girl, she said Cordell was like a Dad had a problem with that. But this little girl need to grow up. Regardless she can only blame herself for what happened, you see Phaedra talked her trash, but she kept her many faces's ass in her seat. Porsha need to take this time and grow up or go back to school.

  96. jacqueline says – reply to this


    Re: Nicole – Porsha just got her ass and breast enhanced. So she just as fake. She just as messy as Kenya, only difference Porsha throw dirt, when it comes back she cant take it. She need to grow up. And learn never to throw the first punch. weather you are provoked or not.