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Robin Thicke Blurred Lines So Badly With Women That He's Been Named SEXIST Of The Year! Find Out Why HERE!

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From a super-public ass-grab at the VMAs, to a marriage possibly wrecked by allegations of philandering, to a chart-smashing music video with themes & imagery so salacious it could make a dominatrix blush, 2013 was quite a year for Robin Thicke!

And we haven't even mentioned his wildly scandalous VMA dance with Miley Cyrus! How could we forget that?

The End Violence Against Women Coalition sure didn't! They just bestowed upon him a super unfortunate superlative, in fact — they named him 2013's SEXIST OF THE YEAR!

Yikes, that's not a trophy we think he'd like to set out on the mantle!

Sarah Green, a spokesperson for the coalition, thinks Robin's sexist failings were so obvious and unavoidable that he actually helped bring light to her cause. She admitted:

"Our heartfelt congratulations to a worthy winner Robin Thicke for both his concerted sexist efforts, and in the end the platform he created for rejection of the use of women as objects to promote mediocre pop. Sexism might be de rigeur for some music industry 'creatives' but the times they are a-changin'."

Whoa! Harsh words!

The coalition — which is comprised of a bunch of member groups that work diligently to curb things like human trafficking, domestic violence, and sexual abuse — also highlighted an interview Robin gave to GQ. In it, he proudly confesses to degrading women in Blurred Lines, going so far as to say:

"What a pleasure it is to degrade a woman. I've never gotten to do that before'."

Ugh! He kind of makes his own case there, doesn't he?

So, what's his prize? Apparently they're mailing him a voucher to download Aretha Franklin's Respect in the hopes that it will teach him a lesson.

Dayuuum, that's cold!

Do U think Robin Thicke deserves to wear the slime-encrusted tiara for Sexist of the Year?

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15 comments to “Robin Thicke Blurred Lines So Badly With Women That He's Been Named SEXIST Of The Year! Find Out Why HERE!”

  1. Gisele says – reply to this


    OMG you guys, I just read the wildest book about LA celebrity screwups.

    Two models sexually blackmail their way to the top in LA and they've got it made - they're living the super model high life - until the bad karma, in the shape of a psycho NFL star quarterback, catches up with them.

    Then things get messy, real messy, real quick, in the week before Super Bowl.

    Check out Model Citizens Riding For A Fall @ Amazon. This story has got Hollywood movie written all over it.

  2. 2

    Well deserved. But there are so many to choose from! Almost every rapper out there degrades women. And how about JayZ? He has his woman sing about getting drunk and 'trying to be the girl he wants her to be', while she is going down on him in a limo. Beyonce should get this award too for degrading herself while telling girls that this is what a powerful woman looks like. That is probably more damaging and insidious than anything stupid Robin Thicke could do.

  3. Redrascal says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – couldn't agree more! Beyoncé is a puppet of the 'own your sexuality by prostituting yourself' bullshit fed to women and girls these days. I'm all for fulfilment and self expression but this stuff is so transparently male fantasy led that it worries me that more people don't see through it…. The normalising of young females as hyper sexualised pleasure-bots is just so sad. :-(

  4. 4

    ya this guy is an arshole.

  5. 5

    yeah he's gross

  6. 6

    I don't really see why he's getting all the sh*t, when Pharrel, who is super hot right now, produced it.
    Pot, meet Kettle!

  7. 7

    Re: blondly7 – I agree. He has distanced himself from the rape song, and said some really stupid stuff since, like, "I love women", - which is in itself a misogynistic, patronizing statement because it discounts any individuality and lumps us all together. He might as well say, "I love puppies". I would love to hear an apology from Pharrell.

  8. Took says – reply to this


    doesnt really mean anything since 7 out of 10 white females are racist and speak very badly about white males with ethnic girlfriends or wives secretly behind closed doors (i've heard it with my own ears). I think white females treat us white males with asian lovers much worse than white males with black women though ONLY because black women would kick their asses for saying things about them. White women perceive asian women as "weak and submissive" so they feel they can say racist things about asian women on the belief that asian women are "weak and submissive" and WONT kick their asses. "we can say SHE looks like a boy because asian girls dont fight".
    Ok.. racists think a non sexist is sexist. He violated TWO "white women rules". He married black lady and twerked with a young lady (miley). Thats two "white lady laws" violated. White males are not allowed to like skinny women, ethnic women or young women in white women's minds. So of course he would…… be voted WHATEVER by whoever for whatever.

  9. 9

    Re: TookRe: Took – THANK YOU TOOK! Robin was in a vid with TWO BLACK MEN who were gyrating and being quite suggestive with white females. As long as rap kept this type of stuff confined to BET and BLACK WOMEN they didn't have a problem with it. Now all of a sudden Robin's creepy, a sexist, a douch, when what white women are really saying is 'How dare you marry that black b***h and have the nerve to even speak about how you've never dated a white woman before! We'll make you pay for this!'

  10. 10

    Re: rosebud99 – If a man can record a rape song, than isn't it fair to say that rape victims sometimes wear rape clothes?

  11. jess says – reply to this


    Absolutely. He's a misogynist tool. What really pisses me off though is where is the backlash against Pharrell Williams? He reckons he is pro women's equality yet he's the one who rapped the most offensive lyrics in the whole song ("I'll give you something big enough to tear your ass in two…..Nothing like your last guy, he too square for you
    He don't smack that ass and pull your hair like that")
    But at least women had the last & best laugh - the Auckland uni students totally bitch slapped them with their parody!!!

  12. Jillilyn says – reply to this


    Womens coalition of uptight females can't differentiate between mediocre pop and really great music. Robin Thicke is an AMAZING artist that's made some really good stuff for over a decade. If they quoted properly, they would have acknowledged that the comment was sarcastic. But they twist words out of context, to serve their feminist agenda….how pathetic!!!! Sarah Green needs to go help women from real threats out there, God knows this isn't one of them. smh

  13. JC says – reply to this


    Of course he deserves it! Is that even a question? He's disgusting and anybody who listens to that song has no respect for women and should seriously think about how their actions, whether little or big, affects the people in this world and how it shapes our society.

  14. 14

    Re: jess – Actually, that was T.I.. Get your black people straight. lol

  15. SKM says – reply to this


    Re: samehere – No. You completely miss the point.