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Poor Tori Spelling! The mama of four had her world turned upside down in December 2013 when her hubby of 7 years, Dean McDermott, confessed to cheating.… Read more…

18 comments to “Tori Spelling Heartbreakingly Opens Up About How Dean McDermott's Cheating Crushed Her! This 1st Interview Is Too Sad!”

  1. 1

    What did she expect? Didn't Dean-the-Dream cheat on his wife (and kids) with Tori while he was still married? What made her think he would be different with her?

  2. Panda says – reply to this


    How convenient? A 'shocking' story of scandal and cheating and then they miraculously get a tv show…. Oh, and they're broke? Wow. Totally doesn't seem like a bunch of makeup bs in order to make an incredibly irrelevant couple relevant again. I'm totally going to watch this show…… NOT!

  3. remingtonsteele82 says – reply to this


    did she think her cootie was special?

  4. 4

    I wouldn't put is past these two to have made up the entire cheating scandal, just to make money by selling the story to the various tabloids and to draw attention to the TV show. Her book flopped, no one is interested in the TV show, and they're desperate for money. It's just a little too convenient for the cheating thing to come out during all o this.

  5. Kim says – reply to this


    Poor Tori Spelling my backside. Don't forget their relationship started with him cheating on his wife with HER so this is nothing but karma kicking her in the ass. I feel sorry for the kids these selfish people put in the middle as NONE of them deserved this. Kiss it, Tori.

  6. 6

    Totally made up. I smell $$$ desperation.

  7. 7

    Re: Kim – you are absolutely right! Why is she so surprised this happened to her? No one else is.

  8. 8

    These two are just as desperate to sell stories as Heidi and Spencer, and just like those two, I really wouldn't doubt it is all fake for some $$.

  9. Blue says – reply to this


    They both cheated on their previous spouses with each other. No one wins when one commits adultery. Even if you end up marrying the one you cheated with. I hate to say this but, "what goes around, comes around", yea I know… it's cliche'.

  10. Douchebag says – reply to this


    Once a cheater always a cheater

  11. Oh Ma Geee..... says – reply to this


    you should do reality show about it and cash out girl .

  12. 12

    She's deserves it. She was the other woman when he cheated on his wife.

  13. Alyssa Ann says – reply to this


    They cheated on both of their spouses which then started their relationship. How does that taste Tori? If he will cheat WITH you, he will cheat ON you.

  14. heather says – reply to this


    Um this is how she got wth him..he cheated on his first . Wife wth her..karmas a bitch..she gets what she deserves

  15. Candy S says – reply to this


    Will Tori's next reality show feature Liam's entry into rehab?

  16. AKR says – reply to this


    If you marry a cheater, you are married to a cheater!
    Weren't these two married to other people when they got together?
    So, no emapthy from me, Karma is a Bitch!

  17. Donna says – reply to this


    And she is shocked? Hurts pretty bad when the shoe is on the other foot! She obviously had he regard for his now ex when she was other women! I had no respect for either one of them back then.

  18. Jennifer says – reply to this


    Both of these parents should be ashamed of themselves. Him for cheating and both of them for selling themselves and their children to play out the drama on TV. No respect for their family or privacy.

    Both of these adults have a choice everyday about how they conduct themselves and what they expose their kids to. They controled the decision to put this on tv.

    It would seem their only motivation is money and fame, regardless of the cost to their family.