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Andy Cohen Gives His Brutally Honest Opinion On The RHOA Brawl That Led To Porsha Williams' Mugshot! And It Could Be Hinting At Some Firings!

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Oh, how the peaches have fallen!

Bravo executive Andy Cohen is NOT happy about the Real Housewives of Atlanta brutal beat down that took place during the reunion filming.

In fact, Andy is so disgusted by Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore's violent behavior and Porsha's subsequent arrest that he might fire them!

Andy said:

“In terms of casting for next season, we haven’t made any of those decisions yet. We wait until the season is over, over, over. We kind of regroup. We look back at the season. We look ahead to what these women have going on in their lives and that’s when we assess…The other women felt that Kenya provoked her a little bit and was provoking her. I was just so shocked and so surprised and I was just really upset. ”


Regardless of what Kenya might've said, no one deserves a brutal beat down.

Unfortunately, it all happened too quickly as Andy explained:

“There was an altercation that took place between Porsha [Williams] and Kenya [Moore]. They stood up. I think I stood up pretty quickly and it was such a flash. It started to escalate. I was kinda trying to prevent it and a couple other people jumped in too.”


Who knew the Housewives had a temper??! LOLz!

One thing is for sure, Andy will do just about ANYTHING to prevent another fight from happening.

The Bravo exec continued:

“I just don’t want that to happen again. I think it’s gross. It’s totally inappropriate; it’s wrong. It’s not entertaining. It’s just bad.”

We could NOT agree more.

Violence is never a cute look.

Kenya and Porsha better get down on their knees and start kissing Andy's designer shoes because they are thisclose to getting kicked to the curb!

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99 comments to “Andy Cohen Gives His Brutally Honest Opinion On The RHOA Brawl That Led To Porsha Williams' Mugshot! And It Could Be Hinting At Some Firings!”

  1. shaygirl says – reply to this


    bravo and andy cohen shouldn't act so innocent. andy sat that while kenye pushed and poked and ridiculed Porsha until she lashed out. Kenya has belittled Porsha from day one. she got what she deserved.

  2. Ms. Honey-Penney says – reply to this


    Although I do not agree with the fighting, we have to be equally fair. NeNe should have been fired from choking Kim. Then some of the women from the other Housewives and Bravo shows also should be fired. Don't single out one group.

  3. betty gibson says – reply to this


    kenya always has been trouble she should have been gone last season fire both of them and maybe there wont be anymore fighting on the show i like all the housewives shows but atlanta and new jersey are my favoriteandy never get in the middle of people fighting you might get the worst end of it let them fight it out

  4. Pauline says – reply to this


    While I'm not suggesting that violence is appropriate, Kenya Moore has had it coming. She deliberately pushes people in order to get a reaction AND to get air time. She is definitely no victim in this. If producers feel that it is appropriate to fire Porsha as means to set a precedent over what they find acceptable for their employees, then that is fine, but Kenya should also be out on her ass after all the goading and inappropriate behavior she has exhibited season after season. And I agree with someone else's comment…other housewives have been involved in altercations before and haven't been held accountable by losing their spot on the show…hell…look at Juicy Joe and Joe Gorga. I know they aren't techincally housewives, but they are featured on the show, and they have had multiple fist fights across the seasons.

  5. Sara says – reply to this


    The entire Real housewives empire is a temple of celebrating mean girls. It's a disgusting show and a complete embarrassment from what I think they intended to do with the initial idea. I don't watch a encourage others to be above it.

  6. Green_Moments says – reply to this


    Kenya did the job the show hired her to do and that was disrupt the harmony that existed from time to time on this show between these women. I believe Kenya should have been dismissed from the equation after crossing the line with Apollo.

  7. Amber says – reply to this


    The sad part is Kenya probley thinks she did nothing wrong I say kick both to the curb

  8. Whateva says – reply to this


    Really Andy? You think Kenya provoked Porsha "a little"? Bravo, and you, are the ones who allowed Kenya to bring her props and allowed her harassment of Porcha to continue on and on and on. What the hell did you think would happen?

  9. actright says – reply to this


    It’s really crazy that in his statement Andy nor Bravo is taking any responsibility for what they allowed to happen. They could have stopped Kenya with her antics but instead they continued to allow it. When things get out of hand they want to shake they head, point fingers and look down on the women involved when this is what their show promote. One thing is clear fighting is allowed on these shows and since the producers allow it and promote it one should not catch a case because of it. Porsha doesn’t need to be shamed,
    Bravo and Andy Cohen should be. I guess the blowhorn was appropriate!!!!

  10. 10

    WTF!!!! Andy Cohen orchestrated the whole thing and now he's disgusted?
    If anyone should get arrested its Andy…his ghetto ass gets off the gay drama.
    Rumors have been circulating that ghetto Porscha was getting fired for not bringing in the drama…

  11. lauri says – reply to this


    I know violence is never the answer but we are all human and Kenya intentionally pushes people trying to get them to act ugly. this is not the first time her behavior brought violence, maybe a punch in the face is what that goof ball deserved finally! Maybe she will stop being so rude and pushy! TEAM PORSHA!!

  12. 12


  13. Anna says – reply to this


    Kenya prodded porshia with a stick, yelled in her ear with blow horn. That is violence and abuse, as that was happening Andy Cohen watched and laughed. That was gross. I can't believe Andy didn't see it coming. Would he have done the same thing if Kenya was doing that to him and his boss laughed? Bravo condones violence the producers should be arrested. It was like pit bull fights. Andy your not entertaining and your gross

  14. shmanonymous says – reply to this


    what kenya did to porsha was verbal abuse. what abusers get is what they deserve. kenya needs charges pressed against her as well.

    she totally had it comin. kenya should thank her lucky stars it happened on camera because I'm sure off camera would've been worse

  15. Mom with Morals says – reply to this


    Although I have enjoyed the "Housewives" in the past, of all parts of the country, Atlanta has been the most violent! I agree with the others that Kenya Moore has been mean and pushy all along! I ALMOST felt sorry for her when her dog died, but to see what she did AGAIN to a cast mate, I AM ON TEAM PORSHA!! If anyone should be let go off the show, I vote fire KENYA!!

  16. Stephen says – reply to this

  17. stephen says – reply to this


    Blame blame blame, you want blame, why didnt Andy just say no to the "props" Kenya brought to the reunion. He is the boss. He didnt because he thought it would lead to something like this. If he really stands behind what he said then he wont show it. He is the boss. This is all about rating. Just gross.

  18. Jo Ann keys theus says – reply to this


    If Porsha, gets fired, then he needs to fire Kenya, cause she is the devil. And while you are at it, all of the other housewives , that have wound up in a fight. Porsha, has been nothing but nice, but the devil has been doing some seriously wrong things since she came on the show. Kenya, should have never made it to season 2. GOOD BYE KENYA!!

  19. Mae-Mae says – reply to this


    This was bound to happen it was just a surprise that little bitty Porsha was the one to K.O. Kenya. Kenya is a trouble starter who's into everybody on the show business with her opinions. I wouldn't trust her no farther than I can see her and even not then

  20. Natilon says – reply to this


    Re: Anna – Team PorchaRe: Anna

  21. Natilon says – reply to this


    Re: Jo Ann keys theus – yes she is nothing but the Devil !!!

  22. Chris says – reply to this


    Agree with other posters… Bravo and Andy…what the hell did you expect ?? Exactly what you created !!

  23. SuckItTrebek says – reply to this


    Re: Amber – Big deal she was a little flirty with him. I don;t think anything happened behind anyones back and I think that couple has much larger issues currently since his ass is about to go to jail again. Also none of us have actually seen the footage of what happened so lets get off our soap boxes unil next week when it airs. Porsha is also an idiot that gets upset when the dumb shit stuff she says is thrown back in her face. She first said her ex was gay and then got upset when Kenya called her out on it and then she denied it. Kenya is a button pusher but she usuaully uses peoples own wordes against them. If Porsha was smart she would have refused to film with her and then gotten all the other ladies to do the same

  24. Ro says – reply to this


    I have watched a longtime and Andy often is just as bad at causing trouble between these women as they are at delivering it. He is the one who should be fired and take Kenya with him. Kenya seemingly was not brought there for any good. She should have been fired when she threatened Phaedra during her preganancy to find her teeth on the floor. Where was Andy then? He didn't say a word.

  25. 25

    Andy Cohen is one of the most disingenuous people out there. They live for behavior like that. That's what makes the money. Don't be stupid.

  26. Mareonna says – reply to this


    Queen Kenya is a gold mine for BravoTV. She brings on the drama and she can stand toe to toe with the best of them. She has the gift of gab- a silver tongued devil and everyone knows that she is brainy and beautiful. People tune in to RHOA because we want to see what she will do next. You know, the "Wild Card." NeNe, Kenya, Marlo, Cynthia and Kandi should all hold a peach next season. Phaedra may need to take care of personal business, but believe me her reality would be good for ratings too. Porsha should come back for comic relief only. Team Kenya 100%.

  27. Maryjane24 says – reply to this


    Oh whatever Andy, you know very well the reunion will bring breaking record ratings so stfu you live for this stuff

  28. SO SICK OF KENYA MOORE says – reply to this


    Kenya Moore needs to GO!! She poked and yapped until she got what she needed. Andy and Bravo allowed her act like a high school girl doing anything to be relevant on the show and during the reunion shows. Porsha is human, and a person can take only so much. Bravo has allowed other women on other shows not as COLORFUL as RHOA to fight and I've NEVER heard of anyone being fired!! Lets keep it equal people.

  29. 29

    Typical ghetto apes.

  30. Lory says – reply to this


    We don't want to see these ghetto fights. That's why O do Noyes watch basketball wives, etc

  31. Marsha says – reply to this


    Andy had to say they were disgusted by Porsha and Kenya's behavior. He couldn't very well say it was good TV. However, if I had someone poking a stick in my face all day, I'm not sure I would not have snapped. But, I do not condone the violence. In that vein, why wasn't Mariah and the other girl fired last year from Married to Medicine. Seems that fight at the pool party was worse than this fight. And what about the guys fighting at NeNe's bedroom party. No one made a big deal about their behavior. I think Porsha is taking the fall for all the bad behavior on all the Bravo shows!

  32. poosie says – reply to this


    Oh Andy was laughing before Kenya got popped give us a break Perez!

    Kenya is a raging psychopath. She killed her own dog. She cries to cast they are not there for when she is hurting/no support, yet the next day she is beating these women DOWN like a out of control maniac mommy dearest on crack! She is a danger to these women. Kenya’s mom kicked her to the GUTTER, no man wants her nor could she buy her African prince to make appearance on show as her fake boyfriend. The cast of Atlanta need a break from this deranged wild card and if BRAVO is so desperate to keep MAN-YA aka Kenya on, transfer her to Orange County where Vicki Tamera and Heather can get a dose of their own medicine from Kenya DA crazy witch biatch.
     Reply Share this comment at

  33. Team OPorsha says – reply to this


    Re: RdRydngHd – So happy Kenya got the hell knock out of her. I have been waiting all season for this to happen. The day Porsha gets fired, I quit watching the show.

  34. Team Porsha says – reply to this


    High time, Kenya got the hell kicked. Waited all season to see this happen. If Porsha leaves or is fired I will drive a petition for people to stop watching. Porsha has been a lot of real fun to watch!

  35. Nikki says – reply to this


    All these women talk crap about each other and it never gotten physical. No matter what Kenya said Porsha should have never took it there. Nene has said things about people to their face and vice versa but there was never hands thrown on camera. The only thing that Porsha brings to the camera is her lack of using her brain.

  36. Lynn says – reply to this


    Andy Cohen, you let that Kenya go way too far and was enjoying it. I blame you. If you fire Porsha and keep Kenya-I'm done! Kenya kept saying Porsha is fired. Who is the boss? You are a pot stirrer and eat it up! How dare you let Kenya treat Porsha the way she did with her props let alone speak to her that way! Do not be proud of the pot you stirred!

  37. Lynn says – reply to this


    One more thing: how many times have we seen fighting on this show? No one else got arrested or fired. You finally got the drama you crave Andy! So disappointed in Andy Cohen!!!

  38. Lois says – reply to this


    I really look at Andy Cohen differently. I don't condone violence. But I do believe that everyone has a breaking point. Porsha has not be malicious while on the show and seems to want to genuinely get along with everyone. As children we're taught about "sticks and stones". But words do hurt. Kenya has challenged Porsha's intelligence, her character, her marriage, and her loyalty during her marriage. Everyone has a breaking point…. So disappointed in Andy's view. Make Kenya responsible for her role as well.

  39. Lynn Samms says – reply to this


    Andy AND Bravo TV should get a grip on the reality of their reality TV show - RHOA.

    At least Porshe WAS married. Kenya has been riden hard and hung up wet to dry! She's a terrible role model for women and she pushed Porshe with the result being what she was trying to accomplish. Shame on Andy for allowing a bullhorn ans ceptor. It wasn't cute. It was ridiculous. Kenya should be FIRED…not Porsche.

  40. JustSayin' says – reply to this


    Amazing that Theresa G. Remains in the shows, featured, while Porsha who was bullied relentlessly by Kenya, will probably get the boot. Porsha is fragile. She bought the Cinderella story that if one is pretty, tries to be decent, and perfect, a prince will come. Many women have bought into this one. It's really shocking to find out so quickly that it isn't true. Sometimes it is hard to regroup, especially if one is brought up in the church because the church reinforces the male as king of the home. Lets have some empathy for her as she not only deals with a shattered marriage but a shattered belief system. I only hope she hears that she isn't the only one. Women survive it.

  41. the one says – reply to this


    I think that Andy Cohen is fake he allowed Kenya to act out like that towards the women all the time never telling her she is going to Dar si when some one is pushed to the limit and goes postal then he wants to act like oh violence is never the answer really how about being a bully because that's what Kenya is and that's what she does so tell me Mr.Cohen do you agree with that behavior. You apologize to Kenya but did you apologize to Porsha
    for allowing kenya's taunting & bullying the two years that Oprah has been on the show.when you alliw that type of behavior from Kenya for rantings this is what
    will happen so dont blame Porsha blame Bravo and Andy Cohen for wanting the ratings.

  42. Angela says – reply to this


    That's a lie. Andy and Bravo orchestrate this mess. They allowed Kenya and so many others to belittle& berate fellow costars. Apollo fought Brandon wasn't fired nor Brandon . Teresa of NJ fights and pushed Andy want& still isn't fired for fighting. Tamara of Orange County fought isn't fired for fighting. So there you have it. Besides it's a hostile workplace Bravo enjoy, cultivate and provide the platform for such just receive ratings and stay relevant at these women expense. However unfortunately the women are willing participants of the foolishness& shame.

  43. Angela says – reply to this


    Bravo and Andy are to blame should fire themselves something far worse could've happened the allow and help orchestrate the fights and carefully script the tension then sit back and get paid and blame shift

  44. Denea says – reply to this


    If Andy would not have allowed that dang horn it would have been fine instead he sat there laughing without knowing how real things really were so if porsha fired that thang they call Kenya need to be to point blank all three had something to do with it

  45. Pucheee says – reply to this


    Andy and Bravo TV are to blame for this incident. They should have never allow Kenya to have those props and even blow horn to shout in another cast face who is sitting right next to you. Andy should have put a stop to it there and then. That type of behavior was totally inappropriate. It like the saying every action has a reaction.

  46. Tina Andrews says – reply to this


    Kenya has been bulling Porsha from the time she got on the show. People get fed up after a while. Kenya got exactly what was coming to her. She can't say what she want to people and think she won't get her wig split. If Andy was going to send Porsha home, he should have sent Kenya trouble making butt home too.

  47. Church says – reply to this


    Do not fire Porsha or fire both. Where do you draw the line Andy Cohen? I have been a loyal viewer of housewives since the beginning. Not particular Atlanta but the hype drew me in. Shame on this corp for allowing bullying to go this far. She was attacked relentlessly until she snapped. There should have been control at some point and not after the fact. That to me is as you say "filthy". Think I will call it over. Do not want to watch until awlful injury. Boring!

  48. ome says – reply to this



  49. minniemochie says – reply to this


    Andy indirectly is kinda responsible. Why did allow to use props/weapons? Kenya provoked it and she knows better.
    In all fairness if you fire Porsha then he must fired Kenya or else shut it down!
    No justice no peace. . .

  50. eggie03 says – reply to this


    If he is going to fired Porsha then why don't he fire the 2 men that we fighting at NeNe party !!! If you do it for one….do it for all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Christy says – reply to this


    I feel like Andy is wrong because Kenya provoke that fight she all up in people face and you allowed to have that horn. She should of been beat Kenya ass anyone need to fired is her broke ass

  52. Show watcher says – reply to this


    Andy is part of the problem and shoul take responsibility for allowing certain "housewives" to bring props on the reunion show to harass and humiliate their costars.

  53. poosie says – reply to this


    Bravo allowed, condoned and encouraged Man-ya to bring a WEAPON on stage using it in threatening aggressive manner aganst Porsha waving & poking in her face as well as Cynthias! AT THE END OF THE DAY or THE BEGINNING ITS A WEAPON with a PRETTY crystal on it…but its a weapon Andy was loving it. Yes he was laughing. Of course Andy is just a puppet working under the powers that be so he goes along with BULLYING. Itsn NO LONGER A GAME when you are ruining someone’s life trying to get them a record. And Andy pansy is against bullying ONLY when its against GAYS,…other than that he don’t give a * UCK
    If Kenya stays the cast should carry the same wand Man-ya had and talk down TO IT, profanities, verbal, mental, emotional, abuse as they wave it in her face non stop when Man-ya is around. If Man-ya enters room cast is in they in unison all need to get in Man-yas face ganging up on her nonstop until she leaves waving that wand in he face. Man-yas past behaviors makes her so deserving. Sounds fair to me!

  54. Ellen says – reply to this


    Andy I am calling you out. Both ladies were indeed at fault. As the host, you lost control of your show. Bravo got hugh rating, along with you,Mazel. But you earned it from women who represent ME! They are my sisters, Aunts, Mothers ! Shame on you for allowing Kenya to bring the items she used to taunt at Porsha. And you use the word to decribe the act as "gross. You get two thumbs down!

  55. Vivian says – reply to this


    I think Andy is in Kenya pocket undercover and the reason I say that is because who lets a cast member bring props to the set he knew that Kenya had them and sat there and smiled about them ( Sad and A SHAME ) Andy is a low life producer and to save face he say's he is sooooooo up set ( BULL ) HE KNEW THAT kenya Whore More was messy and he should have not allowed this to take place he is a hypocrite and he is messy Andy does not run the reunions Kenya runs that mess she can do what ever and he says nothing so with that being said if Porsha is kicked off the show so am I and a lot of my friends right is right and wrong is wrong you don't let a person just point a scepter at another person and use the bull horn towards her . Andy your trash I really liked you but you have turn me off I don't care for you at all ….sorry ass producer ……

  56. Vivian says – reply to this


    Re: lacroix – You are so right shame on Andy he is very messy and when the mess gets out of hand he want's to say he is up set bull Andy your a joke and so is Kenya you are in her pockets shame on you jerk

  57. Logic says – reply to this


    I can't believe that a network like Bravo would allow Kenya Moore to come onstage with props. These pops were used antagonized and bully the other cast mates. Bravo should take some of the responsibility for this incident. Battery is against the law but so is aggravated assault which is what Kenya Moore should be charged with. If Porsche is fired then Kenya Moore should be fired too.

  58. poosie says – reply to this


    Kenya aka Man-ya is not at bottle of barrel, but UNDER the barrel. That coward big mouthed bully was riding dirty the second she slimmed out of her moms *USSY

  59. Over it! says – reply to this


    Violence is wrong, but bullying is even worse. Since when is it okay to say anything, mostly untrue about people, point objects, and scream at a person with an apparatus that is meant to be used for long-distance communication arm's length away? Most creatons that target and behave that way, usually meet up with the "wrong somebody" before the end of high school. Kenya got her comeuppance 30 years later. Ms. Moore is an emotional orphan and it is obvious because she always zeros in on people she believes has what she wants. She tries to humiliate those people to even the score in her sick mind. First it was Cynthia, class, beauty, a husband, a child and a modeling agency; then Phaedra, Appolo one beautiful baby and another on the way; and when Kordell was showering Porsha with gifts, she targeted her. Then only reason why she hasn't really gone all in with NeNe is because she knows that NeNe could squash her if she wanted to. Kenya is a coward who is going to pick on people she doesn't think will strike back - she made the wrong assessment with Porsha.

    Ms. Moore needs to have her head shrinked and wrapped. It is not entertaining to watch someone victimize people because she is mad her parents didn't want her. If the next season doesn't involve her getting some mental help and bringing Porsha back, the RH franchise will show themselves for the truely wretched organization they are.

  60. Over it says – reply to this


    And another thing, what should have happened was that Porsha, or even Cynthia (poor thing) should have walked off the set and told Andy that until that psycho put all that stupid crap away, she would not being returning. That would have put the responsibility for putting that fool in line squarely where it belonged - Andy's shoulders.

  61. Resa says – reply to this


    Andy should own up to some responsibility too. He stirs in the pot and watches "what happens live". That's the nature of show. Scripted or not, He should not have allowed Kenya to use that bull horn or continue to wave that scepter around like a wild woman. It was funny at first, but soon turned into harassment. He could have asserted his authority like a real boss and maintained some peace. He didn't and one of his employee was bullied and the other got her but kicked. Spell "Got what you deserved" Kenya. I proud to be almost 60 years old and have never had a an altercation that resulted in thug behavior. Andy, you got what you deserved too. You pay them to act crazy.

  62. MrWriteSF says – reply to this


    "It’s not entertaining."

    Oh SPARE us the fake righteous indigation, OK boychik? You ain't foolin' NOBODY!!! People WATCH these shows keyed up for shit like this and you'll take all the ratings you can get from these cash cows.

    You think this kinda behavior's gross? I'll bet the nice fat paycheck takes the bitter taste outcha mouth. You're just an instigator with a corner office.

  63. ms love says – reply to this


    I think Andy has some blame here. Why would he allow Kenya to bring props and use them it was rude and disrespectful. He should have someone shouting at him through a bullhorn and see if he doesn't loose it. Kenya has been a bitch all season long. get rid of her she was the reason I had stopped watching it.

  64. Bravo Andy says – reply to this


    It was so sad to see the fight. How ridiculous that Bravo executives let Kenya bring those toys to swing in everyones face. She is taking the franchise to an even trashier level. Nene always kept it real, Kim needs to just stick to making babis.

    yes fire KENYA and bring back SHEREE

  65. Joe Blow says – reply to this


    Andy Cohen is equally responsible for the brawl that took place on the reunion!!! He ALLOWED Kenya to taunt and taunt Porsha throughout the show!! Equally as gross and wrong is allowing Kenya to humiliate and violate personal space without any reprimand! Andy allowed the scepter to repeatedly be pointed 'inches' from Porsha's face! A megaphone literally feet away from Porsha's ears that is meant for long distances and noise! Stage props used as weapons! Violence for sure! Aggravated assault! Bullying! Which he found funny!! Really! Now that’s GROSS!!

  66. tessa williams says – reply to this


    oh Pulease! andy sat there laughing the entire time while that old as hell kenya acted like a trifling bitch all nite. why is she always allowed to antagonize everyone by not allowing anyone to talk or pulling out props. at least nene allows others to voice their opinion. im glad porsha drug her ass……someone needed to. what about the other housewives from different shows who bully and beat on each other all the time? andy allows this behavior to go on and then pulls the "im shocked" card? bananas. if porsha is fired……im done with all the housewives show.

  67. Debra Treadaway says – reply to this


    Let them both go don't approve of violence but will not if Kenya returns already stop watching New York when Jill and Kelly left will do same with RHOA and let everyone I know to do the same! NO MORE KENYA PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  68. poosie says – reply to this


    @Shao thanks for joining us. In this time of reality t.v. it is quite a sad week. We love our guilty pleasures but the powers that be need to take responsibility.
    First off it is NOT Kenya aka Man-YA that needs to ONLY apologize…its Andy.
    Second its Andy that flows with the needs and demands of Bravo…therefore not only does ANDY need apologize… Bravo need apologize to audience, to All Housewives and women who face perpetuation of violence through words, bodily threats with weapons/objects, hate.
    Everyone or a lot of us love Bravo, but when does the greed of ratings get them to realize the above is NEVER OK with women. Let’s see Gays of Atlanta where Bravo lays out the same foundation play out,…guess what folks…it does not EXISt! Nor should it for our women.
    It is not just me, I am sure I am NOT ALONE when I declare we as an audience are VERY DISAPPOINTED in Bravo and Andy. Do the right thing y’all, for the audience and DONT forget to the very ladies who give birth to GAYS. Without ladies there are no GAYS!
     Reply Share this comment at

  69. Jessica says – reply to this


    I got an idea –stop all the Housewives shows –all they do is fight and lie about each other. Andy is the ring leader sitting there with his cue cards with his dumb questions rubbing salt on wounds.

    Porsha should have knocked Andy on his tush like Teresa did to him when she went after Danielle.

  70. Dorothy says – reply to this


    Re: Whateva – In think porsha coming up from that ugly divorce with a guy will make a great story line. Now kenya on the other hand is not good what shes going to do continue to taint people. And get a beat down by Kandi or Nene?

  71. Dorothy says – reply to this


    Re: Resa – why should they have to leave because her. BRAVO at fault for allow her to bring it. you dont point objects in people face thats a bit much

  72. Dorothy says – reply to this


    Re: poosie – i stop watching when Jill 2

  73. RHOA Fan says – reply to this


    Andy Cohen is a BIGOT! Are you telling me there wasn't slapping going on Vander Pump Rules. Are you telling me there hasn't been physical altercations on the other RHOA series? BULL…and as for Bravo, I only have three words to say "BAD GIRLS CLUB!" Please get off your high horse and return to the gutter where you started this network.

  74. Ginger says – reply to this


    Re: Green_Moments – It takes two….Apollo is just as guilty. So Kenya is punished and Apollo gets off Scott free???? Not a good argument….just sayin'.

  75. Ginger says – reply to this


    Re: Chris – agreed…1000%. I'm grossed out with Bravo!

  76. Adrienne says – reply to this


    Re: Stephen – Stephen, did you forget all the fighting each and every year with HWONJ??? From table throwing to fist fighting, come on. Shame on Bravo.

  77. Michelle says – reply to this


    Really Bravo and Andy. You got what you wanted. Ratings at porshas expense. Turn the tables let someone do that to you Andy. I will
    Never watch show again. So sad.

  78. poosie says – reply to this


    When Porsha was under the attack of terroisim because it is exactly what it was on nation TV she had the flight/defense mode kick in. MAN-YA took it toooo far driving poor PORTIA there ! This is some fake azz BS she was high!
    @ jay. No SH*T Genius. Exactly my point!
    Hands are not a prop…but when an object / prop OR NOT is used as a WEAPON to taunt, intimidate, threaten, contol, manipulate, perpetuate fear /hate vilonence, restrict ones movement, control ones movement, …the PROP version no longer holds water & goes STRAIGHT out the window.
    What started as a PROP did not end that way. Props are NO LONGER props when used as a weapon. The law will see it the same.
    Andy made a big mistake letting Man-ya take control leading BRAVO over the cliff!
    But Andy Pansy was so caught up laughing he got lost in ignorance of Kenya’s train wreck.
    Actors, GUESTS of WHAT$ HAPPENINg LIVE with ANDY should all cancel making appearances on show until BRAVO & ANDY do the right thing.

  79. Monica R says – reply to this


    Andy Cohen is laughing all the way to the bank and he is equally responsible, along with Kenya for "poking the bear". Portia is emotionally fragile after a terribly difdict year on and off the screen– not to mention Kenya's consistant bullying. The fact that Kenya continued to wave and taunt Portia with those ridiculous props (probably supplied or at least "approved" by the good producers) should not go unnoticed. This fight means ratings– for Bravo and Kenya. Shame on you.

  80. Breed says – reply to this


    Bravo should not fire anyone since they encouraged the whole beat down by allowing Kenya to bring props to the reunion to harass and anthologize Porsha. Andy has a lot of nerve telling Porsha that she must apologize to Kenya, how about Kenya apologizing to all of them for her actions, comments and provoking the entire incident with those dumb, childish props.

  81. Oops Andy says – reply to this


    While the women should all take responsibility for their actions, Andy should not have sat them so close to each other. A person can only take so much and Kenya has been a bully from the start. It's fine to not like someone but she hasn't acted like the Miss America that she claims to be. Shouldn't she have some sense of GENUINE decorum? I think Andy and Kenya didn't think Porsha had it in her which why they didn't act as quickly as they should have and kept prodding, respectively. There is no innocent party here.

  82. Lost/respect for andy says – reply to this


    Andy is guilty for what happened. He said nothing and didn’t try to take away or say anything about the blow horn to Kenya. To look like a BIG boss that cares when all hell breaks out. (Cover your ass) Sham on you. Ratings, Ratings, Ratings. Isn't that what its all about? Congrats Andy. You did well. Bravo is off my list!

  83. Kenya Porsha says – reply to this


    Re: SaraRe: Sara – I disagree. I really like seeing Kandi, Phaedra, and Cynthia do their thing as business women and find them to be inspiring. Porsha and Kenya's stories could have been inspiring too (moving on after divorce, the dilemma of having children) but they just didn't handle themselves appropriately. I, however, can't speak about the other housewives shows because I don't watch them.

  84. snaron dunbar says – reply to this


    Kenya needs to sit down and shut the f**k up. Andy and his little show needs to be taken off the air. Who gave that fool a sceptor and a bull horn. What happened on that show is exactly what you, ANDY COHEN wanted to happen. now take the responsibility and own up to the part you played in that s**t and it's a big big part Andy

  85. Shuga muma says – reply to this


    Andy is trying to save his own A$$ from ridicule by the press. He has to say that to keep his hands clean. But he guilty as sin. If he wanted to prevent it he had from the time the scepter hit the floor, to try to prevent anything that could happen. Stevie Wonder saw that. He stated he don't condone violence but Bravo a TV promoted that particular scene for two weeks for ratings. I question Andy's truth. Andy should get a lawsuit slapped against him. Stassi Shoereder from Vanderpump Rules slapped the heck out of Kristen Doute, Juicy Joe & Joe Gorga had a real brawl on their show, need I go on. Why did Andy sit them on the same couch and allowed scary Cynthia to sit between them knowing full well she would not break them up. HE SAW IT COMING AND ALLOWED IT FOR RATINGS.

  86. Miss Peaches says – reply to this


    They all need to stop hating on Kenya! Shes beautiful! The first thing Porsha pull on Kenya was her hair😁 that right there let many of us know that she is hating on her!
    Kenya be strong. It's just the haters. Nee Nee your crazy and funny looking!

  87. Jo says – reply to this


    Andy,should take some blame, he let the whole thing go to far,there should have a stop to Kenya's antics last season when she was throwing the fan in the ladies faces,now this season you allow her to put the secpter in Cynthia and Porsha's face although Cynthia didn't say anything about it,it still wasn't right,then you allowed the bullhorn,COME ON enough,is enough,this time it was too much..there has been too much mess since Kenya came on the show ,trust abd believe it's time for her to go.

  88. Gapeach10 says – reply to this


    Re: SuckItTrebek – Kenya name was dragged through the mud about Apollo which was not true look at the names Phaedra called her Apollo told this lie to keep the FBI off the women working with in the fraud all the time Apollo would always look at Kenya. Yes age was flirty but that was all Phaedra mad at Kenya but what about the lady that got caught said she was Apollo right Butch. Kenya beauty is what made NeNe, Phaedra, Cynthia and Kandi jealous

  89. Gapeach10 says – reply to this


    Re: Mareonna – Thank you for speaking the truth. I am team Kenya look how NeNe treated her she did go to violence look how Phaedra and Apollo destroyed her character saying she was fooling around with him. Apollo was with his right hand Bitch that's going to jail with him Kenya played the part Andy wanted her to play. They let NeNe get away with choking Kim and her hair was pulled. But her husband was not letting Kim be abused by these girls anymore. So the haters on Kenya think about it she took a lot bull that I what not have taken Team Kenya 100%

  90. TylerD says – reply to this


    I just threw up in my mouth at BRAVO and Andy denying their responsibiltiy for the fight. Why are you leting someone scream in a bull horn two feet away from the other person. Lettting Kenya use her props like that had a lot toi do with what happened.

  91. poosie says – reply to this


    @ tia warring. Exactly! Bravo and Andy need to be brought down to reality. Its all gone to their heads /abuse of power! They find the spawn of Satan Kenya aka Manya to sacrifice/discard Porsha (obviously for Andy, Bravos and Kenyas amusement/RATINGS cause no one else found it entertaining) using physical invasive perverse aggressive taunting, USING what started out as a PROP only to be used as a WEAPON restricting her movement, THREATENING, invading, provoking a defense/flight response. The trauma distress brought on by left Portia no choice to defend herself when Andy all the while just laughed and rolled his eyes!

    WTF Andy Pansy PLUS all the big wigs of Bravo SAT there and WATCHEd in the audience and none of the ASSHOL*s stepped in PORTIA was left to protect/fend for herself under attack when no one else did, ONLY TO BE SENT HOME, FIRED, JAIL and humiliated/alienated by this network that in fact orchestrated this whole ordeal -by a most likely ILLUMINATI ran network that beind the scenes promotes this behavior thrown at Portia.

    Actors, singers, all cancel your guest appearances on on WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVe with ANDY COHEN This is some straight up BULLSHI*T. Apparently the only people who are deserving of equality and human rights are GAYS! sue PORTIA if that slimey contact BRAVO had u sign allows it!

    SUE Portia if you can!

  92. poosie says – reply to this


    Out with that OK shady ass fairy in with a new Cherry! Bye bye Andy!

    New host replacement's:

    Chris Hardwick

    Greg Kinnear

    Joan Rivers

    Jimmy Kimmel

    Joey Grecko

  93. poosie says – reply to this


    PAC - Andy is team Kemya? Andy should be looking for a good lawyer! The whole thing was his fault, and Bravos! Before the show the RHOA website was asking, “What Prop Will Kenya Bring This Year?? Andy Cohen set it all up! He sat there, and snickered everytime Kenya pulled her foolishness! Andy was the one that kept it going! When Porsha complained that the bullhorn hurt her ears, he did NOTHING! He just sat there and laughed! Porsha was defending herself, and her hearing! I guess she sent for Porsha, because she came for Kenya! This was Andy Cohens fault, he could have prevented it! Andy should be fired today, along with Kenya! Portsha should take them both to court, and Bravo! Kenya needs to get back on her Medication today! = was PREMEDITATED

  94. cee says – reply to this


    and Porsha was "little me sunshine"? Get real…Porsha has a toilet mouth in case you haven't heard…js

  95. jayesco says – reply to this


    I will no longer watch the show is Porsha is fired. If she goes, Kenya and quite frankly Andy should go too. She was wrong but so were they.
    BOYCOTT RHOA if Porsha is fired.

  96. Sonia says – reply to this


    If they fire Porsha then fire Mariah from married to medicine the fight both was done but equally the same , kenya Moore has been beating up by Porsha since coming to rhoa how much is enough verbal abuse can one person take?BE FAIR

  97. ex- Bravo fan says – reply to this


    Bravo has always promoted volience! Nene attacking Kim repeatly, Teresa always volient, table tossing, up in your face! Both Joes constantly fist fighting.
    The mental and verbal abuse of these women is awful! Kenya and Bravo should be sued by Porsha for mental emotinal and verbal abuse.
    All about rateings, destroy a young girl, and run to Kenya cra cra, Andy u should also be fired, complete failure, You hired Kenya to harrass and start fights, you reap what you sow! Shame on you,, why wasn't The rest of the fighters fired, Nene, Teresa, both Joes! Why!

  98. riddle says – reply to this


    Kanya Moore needs to be fired not Porsha I can't stand Kanya Moore never liked her not pretty and she thinks she is she is lucky whoever named her Miss America or whatever she was named was not seeing things clear that day,night or whatever. She will never match up to the rest of the housewives. NEVER UGLY outside and inside. Prosha should keep her job and Kenya needs to GO WITH THE WIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Donna says – reply to this


    I can't believe Andy is covering for Nene Leakes this isn't the only show she has showed her ass on. She quit celebrity Apprentice because she couldn't take the heat, she got booted off of Dwts, she even got in a fight with Toni, because she thought she knew more than he did, but the best one of all was the racial slurs at the reunion, and Andy continues to let her embarrass him.