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Andrew Garfield Irks Girlfriend Emma Stone With His Sexist Comment! See The Actress Call Her Beau Out HERE!

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andrew garfield makes sexist remark emma stone calls him out

What started out as an innocent question turned into so much more!

Andrew Garfield and his girlfriend Emma Stone were on a panel for an The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Q&A with some adorable kids!

Well, Andrew started out with a silly answer to who makes Spider-Man’s costume, but it turned into a comment on what things are seen as feminine.

That’s when Emma called him out, without so much as a smile on her face! The tension was felt immediately, but we’re not so sure Mr. Garfield was able to squirm out of this one.

Ch-ch-check it out (below) and you decide!

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28 comments to “Andrew Garfield Irks Girlfriend Emma Stone With His Sexist Comment! See The Actress Call Her Beau Out HERE!”

  1. wanker says – reply to this


    i like her so much, but he is a complete douche bag. i will never spend money on anything he is in. if i want to watch it, i'll pirate it. fck that btch.

  2. sumika says – reply to this


    He's a douche, all praise EMMA! You go girl, a man should know his limits..

  3. Renee says – reply to this


    When people hear the word "feminine" they get all worked up and automatically view it as an insult. I'm a man and have many qualities that could be called "feminine" but i've never considered them as something to be ashamed of. What Garfield said wasn't well thought out but it also seems pretty clear that he wasn't using feminine as an insult. i thought he was trying to explain that he admired that Spider-man was shown performing a task that one doesn't expect of macho superheroes and how that was pretty cool. Yes, I can see how some could view his comments as sexist but it wasn't his main point as he tried to explalin later, but I think it's easy to get flustered when someone challenges you on a secondary point when you're trying to express something else.

  4. S says – reply to this



  5. 5

    Go Emma you can tell she doesn't eat shit like most of those Hollywood whores, she never dresses sleazy and has self respect.

  6. Andrew Garfield says – reply to this


    Re: wanker

    You have been referred to the NSA

  7. Erin says – reply to this


    How did he "irk" her? The initial question may not have been asked with her smiling, but she wasn't asking because it pissed her off, she was asking because she wanted to know what he thought

  8. pleb says – reply to this


    um I'm pretty sure he didn't mean feminine in a bad way… he even referenced his mother and said how everyone has some femininity in them (except of course Jamie Foxx) and Emma just seemed to want to know why he thought sewing was 'for girls'. nothing wrong with that, people have to learn some time.

  9. What says – reply to this


    Re: Andrew Garfield

    I guess you've never seen literally ANY of her movies, because she dresses a like a 2 dollar whore in all of them.

  10. jen says – reply to this


    It could of been a misunderstanding but who knows he could of been a douche bag but way to go Emma for putting him in check. He better recognized.

  11. taryn says – reply to this


    Re: Renee – agreed…in life certain things are viewed as more masculine or more feminine but that doesnt define it to the gender because everybody has a little of both qualities in things…i thought the video was funny…especially jamie

  12. are you for real? says – reply to this


    Re: What – it's call acting smart ass

  13. Maria says – reply to this


    I didn't see it as an insult. In his world and life experiences women are about the details.

    But on a side note he's a boring Spiderman.

  14. Lucy says – reply to this


    Re: What – She is an actress, and most of the time she wont be able to put her own style into her characters, take her character olive in easy a, obviously she has to dress like a whore because that is the character of olive, that is what olive is trying to do and trying to prove, so although you may have seen many of Emma's movies, i doubt you have seen her very much in her day-to-day life because she has amazing style which is always completely dignified and beautiful.

  15. Lucy says – reply to this


    I don't think what Andrew said was insulting in the slightest, and neither do I think that Emma took it as an insult. I think she was merely interested in his reasoning behind what he said and I have to be honest, I was intrigued by his reasoning too. People tend to take things completely the wrong way sometimes, but if we could all stop being so uptight about things we would see that his comment was quite innocent.

  16. Nikc says – reply to this


    Yep.. she never dresses like a slut.. ever..

  17. politically anal says – reply to this


    once again perezhilton disingenuously reporting the facts…first, emma stone actually did smile after she made her point, second, there was absolutely nothing in it. in fact garfield was more serious about the issue than her. everyone laughed, including emma and fox actually made a joke out of it 3rd if a comment was made about something traditionally macho no one would have batted an eyelid.

  18. niara says – reply to this


    Jamie Foxx is so cute <3

  19. youu says – reply to this


    he didn't irk her wtf she just remarked something she didn't like but she didn't look pissed at all. perez hilton is a fraud.

  20. Rachel says – reply to this


    I'm actually getting frustrated with these extremely misleading title's lately. I mean, I'm not new to life, so I know that's something used to get our attention, but I rarely saw it on here. Now everything is so over dramatized that I often skip over it. I should have again. She wasn't angry. She was joking. If my boyfriend inadvertently puts his foot in his mouth, I respond in the same way.
    No anger here. And he wasn't being offensive. Sewing is often viewed as something women lean towards, and he was telling him to ignore that fact and that it was cool. Anyone who saw a "douchebag" up there, is ridiculous.

  21. Brad Barnes says – reply to this


    Andrew Garfield gave an accurate answer to a legitimate question, but then diverged into his "bi-curious Spider-Man" campaign and Emma Stone gave him a chance to expand on that, but he didn't bite, this time. Jamie Foxx; who cross-dressed on IN LIVING COLOR; at least had the presence of mind to make fun of himself in front of the kids!

  22. striker says – reply to this


    I still don't get what's wrong with his comment. Is being feminine really wrong? Feminists take offense at everything. Stupid.

  23. soph says – reply to this


    the title of the article made me think what he said was so much worse than it actually was. I'd say he stepped into pretty dark hole but managed to wriggle is way out pretty well.

  24. iamnoone says – reply to this


    Re: What – you're judging her based on what she wears in movies??don't be such an asswipe

  25. the berry boat bang says – reply to this


    98% of all white females call the older generation of white men who believed in them and gave them equal rights "dirty old men" and bash white females who actually like older white men and they warn each other "dont have sex with older men". IN fact.. the only white females who DONT call older white men horrible names are the ones who marry much older white men like my mom did BUT… those white females get called horrible names by white females. Its ok to say something that is true. Since every white male is a "future dirty old man. how dare anybody have sex with an older man"…. its ok to be honest. ANYBODY WHO OWNS A SEWING SHOP WILL TELL YOU… 90% OF THEIR CUSTOMERS ARE WOMEN. I dont own a sewing shop (thats a feminine entrepreneurial pursuit).. What a horrible world when a future dirty old man can't tell a logistical truth. SEWING IS FEMININE. Just google pictures related to "sewing".. "sewing shop" etc. You will see mostly women and lots of pink crap. Its 2014 and the only thing that has changed is that women who sew also have tattoos.

  26. the berry boat bang says – reply to this


    100% of moms who are offended by these comments…. send their sons out to mow the lawn on a hot sweltering summer day (instead of their daughters) while their daughters laugh at him from the window "ha ah" and drink glasses of cold lemonade in the window to mock him each time he drives by their bedroom windows on the mower. And then the son gets his younger sister's doll and threatens to mow over it and she cries "stop it!! waaaaa" and then the mom is like "give me that doll" and the boy is like "mom. i was just playing. I wasnt really going to roll over it but they are making fun of me from the window. Why do I always have to do the lawn? its a riding mower. Why cant one of the girls?"…. "they have their chores too"… "like what?"… "they are doing laundry and ironing"… "I only saw drinking. Make them iron out in the heat" . Well…thats what my house was like. And that was just in the 90s. Not the stone age.
    Women support sexism when it serves them. Mowing is a MASCULINE job. [eye roll]

  27. @v@ says – reply to this


    Yup. He has preconceived gender bias regarding sewing. Some men are very good at creating with needle and thread. It's not masculine or a feminine activity, just as changing your oil just is.

  28. Will says – reply to this


    …And then she went home and rewarded his sexism, with sex