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Joe & Teresa Giudice Are In Danger Of Losing Their Home?!

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joe teresa giudice may lose home

We can’t say we didn’t see this coming…

Real Housewives of New Jersey stars Joe and Teresa Giudice have plead guilty to a number of fraud charges, and now they may lose their home!

They owe tons of people money, including the government, but there’s not much ca$$$h coming in anymore! A source said:

“Teresa has hardly any income coming in because of her guilty plea in the federal fraud and conspiracy case. If it weren’t for the money she’s made from Real Housewives of New Jersey, she would be in serious financial trouble right now. Her book sales have been very low, and Teresa hasn’t been offered any gigs for paid promotional appearances either. It’s a foregone conclusion, Teresa absolutely will have to sell her beloved New Jersey mansion. She’s terrified she could end up homeless.”

After Teresa’s ‘cash only’ book signing, it’s not too surprising that she hasn’t been asked many other places.

At least they have some sort of money though, because there are still kids involved in the situation, and you never like to see children hurt by their parents’ decisions.

Still, maybe it’s time for Teresa and Joe to sell the place, pay some people back, and live simply for awhile.

[Image via WENN.]

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23 comments to “Joe & Teresa Giudice Are In Danger Of Losing Their Home?!”

  1. Natasha Dilligaf Doidg says – reply to this


    nice camel toe my love

  2. Fitzzz says – reply to this


    Seems really odd that Joe is not an American citizen
    after having been here most of his life,

  3. carmen says – reply to this


    are we going to ignore the massive camel toe in this pic?

  4. JJ says – reply to this


    They are both gross. He should be departed, she should be striped of the show, and anything else….the gov should take everything. Bunch of losers.

  5. 5

    We are all paying for the mortgagers and fraud these non taxpaying, and in my mind un-American individuals, committed against this great country. 35% of what I make goes to taxes and I do not just get a house because I live here. Throw the book at them or make the leave America.

  6. 6

    Haven't watched the show, but it sounds like they need to scale back their lifestyle.

  7. Sue says – reply to this


    I think we all have been waiting for when they lose their house. It would be so unfair if they continued to live in that mansion, and owe everyone under the sun.

    It's all coming down, and they have NO ONE to blame but themselves, good luck in jail, you both deserve it, and you owe all 4 children a Hugh APOLOGY for causing this mess due to selfishness and greed !!!!!

  8. Annie says – reply to this


    Seems every other week the GREEDuci's are jetting off to some over the top vacation spot spending money and tweeting pics of their oh so fabulous life without an ounce of remorse and continuing to display the disgusting and amoral behavior throughout their entire legal process. Now pimping out her kids for sympathy for a lenient jail sentence. Hope the judge does a 360 and she gets ten years instead of the ten months she's counting on!

  9. dd says – reply to this


    goat hoof

  10. snakes says – reply to this


    They admitted they are guilty and even years ago were using cash because it's easy to hide what they made. They can move in with family or family can pay for a place. The kids won't go hungry and they're getting off easy. They owe over 17.5 million dollars and we should feel sorry for them? The KNEW they were breaking the law and are still hiding assets. They are crying because they won't live the rich life they didn't pay for? Come on…

  11. sinner says – reply to this


    They only care about themselves if people just stop watching the show she will go away

  12. Auto Motive says – reply to this


    Sad story that will unfold as time goes on. They were caught when Theresa said, "We only buy stuff with cash." She said when they were building their mansion, "Who would ever buy a used home knowing people shit in the toilets?" Does she believe the workers on her home didn't use the toilets? She lives in another reality that fits what she believes. I do feel bad for her children but strongly feel they both should go to jail at the same time as other criminals that have kids. The kids will be better off with relatives then with these bad parents.

  13. newyork says – reply to this


    They MAY lose the house they should have been dragged out by their heads 2 years ago! How are they even still living there it makes zero sense!

  14. Toni says – reply to this


    WOW After reading these comments, I'm very disappointed in Humanity…..98% of YOU have been dishonest, hurt others etc in your LIVES!!! stop being so concerned about OTHER PPL and concentrate on your selves!!! if your spilling this kind of hatred over people WHO HAVE NO EFFECT ON YOUR LIVES, then I can only imagine how you OPERATE with others in your own reality and daily lives…..do the world a favor and start evolving, bc I'm sick of living in a world like this!!!

  15. All says – reply to this


    Wow, this is getting serious now, where will Teresa & Joe live with their 4 beautiful daughters who were born into this life? I don't know how fair it is to remove the children from the only surroundings that they know. It might cause psychological problems, poor Teresa isn't sleeping well these days, she needs her sleep, it's not easy being a busy housewife. You have to feel sorry for Teresa, Joe and their 4 beautiful daughters who deserve a mom & dad and a decent place to live in.

  16. cookie crumbles says – reply to this



  17. GREEN EYED GIRL says – reply to this


    I thinj Teresa /Joe Guidice should cherish every moment with their children, who knows what will happen to Teresa, I hope she doesnt go to jail she has 4 kids to worry about as for Joe well….I think he was the 'master mind' in all the mess and jail would be good for him, they did alot of bad stuff but someone has to pay…I met Teresa in person in Chicago 2 times I thought she was a wonderful woman with a strong family bond, I never thought she'd go sour/bad illegal etc…I hope for her sake she is on house arrest etc… and she can rebound back to taking care of her girls especially that smallest one Audriana…

  18. cookie crumbles says – reply to this


    Re: All – I totally agree with you and THANKS for putting your comment out there…

  19. green eyed girl says – reply to this


    Re: GREEN EYED GIRL – I agree with you 100% people are mean and well you know 'what goes around …comes around..

  20. NOODLES says – reply to this


    I hear Teresa is hurting for money asking friends, I'll give her $1,000.00 for a night in bed. She is going to really have to earn it as I know she can, the littl HOT BITCH that she is.

  21. 21

    in the 1st or 2nd show she went to her hubby office and he handed her over 100 grand in cash which she spent on a few couches and chairs. I knew then that they were dirty, who pays in cash for things like that?? no one. He is slimy and she is brainless just like the others in the show have said for years!! poor kids,I feel so bad for those girls.

  22. wideawake says – reply to this


    Re: SwisKris – I am no fan of Teresa and Joe…but its funny how all of you are mad at Teresa and Joe for ripping off the same institutions that are ripping you off. You have a Global Banking Mafia who has all of you in debt to the tune of 17+Trillion Dollars with their cohorts on the right and the left up there in Washington. You spend 5 months working for free to give the Mafia their cut. You should try adding up all those millions of dollars the goons in Washington walk away with when they leave office. Where did they get it? from you. They have every single one of you including your kids, grand kids and your great grand kids in bondage. Your Birth Certificate is bought and sold on the stock exchange, because your cattle to them. Your born into bondage to the banking mafia, and its all for money they make up on a computer screen. In the Old days you exchanged gold for currency, now its made up of nothing but thin air, modern day slavery. The whole thing is comical.

  23. jill says – reply to this


    Re: cookie crumbles – no we don't…