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Johnny Depp Flops At The Box Office AGAIN With Transcendence!

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Johnny Depp's fourth movie in a row flops

He’s having a rough time these days.

Despite the fact that Johnny Depp’s personal life with Amber Heard is flourishing, the opposite is happening to his career.

His latest movie, Transcendence is proving to be a box office bust on its opening weekend, after bringing in only $12 million by Saturday. This follows Depp’s flops The Lone Ranger, Dark Shadows, and The Rum Diaries.

But not to worry, because a lot of the blame for the flick has fallen on just the overall movie itself, not Depp’s involvement. It’s getting terrible ratings both on Rotten Tomatoes and CinemaScore! However, since Johnny is one of the hottest and hardest working men in Hollywood, BoxOffice.com vice-president Phil Contrino says he thinks it’s a matter of over-exposure:

“I think he's become over-exposed in the U.S., not just in the movies, but because of all the celebrity coverage that he has no control over. He's made some questionable decision in terms of his movie choices, and you string a few of those together and you can hurt your good will. He's such a big movie star that all it will take is one big role and he'll be back.”

We agree on the bouncing back, not so much the over exposure because you can never have enough Johnny Depp!

And the good news is that the actor has lots of chances to redeem himself, since he’s working on Disney’s Through the Looking Glass, the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean flick Dead Men Tell No Tales, the horror film Tusk, London Fields, Mortdecai, and Into The Woods. Oh, and he also landed the role of Whitey Bulger in Black Mass.

So, even though Transcendence is flopping around like a fish out of water, Mr. Depp will redeem himself in no time!

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40 comments to “Johnny Depp Flops At The Box Office AGAIN With Transcendence!”

  1. 1

    No he's right on point. Depp is overexposed, and has made some awful choices in the movies and roles he has sighed on for lately. He's been in so many Tim Burton movies it has become annoying. He's played parts that have made it hard to take him seriously as an actor.

    When I hear about a movie the people who star in it can often make or break it for me. If someone in the movie is known for making great choices, and showing great range as an actor, and if their movies have been amazing I will be instantly on board just based off of them being in the film.

    If the actor has chosen horrible roles that show little to no real range as an actor, or who has lately been in horrible films a lot, I am not gonna waste my money.

    Being "Hot" can only get you so far… it loses it's charm when you keep picking bad roles. Not to mention, looks fade.

  2. amanda says – reply to this


    horrible movie

  3. 3

    His mid life crisis and amber heard relationship overexposure is reaching the level of Tom Cruise's annoying relationship with Katie Holmes.Not to mention his ridiculous accent and multiple roles where he plays the same thing over and over again. Boring , next!

  4. Isa says – reply to this


    Yes, I agree with the latest comment. But also a lot of women are pissed he cheated on Vanessa for that wannabe Angelina Jolie, Amber Heard. Amber can't act, she thinks being pretty and using him will get her far.

  5. jade says – reply to this


    It's sad for Johnny but maybe he will pull through in his next movie since he was once amazing . He has been making bad choices and people can't take him seriously any more because his movies had been lame and boring. I don't want to pin point his personal life but something really killing his craft as an actor and his choices. I just hope he can overcome this before people call out abandoned ship.

  6. Ozymandias says – reply to this


    Let's keep in mind that this movie's director and writer were FIRST TIME FOR BOTH! Having said this, Johnny can only act as well as the script he is handed and take direction according to the director. Don't lay the blame at Johnny's feet. Lots of people need to take responsibility for this flop.

    Also keep in mind that the critics judge against the Whole Pirates of the Caribbean and the profits those movies made. Watch the Movie, The Libertine and it will remind you what an AWESOME actor that Johnny IS. Please also keep in mind that he was nominated for 3 Academy Awards!

  7. depp is a dumba$$ says – reply to this


    It's not just overexposure and bad roles. It's the way he has behaved with his personal life that has really turned people off. Leaving his long term partner and kids for a dumbas$ fame wh0re was the last nail in the coffin. He has turned into a Kardashian scumbag.

  8. wendil says – reply to this


    Re: depp is a dumba$$ – He didn't leave his wife ..their relationship ended like many other..don't say bullshit!

  9. wendil says – reply to this


    Re: Lady Amalthea – Lady Amalthea..his look isn't fading at all..did you see the movie?..Johnny looks hot and sexy in Transcendence! The only thing is HIS BAD CHOICES..AND BAD SCRIPTS TOO! By the way..Johnny is BEYOND the Box Office..he is the best EVER and he can do whatever he wants and still be the number one as an actor!

  10. wendil says – reply to this


    Re: Isa – No way..Johnny has nothing to do with that actor..! Yes he is over expossed but not like that

  11. 11

    Re: wendil – I never said his looks are fading.. I said looks fade… as in his will eventually fade. He wont be young and hot forever. He needs to make better choices now or his legacy will soon be nothing but poor choices in roles and films.

  12. Nikkie says – reply to this


    Me, my husband, and some friends went to see this movie last night and it was horrible! MY husband slept during the entire movie (he's never went to sleep at the movies). I hate that I wasted my money.

  13. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: Lady Amalthea – How is Johnny overesposed? He doesn't make much movies and he only talk to the press/media when he's got a movie to promote.

    He's only worked with Tim Burton 2 times in the last 5 years and the last time they worked together was 3 years ago. Give it a rest.

  14. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: tutituti – mid life crisis your ass. He's not going through anything like that.

    Have you even seen him in Transcendence? It's nothing like anything he's done before. All of his roles are nothing like each other.

    Saying that he played the same thing "over and over again" is what's ridiculous. There's nothing wrong with his accent.

  15. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: Isa – He didn't cheat on Vanessa with Amber. They were over way before Amber came along and Vanessa was already dating another men.

    Johnny and Vanessa broke up amicably and they are still friends.

  16. 5aled says – reply to this


    Re: depp is a dumba$$ – Not really. It's the bad reviews that turned people off.

    No one knows the man to know how he behaved with his personal life which is none of your business. He behaved with his personal life in the best possible way.

    He didn't leave Vanessa and his kids you dumbass. He's got the custody of the kids and they live with him. Him and Vanessa were over and broke up amicably like any normal couple, can't you fcking understand? His kids and family and friends love Amber.

    A Kardashian scumbag your mother.

  17. PhoebsLovesJohnnyDepp says – reply to this


    Re: depp is a dumba$$

    Okaaay… Depp didn't leave Vanessa.. They both agreed on falling apart. And how do you dare to call Amber a WHORE? She ain't done nothing to you! And if you ask me, Johnny lookes much more cute with her than he did with Vanessa. And for the record, he didn't abandon his kids. He is with them all the time.
    And there is no such thing as midlife crissis. He's just done some unsucessful films, jeez people calm down. He's working on like 8 movies right now, he can't be prefect in every single one of them. I actually haven't see Transendence yet but I'm attending to, no matter what the critics say. Every role suits Johnny but every film doesn't. That is a HUGE difference. I think he assignes to almost every offer to act in a film he gets, because he loves acting and wants to try something new every time. Sometimes it comes out great and sometimes not. It's called LIFE.

  18. XXL says – reply to this


    Who is really the dumbass?

    People keep in mind that the guy is knocking 60.

    He said on CNN in an interview he had to fulfil a few contracts (probably Disney) and wanted to retire from acting to see his kids grow up.

    So there is a high probability that the next movies coming out (Transcendence, Mortdecai, Into the Woods, 2 Disney sequels and the movie about Whitey Bulger) will be his last ones.

    So love them or leave them-soon there will be no more movies with him.

    So bad times for haters and critics: they have to find a new target to act out their frustrations.

  19. Anna says – reply to this


    The article writer is the dumbass…

    Johnny can bounce back?-He doesn't want to bounce back. He is nearly 60 and he said he wants to retire. He's got money to burn and doesn't have to work anymore-at least that#s what he said himself.

    So the the frustrated women he pissed off can find another target and attack someone else, haha….

  20. 20

    Re: Anna – Nearly 60? He just turned 50!

  21. Anna says – reply to this


    Ok- to be precise: He'll be 51 in June- 9 years to go till 60.

    But XXL is right-he really spoke of his retirement on CNN.

    Still the Depp haters and pissed off women need to find a new enemy stereotype (lol).

  22. Brian says – reply to this


    I saw Transcendence and I liked it very much-one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.

    The main reason why people bash it is because it doesn't follow the general good vs. evil scifi blockbuster pattern and the movie isn't packed with fight scenes and special effects.

    If you are a Michael Bay movie fanboy you'll probably not like it.

    If you don't leave thinking to the horses because they got bigger heads this is a movie for you!

  23. Mandy says – reply to this


    The writer of the article is clearly a dimwit.

    Why is Johnny Depp facing rough times? He already got his paycheck-the performance of the movie is the problem the production company.

    He is overexposed??? Be prepared that this will be the last movies with him.

    I heard him say on CNN that he wanted to retire after finishing his current projects,

    This is so ridiculous…

    Hard times for haters indeed-they need to get a life now (lol)

  24. Lana says – reply to this


    I don't know what the hell y'all are talking about. Transcendence was a great movie and he was amazing in it.

  25. Ozymandias says – reply to this


    I DO think he is spending way too much time trying to shore up Amber Heard and her career! She can't act and he BOUGHT her the Award for up and coming actress in Texas! He needs to kick her to the curb and find a woman who actually loves him and not his money and power.

  26. RogTy says – reply to this


    Don Rickles' GPS Reviews The Trailer For "Transcendence":

  27. Zoltan Istvan says – reply to this


    The movie "Transcendence" starring Johnny Depp is a let-down, but bestselling novel "The Transhumanist Wager," another new story with futurist and transhumanism themes, is shocking people with its originality and revolutionary nerve. It's a much better story about the near future, and more controversial too.

  28. @v@ says – reply to this


    Some liked this movie; some didn't. I never listen to mainstream critics. I usually like what they didn't (but not always). I like to see fresh faces in movie roles myself. Giving all the same people fat gigs is tiresome on the psyche. He used to make himself rare, so had more box office pull. He's a wonderful actor. Becoming picky wouldn't hurt him.

  29. Sammy says – reply to this


    I love Johnny Depp, but his latest films have been terrible. I wish he would go back to picking roles that were genuinely interesting rather than going for the pay check. In my opinion his last good, non-animated film was Public Enemies (Rango was awesome tbh). I would like to see him in another original film, not a terrible remake (Lone Ranger, Dark Shadows, Willy Wonka, Alice in Wonderland… Please, never again). I agree that a single good role will reboot his career and get him back to his best. Just stop with these lazy film choices!

  30. Sammy says – reply to this


    Re: Sammy – Also I just noticed on imdb he is doing another Alice in Wonderland thing… Looks like no good choices will be made for at least another 2 years

  31. Jamina says – reply to this


    Re: 5aled – Don't say bullshit about Vanessa!! The people are not idiot like you!!! Vanessa knew Biolay in 2012 and they worked together for her musical project. Johnny knew Amber in 2009 and all the world knows what he made, so STOP YOUR BULLSHIT….!!!! Johnny are making bad choices for his job . That's all. It's no Vanessa's fault or Amber's fault…!!

  32. 32

    Dear author of this article. I have to say something about your way of journalism. This movie that is declared a flop here runs for a week in the cinemas in America as far as I know. I´m from Europe and I can assure you we haven't seen the movie yet because it comes out this Thursday. I know this is a gossip site but let´s face it it´s probably the biggest gossip site there is and you should be aware of that little detail that the movie hasn't even had a chance yet to prove it self. So your article is either totally false or if you wanted to point out that America doesn't like the movie you should give it a special mention in the article. Either way in my taste it´s just bad form and a way to ruin a movie. I will go and make up my own mind about the film then i will decide what to make of it.

  33. Amber jinx says – reply to this


    What's happening? It's easy to answer you. Amber is jinx

  34. What says – reply to this


    I’m beginning to think that Amber wants to deliberately destroy the career of Johnny. So he retires soon and he will only give attention to her so she could take all his fortune

  35. The Master says – reply to this


    Re: Sammy – I agree with you. Since the pirates of Carribbean era Johnny became a joke and not an actor anymore. He often films stupid movies with stupid plots or he's always doing the same thing over and over again. Once it wasn't like that because he never used to repeat himself in a movie. I used to love his acting once but now I lost my respect for him as an actor. I'm not one of these people who don't get a life and that care so much about his private life. I could care less if he's dating Amber or any other girl. I don't give a shit what he chooses to do in his private life, because it's noone business but when it comes to tell an opinion about his last cinema choices. I can't help myself telling that all his latest movies sucked. The last movies of him that I liked were THe Libertine and Public Enemies because his acting was good, but I can't stand anymore his cartoonish acting that he showed in all Disney and Tim Burton movies. He should simply stop to work for Disney because many fans of him are done with that, this is a fact and not an opinion. He's losing many fans with cartoonish characters he plays over and over again. I can't believe he signed to play once again The Mad Hatter in Alice in wonderland 2. It would be a flop, I'm more than sure about that and Tim Burton has been clever to refuse of filming such a garbage sequel.

  36. The Master says – reply to this


    Re: Sammy – I'm still praying that the 5th and 6th sequels of pirates of Carribbean won't be filmed anymore because Johnny isn't able anymore to bring people to cinema to watch his garbage and this is a fact once again proved by all his flops. If his fans aren't really getting tired of his movies then why they flop??? The tourist flopped, nobody liked it and also The rum diary was a flop and we can't forget how all his recent movies flopped too. Dark Shadows and The lone ranger didn't get the so hoped success and didn't make the money that producers expected them to get and many fans didn't even liked them (especially Dark Shadows) and now where are these so called fans of Johnny that didn't go to watch Transcendence??? Facts are showing that the movie is gonna be a flop once again. Fans are tired of him. He doesn't get one thing right! He only chooses to play cartoonish movies or movies with very weak plots as Transcendence is. It's a very inconsistent movie as also The Tourist was and I don't think that his next movies as his next Disney sequels will do better. Sequels of pirates, The lone ranger and Alice in wonderland will fail and Disney shouldn't bet or invest their money on Johnny Depp anymore because they're gonna lose them. Johnny is a failed actor by now because he got too many flops of these last years, even before that he started to date Amber (so she has nothing to do with the fact that he makes bad choices just for money).

  37. The Master says – reply to this


    Also the fact that he didn't play Mark Asprey in London Fields wasn't a good choice because the fact that he could have played her real love interest in the movie was the only reason that was worth of watching it. Producers are stupid because they wasted their occasion to get more interest in an Amber's movie. Nobody will be interested to spend money to watch a movie of Amber where Johnny has only got a marginal role and not even romantic. Yes, I repeat, producers are idiots sometimes because their choices are stupid. About Johnny I have hopes (but not so many neither) only on Mortdecai unless it becomes a new stupid franchise as the pirates but Transcendence wasn't a strong movie because even though the plot was good and had a strong message, the actors didn't do a good job. They were inconsistent and Johnny wasn't that convincing, sorry. About Black Mass he's repeating himself once again as he did for Public Enemies and Donnie Brasco. He's only able to repeat characters, genres and acting style over and over again. My advice is that he should retire or stop playing Disney movies and sequels, we're all done of them and his role in Into the wood, is really blameful because it recalls a pedophile wolf, so degrading for him these days… I really don't get why he signs for such stupid roles and movies… or… no, I got it: money, money, money…

  38. 38

    Re: wendil – According to his friend Joey Malone he did leave Vanessa. So if you are not in with who he knows you need to stop going to sites acting like you do.

  39. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: The Master – I agree with you about the part of London Fields. Nobody will pay to watch a movie entirely played by Amber where Johnny has got only a small role that isn't romantic. What interested people at the beginning was the possibility that he would have played Mark Asprey so that they could have seen them in a romantic scene but now that we know that he has maybe an insignificant role in this movie I think that people will lose their interest to watch it. Amber isn't charismatic enough nor a good actress to get people interested in watching her on big screen. Nobody will spend a penny to watch London Fields now that we know that Johnny won't play Mark Asprey (tha was reall the only interesting thing about this movie), just wait and see.

  40. DeppBaby1310 says – reply to this


    An actor shouldn't be blamed for a movies failure!!!!! Personally, I loved Transcendence and so did all my friends, but if there were any issues (not that there were any) it would be with the writing of the film itself or the directors!!!!!!!! Just because Johnny is a huge actor and plays Caster, everybody says "Depp's film" but it is the directors too! I'm sick of this happening to him and its not fair because he
    s such an amazing, rare talent who deserves nothing but praise