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Lindsay Lohan Is Totally Off The Wagon According To Kode Magazine! She Sipped Vodka During Their Interview!

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Whoa who WHOA!

Lindsay Lohan has revealed plenty about her recovery over the past few weeks on her OWN realty docu-series—but could it all have been an act for the cameras??

Survey says: YES!!

While LiLo was supposed to be maintaining her alcohol free pledge, Kode Magazine is reporting that the actress was actually drinking on set of their recent interview.

Below is an excerpt from the sit-down:

"When speaking of Oprah, Lohan has nothing but glowing qualms of the talk show queen "She’s taught me so much and really believes in me, nothing like Barbara Walters,' she confesses as she takes a sip from her freshly topped off glass of Vodka on the rocks. From this moment, all questions of sobriety seem irrelevant."

Later, the writer of the article revealed that the Mean Girls starlet WAS in fact drinking at Coachella a few weeks ago too, even though she's since commented otherwise:

"The last time I saw Lindsay would be as she made her way into the second day of the Coachella festival with a vodka filled Evian bottle."


Wonder when Lindz will speak out about this crazy interview!!

Until then, we'll wait for her to deny, deny, deny…

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7 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Is Totally Off The Wagon According To Kode Magazine! She Sipped Vodka During Their Interview!”

  1. 1

    This interview sounds like a bunch of BS to sell magazines. How would the writer know what is in the bottle?
    Do they have actual proof of anything?!?

  2. 2

    All this drinking and no one takes a picture, everyone has a phone with a camera, but not 1 picture from Coachella. Not a huge fan of Lindsay, but lets see some proof.

  3. beach says – reply to this


    Seriously people, why would anyone care about this person? She is now a has been due to her own stupidity and why anyone gives her the time of day is beyond me. She's not going to change. She's a spoiled, entitled brat.

  4. Nelson says – reply to this


    I love how people keep saying she's a hasbeen…she clearly is not if we're all still commenting and talking about her ESPECIALLY you beach

  5. 5

    What in the world is a "glowing qualm?" Subtitles, please.

  6. @v@ says – reply to this


    1. an uneasy feeling or pang of conscience as to conduct; compunction: He has no qualms about lying.
    2. a sudden feeling of apprehensive uneasiness; misgiving: a sudden qualm about the success of the venture.
    3. a sudden sensation or onset of faintness or illness, especially of nausea.
    A 'glowing qualm?' Does she light up before she retches in a bucket?

  7. Georgie says – reply to this


    I am by no means, a LL fan…no way, no how. But this Kode Magazine seems pretty damn suspect. There are people and businesses that will do and say anything for a publicity spike. LL is sad and those exploiting her downward spiral are sad. Just a sad f**king mess all around.