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The Fight For Same Sex Marriage In Georgia Is Heading To Federal Court!

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georgia gay same sex marriage constitutional ban challenged federal lawsuit

Georgia is one of 31 states that currently has a constitutional ban on same sex marriage. But will it hold up in court??

A gay rights group called Lambda Legal filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday morning on behalf of seven people; it challenges Georgia's prohibition on same sex marriage AND lack of recognition of other states' same sex marriages.

The constitutional amendment was passed in 2004 and after two years of challenges from gay rights groups, the state Supreme Court ruled in 2006 that the measure was valid.

The lawsuit explicitly points out that this ban is on the wrong side of history, stating:

"The history of the United States has been defined by the ability of each succeeding generation to recognize that social, economic, political, religious, and historical norms do not define our unalienable rights… in time, the American ideal of equality and liberty demanded that our government move past cultural and majority oppressions, however long-standing, in order to secure and fulfill the individual rights of all citizens."

Damn right! We just hope the federal courts see it that way!

[Image via AP Images.]

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6 comments to “The Fight For Same Sex Marriage In Georgia Is Heading To Federal Court!”

  1. Rachael says – reply to this


    Okay this gay stuff is going to far. An American flag now has rainbows on it. That is sad! If you wanna be gay, then be gay. But quit trying to make all of America think it's okay and push us to like it. I don't know what's more sad, a guy trying to be a girl or a girl trying to be a guy. God made you the sex you are for a reason. No matter how hard you try you will always be what you are. Born a boy guess what your a boy. Born a girl guess what your a damn girl! What is even more wrong is children being brought up with 2 of the same sex so called parents. They should be ashamed for allowing that yo happen. No man can take a place as a mom and no woman can take the place as a man. It should be a man and woman.

  2. 2

    Christians spend MIllions of dollars to prevent happiness from others since Marriage is a contract between 2 people involved … Meanwhile … Millions of poor children die since there are not enough donations for medicines or food !

  3. 3

    Re: Rachael – How about the children who are raised by a single mother or single father or worse children who lost both parents. I know many cases of children who have been raised by two people of same sex who love them and care for them. Also, I know people who complain that neither a mother or father care about them when they were young. Don't be close mind it … the formula of a man & a woman is good. We both probably lucky with that but no always work that way !!!

  4. SF says – reply to this


    I live in Georgia and I hate to say it but I don't think this is going to happen anytime soon in our state. I have a son who is gay and is in a committed, stable relationship. I'd love to see it become legal for him to one day marry. The 'Bible belt' mentality is still strong here. People see homosexuality as a sin. It's really sad that they are so closed minded. Marriage should be about love and respect not gender.

  5. rachael says – reply to this


    Christians spend millions of dollars really? What about gays spending millions trying to get Christians to go against their beliefs, as well as all of america. Its always look us poor gays, what about us straight people.Be gay that's cool. But if you want a child, you have to have a man and woman to do that!

  6. David says – reply to this


    Re: Rachael
    You're argument lost me with the fallacy of your opening statements, where you said "I don't know what's more sad, a guy trying to be a girl or a girl trying to be a guy. God made you the sex you are for a reason."
    I am a gay man. I was born a man, and I am very happy being a man. I do happen to be a man that loves another man. My attraction to someone of the same sex should not confused with a desire to change gender. However, those individuals who identify as trans- have that right as well.
    Also, do you realize you're on perezhilton.com? If you don't approve of gay people, then you should stop using a website run by a very proud member and strong advocate for the LGBTQ community.