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Real Housewives Of Atlanta's Porsha Williams' Reunion Fight With Kenya Moore Was Fueled By Booze & Prescription Drugs??

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It was truly the brawl to end all reunion brawls!!

But everyone is still trying to figure out the true reason behind Porsha Williams' hair pulling attack on Kenya Moore at the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion special!

Sources close to production have revealed that a dangerous combination of prescription drugs and wine could've been what set Miz Williams off—even though cast member NeNe Leakes claimed the taping was a sober affair.

The source confessed:

"Porsha was drunk…there were two bottles of wine in her dressing room. She came to fight Kenya and needed some liquid courage! She is very unstable. She’s been taking medications and mixing it with alcohol."

The source also alleged that Kordell Stewart's ex-wife was taking prescribed pills to deal with depression following their divorce and painkillers for her recent boob job…

And the reported alcohol she drank beforehand did not mix well, leading to her eventual arrest for the attack!

We have no idea what the future holds for Porsha as a housewife, but the prognosis cannot be good.

Do U think she'll get fired from the show??

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129 comments to “Real Housewives Of Atlanta's Porsha Williams' Reunion Fight With Kenya Moore Was Fueled By Booze & Prescription Drugs??”

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  1. Dan says – reply to this


    Bitch! Im'ma pull out dat ratty, stank ass weave.

  2. Jules says – reply to this


    I am all about anybody who is standing up for themselves. In my opinion, Kenya should get her ass dragged every time (and i mean every sing time!!!) she purposefully disrespects others in a flamboyant manner! I am team Porsha on this one! As for Kenya all i can say is that bad things happen to bad people! Look over the last year of your life, look in a mirror, and do a real self assessment about you, cause you ain't right!!!

  3. big fan says – reply to this


    if porscha goes down then I refuse to watch the show again if Kenya does not also! she is the no1 bully on tv. and started eveyrthing with her actions. she is a embarrassment to modern women and the show(why have they let her go on with her bullying for so long and nothing done, its not worth all the money in the world to portray there show and women who act like Kenya she sickens me! then when posha snaps after all kenya's crap she's the one thats in trouble! I say go girl(porsha rip some hair out for the rest of us if Kenya gets in your face again) NOW SEE I'M WORKED UP AND THINKING EVIL ACTIONS ON KENYA) LOL

  4. Eastville says – reply to this


    This is soo fake, How can people believe this? It's reality TV, it's scripted PEOPLE..

  5. otter says – reply to this


    SHAME for reporting this CRAP. Accusing someone of alchol and drug abuse is disgusting. YOU ARE A COMPLETE PIG. First of all, I would say much of the US is on anti-depressants and have a glass of wine now and then. Second, while I am sure she was given pain killers after surgery, you have to FREAKING idea if she was taking them that day. Perez, I wish someone would drag you around by your weave. You asshole.

  6. beach says – reply to this


    What a bunch of stupid BS. They ought to be embarrassed, and so should anyone who watches such nonsense. So stupid. No way for grown ups to act, EVER.

  7. Lacroix says – reply to this


    If anyone should get fired it's Andy Cohen, everyone knew porscha was getting fired if she didn't bring in the drama, what a dumb gurl to do?

  8. Kim says – reply to this


    So what you saing is Kenya should have sat there and sit nothing with all the attitudes flowing up there? I think not! If Porsha can't take it, she and others shouldn't dish it.

  9. ReeRee says – reply to this


    This sounds like one of Kenya's stories. She is infamous for spreading lies, posting under fake profiles, then co-signing the lies. She didn't look drunk…. She looked irritated that Kenya continued to spew lies about everyone. But when you come at her, she pulls out the props.

    If Kenya isn't on medication, she should be.

    One last thing, Kenya said she can take a person down in three moves…. Porsha only needed one to take you down!!! Have a seat Kenya!!!

  10. Kim says – reply to this



  11. MsBoop says – reply to this


    Re: Jules – Amen to that. Kenya has been baiting Portia all season and Andy Cohen let her get on the stage with those stupid props and he should take responsibility for that.

  12. MsBoop says – reply to this


    Re: big fan – Right on.

  13. aubs says – reply to this


    they alll ghetto…

  14. Brandymimi says – reply to this


    Re: Lacroix – you are right on! Andy and Kenya set this up with the props at the cost of Porsha's humiliation of being dumped by Kordell. It was obviously entrapment by Andy the weakling and Kenya the witch. How could they do this to her in her situation. Did Andy give Porsha the wine beforehand? It was entrapment. Who wouldn't react with the props in Porsha's face? This completely turned me against Andy.

  15. foolproof says – reply to this


    without kenya moore housewives of atlanta wouldn't be worth filming!they are all fake and ghetto more then KENYA,while they are all are pointing fingers at KENYA,there are 3more pointing back at them. the one that actualy tries 2b a southern belle is phaedra and thats as close as they can get….nene leaks is trying 2 look like evita peron and nene you have neither the looks, grace or the class,sorry nene.porsha stewart is acting just like she looks an animal.at least KENYA didn't have to go on steve harvey for a date!!!I wouldn't even go on steve harvey for a date!!Haha porsha he got you 3 deadbeats like you!

  16. jill says – reply to this


    Booze pills whatever Kenya deserved what she got. Get that nut case off the show.

  17. chele says – reply to this


    I hope the keep Porsha and get rid of Kenya Moorewhore!! I want to see how Porsha does being single again!

  18. C C says – reply to this


    These bitches are so called "ladies"? I think not. All of them are high school drama queens. All they do is bitch, gossip, lie and are two-faced. Get your heads out of each other's asses and try to focus on some real issues concerning this world. Oh and Andy? I'm sure you are a sweetheart but you know you enjoy it. Maybe you should change your name to jerry springer.. Provoked or not, medicaton or booze, no one has the legal right to use violence on one another

  19. Hj says – reply to this


    If she goes then the BULLY Kenya needs to go too. And she should sue Bravo and Andy for allowing Kenya to have those props which lead to her being provoked. Also Andy thought it was funny when Kenya had those props in in Porcha's face but it wasn't funny anymore when the bully got dragged.

  20. crystal rose says – reply to this


    Kenya had it comeing all night and know I do not believe that Porsha took anything.Kenya got her weave almost yank off her big Ass ego. Porsha hands up girl.

  21. maxi says – reply to this


    Get rid of Kenya…….Fire her ass before she quits saying she does not condone violence. She is crazy. Andy…..you covered your face when Kenya pulled out her stupid prop….and that idiot Cynthia just sat there, between crazy kenya and irate Porsha. FIRE KENYA…….

  22. Debbie James says – reply to this


    Absolutely!!!!!!!!! Bravo paying you enough money to have thick skin and sit there and laugh at Kenya……Kenya could say whatever she wants out of mouth, Porsha, is a fucking mess….Fired that bitch!!!!!!!

  23. Maxi says – reply to this


    FIRE KENYA….and Andy should be reprimanded too. He knew this was coming and allowed the props and stupid Kenya to provoke everyone….and…why did he seat Cynthia in between them? She just sat there with the bullhorn in her face…..Kenya Moore is a disgrace and should be fired before she quits….

  24. Bonelica says – reply to this


    You don't need painkillers after maybe the first week of a boo job…… That is crap… Booze and drugs…

  25. Pam says – reply to this


    I'm not surprised if she was drunk and on anti-depressants…sounds about right.

  26. Aviva says – reply to this


    I believe Porsha should not be fired from the Bravo series. If Porsha is fired for pulling Kenya's hair then Nene, Apollo, and Phaedra should also be fired from the show. If I can recall at Nene's adult slumber party not once but twice put his hands on another member and phically left damage to someone's body. Bravo neither fired him nor did he suffer any consequences for his actions. And then some seasons ago when Kim Z. was on the show she as well had several altercations, one with Sharae pulling her hair and Nene assaulting her on their tour bus. If Bravo condones no violence when that happened Mrs. Leeks should have been immediately terminated from her position. Let's not be bias because we believe Porsha is ditzy. I am not for violence but if Bravo is going to fire one for it then all should be gone!

  27. pj.pretty says – reply to this


    Go Kendra,you killin'em girl! Without "you" alt housewives would be so boring!!!Their ratings would dropp so fast!!Haha to them!!Go Kendra they all wish they could be you!!Sorry about lil velvet,pretty lil dog,now in doggie heaven;)

  28. Lolita says – reply to this


    I hope that Porsha will not be fired. She needs the support of the ladies on the show to stay sane as she recovers from her divorce. Kenya, on the other hand should go and go now. She has a nasty, funky disposition. She is always knee deep in someone's business. The things she has done to Phedra are ridiculous. She is always crusing below the belt.

  29. Yolanda says – reply to this


    Kenya deserved that & more for how she continuously disrespect the other ladies. Please bring Porsha back!

  30. Porsha's Fan says – reply to this


    Andy should have corrected Kenya for her blamant disrespect of Porsha by waving her sparkling scepter in her face. Kenya's came very close to hitting Cynitha with a scepter. I think Kenya's behavior was border line assault from the start of the Reunion program. Kenya should be reprimand for part in provoking Porsha and the nearly missed assault against Porsha's and Cynitha's person with the waving and pointing of her scepter in their face.

    As for the mixture of prescription medications and alcohol, common sense with tell anyone dealing the circumstances that Porsha is confronted with, her behavior is not outside the normal. She was just fulfilling her contractual obligations regardless of physical and mental condition. This should be a reason for discharging Porsha. Porsha's personal space has been violated on numerous occasions by Kenya, and Bravo had no problem with airing these occurrances. Bravo know of the tensions between Porsha and Kenya, benefiting from these aired scenes. Bravo, give Porsha Williams her job back. Bravo, no fair. You knew this would eventually happen if left unchecked by the producers of the show. The producer could have spoke with Kenya and ask that she does not invade the personal space of Porsha during this taping. Kenya's PROPS = Kenya's inetentions to provoke Porsha and any other member whom tries to speak. FOR REAL, GIVE PORSHA HER JOB BACK

  31. actright says – reply to this


    Who should be embarrassed is Andy and Bravo. Andy thought Kenya's antics were all fun and games until her face hit the floor. A blind man could see this was going to end well with Kenya's antic but Andy nor Bravo let it play out. They should have stopped Kenya's foolishness at the door. Kenya continues to make false accusations with no prove and Bravo continues to give her a platform on which to stand. Bravo exec's time for 'you people' to take responisiblity for allowing such a display of Kenya's childish behavior.

  32. Debbie says – reply to this


    Kenya should have charges put on her for waving a weapon at Porsha's face. Self defense. That thing had points on it. Bravo should of told Kenya to put those things away for the misuse taunting a person with them. Porsha should not be held responsible for self defense.

  33. Kan says – reply to this


    I don't believe porsha was drunk at all..I believe if a person is provoked for so long eventually they are going to react..you can not yell in people face point objects in people face and expect nothing..desperately seeking Kenya is the only one on the stage with props..she is the only non housewife..never been housewife..seeking attention..Phaedra said she need to stop..but did she listen to a real housewife..no..that's why she got her ass dragged across that stage..watch yourself Kenya..you can not act and not expect an reaction..boom..I know that scalp hurt…lol!

  34. Debbie says – reply to this


    Re: foolproof – That wand should be considered a weapon and Porsha self defense.

  35. Dee says – reply to this


    Re: beachRe: otter – Otto, it's not that serious. Do you know Kenya or Porsha personally? I you had any sense you would realized that Porsha does appear unstable… she could have grab and threw the bullhorn on the floor and left it at that. She had no right to get violent. Kenya should have bust her up.

  36. Max says – reply to this


    You have someone yell in a megaphone a few inches from your face and ears and see how long you will smile. Its just like Porsha told Andy that she was going through a divorce when they started filming and was very emotional because she had taken 2 years of Kenya's insults or lies about her. Not that Andy gives a hoot.

    Andy had no business ignoring Kenya's props like he did and even snicker when Kenya only used those props on Porsha not allowing Porsha to defend herself like Phaedra and Nene were able too,and no doubt this was the plan all along. The more I see of Andy Cohen the more I am of the opinion that his behavior is despicable.

  37. Tracy B says – reply to this


    Re: otter – She was arrested for the assault so that can't be to fake ???

  38. Ann Scales says – reply to this


    No she should not be fired unless they are both are. However, both of them need to take a class on how to become be a mature LADY.

  39. Yvette says – reply to this


    If Porcha gets fired I will Stop waching the show, Porcha was only defending herself from the psycho of Kenya she assaulted porcha first with her scepter, she accused her of sheating on her husband she wouldnt let her speak with her Bullhorn and Andy laught and said nothing lets remember previous season when she brought the stupid fan shes a Bully that got less than she deserves. If porcha gets fired no more Bravo TV for me.

  40. Bronwyn says – reply to this


    Porsha, although I do not like her much, SHOULD NOT, be terminated for what she did to Kenya. Kenya provoked every bit of what she got. Using a bullhorn to speak to Porsha was rude. No one producer not even the sorry guy asking the questions stopped Kenya. Even as far as Kenya pointing the scepter in Porsha's face, no one asked her to stop. Kenya is a pretty girl I can't understand why she acts the way she does.

  41. Mrs. Lopez says – reply to this


    I have to say, regardless if she was mixing meds and alcohol you cab onlybe so far. Kenya has picked on Porsha all season. A person can only take so much to be honest I'm surprised someone hasn't hit her before this. She should have to answer for her actions but I don't believe she should lose her job. If the production fires Porsha they should also fire Kenya. That's how I feel.

  42. Sandra says – reply to this


    She needs to be fired.

  43. Thelma King says – reply to this


    Kenya came prepared to antagonize people with the Bull Horn, etc. Both are at falt.
    No one should be fired or jailed. Apologies required from both sides.

  44. bernadette demars says – reply to this


    I think that Porsha shoudn't be embarrassed about anything. Kenya has disrespected every woman on that show, and yet she isn't even close to being a housewife. Especially, Phaedra with her husband.
    Carma, is a bitch, just like Kenya said on the reunion, and it came back on her by getting her ass kicked on national tv for the world to see. I can't imagine how many people was glad to see her get her ass hit.

  45. RHOA Fan says – reply to this


    The anonymous source reads like Kenya. That is just like a coward. Andy Cohen is straight wrong. No way he should have allowed Kenya to have a blow horn. Funny, she only ever used the bull horn on Porsha. She was into it with NeNe right before that and the bull horn stayed right at her side. I find it ironic right before her ass whooping she was talking about karma. Andy asked Porsha a direct question about Kenya's rental African Prince and when Porsha started answering, he should have told Kenya to put that away so Porsha could respond. He had given her the floor. In my opinion, he owes Porsha an apology and he needs to take classes on how to maintain control of his show. I can't believe Andy doesn't think he has a part to play in this.

  46. Christmas says – reply to this


    Kenya did not deserve to get her ass dragged across the room for her pomp and circumstance. Executive Producers, host, cast & crew I'm sure were all made aware that she would have her wand and bullhorn in hand. I like Porsha yet she was clearly in the wrong. She was embarrassed cuz the people in the studio saw her behaving in this manner yet the cause should be: she is the granddaughter of a civil rights activist. He would not have condoned her violence. She could have made a different choice yet she chose to act like a child; even when our ladies were besotted over her she was still behaving as such; kicking her feet like a spoiled brat. Grow the eff up! According to NeNe, during the pillow party fiasco, she blamed Kenya for getting out of her seat. Let's see if NeNe stands behind her 'logic.' Porsha should get fired. Still hasn't apologized, tsk tsk child. Andy Cohen should also get fired (we know now when shit hits the fan he's dead weight, only good for a laugh) or at the least reprimanded. Bravo needs to start penalizing $$$ their players like in sports. Sad way to end the season for RHOA. If this is indication of where the show is heading it's time for it to get cancelled.

  47. F this show and its ca says – reply to this


    How about firing the whole show and replacing it With hot eastern Tiger moms? So we can see how civilized people act? This fight wasnt fueled by booze. It was fueled by…. ghetto.

  48. Dee says – reply to this


    Like "duh" the minute Portia opened her mouth we knew she was drunk on something…..BUTT..yeah that was about Kendra…she stirs the poop! Clean your own back sweep before pointing the finger. And puh-leez what other housewife brought a prop??? Two years of her being silly is enough, she might be real in her own world but I have issues with y'all using Velvet's passing to boost her ratings. Guess it was all about ratings. Nene, love ya sista, but you climb down off that high horse cause it is a long fall to the bottom.

  49. Lourdes says – reply to this


    PEREZ, I'd like to think you're a decent human being. STOP spreading rumors about Porsha; it was obviously started by Kenya and her minions… So low

  50. angelaustin says – reply to this


    Kenya is a person that is hurting so much that she will treat the woman in her life as her mother treated her. She is so afraid of connecting with any woman in fear of rejection that she first will erupt and she will dismantle the relationship before she can ever bond with anyone. I have a Love /Hate relationship with her because its been far too long for her to act like an abandoned child., Grow up and grown within the lives of others and your own. Let people especially women , other than your Auntie in your life. Andy these women makes you and BRAVO millions. Where is the mercy you lack to show PORCHA and "CRAZY WHITE HIVES " can go bananas , turn over tables, go to court for many other things and you keep them on the show. WHATS UP WITH THAT? If you don't know Andy….do what you do best…."ACT…LIKE YOU KNOW


  51. Beth says – reply to this


    Porscha did what every viewer wants to do Kenya !!! You go girl : )

  52. Patty Poodles says – reply to this


    I think Porsha will be fired. But I don't think she deserves to leave bc Kenya when in the wrong area to talk about Porsha life with her ex

  53. Debbie says – reply to this


    Why is it single women are on this show anyway? If they don't get rid of Kenya I am done with the show. Kenya is a bully and being a bully is not acceptable!

  54. joe says – reply to this


    What the hell you watch this stuff for? Would you watch it if every one was so happy and got along with no drama. You know deep down inside you want more, more. more, why was this reality show so good because of the drama. and fights.

  55. Nik says – reply to this


    No! Porsha shouldn't be fired! Kenya picks and picks. Kenya has to go! As far as Andy Cohen, Porsha doesn't owe Kenya nothing because he has allowed Kenya to have props on set. He kissed Kenya's ASS! And how he talked to Porsha about giving Kenya a damn apologize! It would be a very cold day in HELL! Andy is a sell out!

  56. Lola says – reply to this


    Kenya got what she deserved, she has no common sense and she does exactly what she accuses the other housewives of doing. She is a has-been, unattractive, vindictive, hypocritical woman who is clearly very jealous of the more attractive, beautiful, and younger Porsha.
    If Porsha gets fired I will quit watching

  57. boobie says – reply to this


    No! Porsha should not be fired. However if Bravo decides to fire Porsha , then Kenya should be fired as well. Kenya has lied about her whole personal relationships from the beginning. Porsha may not be smart, but at least she and her life was real. Bravo may feel that Kenya is good for TV ratings, but I can tell you that I know many, many people who will stop watching including me if Porsha is fired and Kenya is not.

  58. conscious says – reply to this


    Re: ReeRee

    Can you read Ree Ree or are you really NeNe?

  59. Tanej says – reply to this


    Kenya arrived with gadgets used as weapons. Kenya provoked Porsha. Kenya is wretched for playing around with Phaedra's rotten husband! I'm glad Kenya got beat up on national TV.

  60. poosie says – reply to this


    When Porsha was under the attack of terroisim because it is exactly what it was on nation TV she had the flight/defense mode kick in. MAN-YA took it toooo far driving poor PORTIA there ! This is some fake azz BS she was high!
    @ jay. No SH*T Genius. Exactly my point!
    Hands are not a prop…but when an object / prop OR NOT is used as a WEAPON to taunt, intimidate, threaten, contol, manipulate, perpetuate fear /hate vilonence, restrict ones movement, control ones movement, …the PROP version no longer holds water & goes STRAIGHT out the window.
    What started as a PROP did not end that way. Props are NO LONGER props when used as a weapon. The law will see it the same.
    Andy made a big mistake letting Man-ya take control leading BRAVO over the cliff!
    But Andy Pansy was so caught up laughing he got lost in ignorance of Kenya’s train wreck.
    Actors, GUESTS of WHAT$ HAPPENINg LIVE with ANDY should all cancel making appearances on show until BRAVO & ANDY do the right thing.

  61. 6fivtee says – reply to this


    First of all Kenya's instigating ass deserved. She's been the cause of so much drama I'm surprised this wasn't done a long time ago. Also I love Andy but keep it real they WANT the drama. They NEED it to keep the show going and the numbers but but all of a sudden they don't "condone violence"?! Yeah right! Maybe they don't want it to come to the point of physical altercations but you get bet your ass their smiling all the way to the bank.

  62. Diamond says – reply to this


    Okay…NOT SO IMPRESSED WITH PORSHA. SHE SAID THINGS AND DID THINGS TO KENYA AND KENYA REACTS. But the only difference is Porsha can not handle it. She is to dumb and too caught up into her feelings to fight with words. Kenya is intelligent and beautiful.The other woman despise her for the things that God gave her. I know this from experience. Im a lot like Kenya but the only difference is that she actually fights back with words or whatever. But I just walk away from haters. From my experience people act like if a woman is beautiful she is either a whore or manless. Why cant she just be a beautiful woman living her life.

  63. Diana says – reply to this


    Porsha is a meant midget / a child who has no business in the company of adults whom are on a no-holds barred reality show. I don't believe she was drunk or on drugs; I think she was spoiling for a fight with Kenya at whatever costs. She is an imbecile whom can't for the life of herself, make sound decisions, whether drink & drugs are in the picture or not.

    From the moment the cameras rolled during the #RHOA Reunion, Porsha hurled vile insult after vile insult at Kenya: she called Kenya a slut from the 90s, made fun of Kenya's supposed fake "booty", threatened to F Kenya, called Kenya the B word, said Kenya's breathe smelled like a septic and that Kenya had a rotten vagina. Porsha is no victim; she's a ghetto hood booger who thinks she can break the law and assault someone on national TV, just because that person (Kenya) is unpopular.

  64. Sandy says – reply to this


    Andy shame on you,

    Kenya moore shame on you too fo pretending to fall from someone pulling your hair! This was fake an you know it ,Porsha is a tiny person and Kenya intentionally fall to get attention,and more money,

  65. Chelsea says – reply to this


    You guys sound so ignorant saying team porschea Kenya was baiting her. Its called SELF CONTROL!!! How many times a day has someone in the street or even at work tried you or while driving someone pissed you off that doesnt mean you go and drag them or put your hands on them. Porschea clearly looked drunk or something you can look at her eyes and she looked out of it.

  66. Tired of FAKE Females says – reply to this


    I personally think that it is a travesty that people are speaking so harshly about Porsha for her actions and clearly overlooking Kenya's absurd and extremely childish behavior. I DO NOT condone physical violence, but I do agree Porsha was provoked. I am at a loss on how it is OK to verbally berate someone over the course of TWO sessions and invade someone's personal space in such a provoking manner and Kenya's behavior be deemed OK???!!! I just do not get that. Also, whether Kenya is even aware of it or not, she is CLEARLY jealous and envious of Porsha. You can SEE IT in her eyes when she looks at Porsha, especially when she watched Porsha SHINE in Kandi's play!!! Kenya has a murderous spirit. She has consistently behaved beyond dastardly in deeds and words since her premiere on RHOA. NO ONE "in charge" has said a word because her antics pump the ratings. I guess this is the bottom line of American television…poor character = great TV star. I truly hope that Porsha is not fired and given a second chance. She has behaved well throughout the show. Whereas, Kenya has been "messy" the ENTIRE time she has been on the show(having fought with the majority of the other cast members), has a tendency to CRY in order to invoke sympathy for her silliness, has not behaved like an adult, and LIED to get on and stay on the show. KENYA is the one who should be dismissed. Team Porsha ALL THE WAY!!

  67. nikiahlyn says – reply to this


    Absolutely not true! I've only watched episodes here and there and clearly keyna is a shit starter with no man. Porcha was getting harassed on TV.And you know pressing buttons will get your ass kicked.

  68. Avagreeneyes says – reply to this


    There are ways to stand up for yourself without violence. What is it with black women who think they have to fight to show strength, when all violence shows is lack of self control.

  69. Deborah says – reply to this


    I hope Porche is not fired. Although I do not agree with a physical attack I do believe That Kenya is a dumb ass bully. She wanted trouble and got it. Kenya thought she could push and keep pushing hiding behind the cameras knowing if anyone got physical they would be fired. I think all the ladies should quit if Kenya stays on the show because we should separate our selves from stupidity not sit in it and Kenya is nothing but a negative, pushy person. If not for the show show probably doesn't gave any true friends in her life.

  70. Akeem says – reply to this


    PACK THIS BITCH BAGS NOW! SHE IS DANGEROUS. That's why Kordell called her a "knuckle head" and packed her bags without talking to her. She clearly has another side to her an it's not pretty!

  71. Akeem says – reply to this


    YEA, Blame Kenya for everything including porsha getting 'Full' on 'wine' …porsha did this, I heard she didn't get her contract, check on your girl!

  72. poosie says – reply to this


    Re: 6fivtee

    Yes, but when Andy is promoting use of what they call props only to be used as a aggressively threatening, controlling invading space of another cast member to taunt intimidate- they better jump in QUICK. Drama is great but not when semantics come in calling a weapon a prop its bullshit and perverse. Its insulting to everyone.. Its a damn outrage. Let's have a straight host do that to two gay cast members and royal shit will be hitting the fan. Andy is a fairy with a cherry.

  73. misslovejoy says – reply to this


    Yes, she should be fired. She got violent and clearly can't be trusted to keep her hands to herself. She allowed Kenya to win and get the best of her which was Kenya's true plan to begin with. It would of mine too if I hated those bitches too. Sadly, I feel really sorry for Porsha especially after seeing how truly sorry she is.

  74. Cassi37 says – reply to this


    Kenya ain't going no where. Get ready for her to take nene's shine!!! #BYEPORSHA

  75. Cassi36 says – reply to this


    My girl rode (Kenya) that wave like a G….lol #porshaisahairpullingqueen

  76. Annie says – reply to this


    Porsha's wig is jealous of Kenya's gorgeous locks. Why on earth will she attack her like that? Porsha had called Kenya so many bad names before and even commented on her vagina. Why on earth is that violent ape a victim now? Dumb porsha needs to go.

  77. Poochie says – reply to this


    NO I DO NOT THINK PORSHA WILLIAMS SHOULD BE FIRED! I think KENYA MOORE should have been fired a long time ago. I think the network was wrong for letting her come on the show as a bully. I think she got what she has been working up to. Andy Cohen I know you had to know this stupid stuff was going to happen because you let Kenya come on with those stupid props. If not shame on you. This was ridiculous! Should PORSHA apologize NO. Andy you should apologize for airing this crap..

  78. ShiningStar says – reply to this


    Re: ReeRee – I don't why everything that goes on on that show, most people say it is Kenya's fault. I'm not advocating for Kenya at all, but I just deal with reality. Yes, Kenya can be a mess and likes to sometimes start drama, but Phaedra and Porsha has called Kenya ho and slut amongst other names all season long, but when Kenya reciprocates and call them names, people want to say Kenya is the worst person in the world. Porsha was the one was talking about Kenya tried to hire a man for 15,000 to play her boyfriend on the show and then Porsha called Kenya a slut from the 90's but when Kenya fired back at her, Porsha went crazy. I agree that the props were over the top, but if a person can talk about you and call you names, then you should be able to take whatever the person gives back to you. There are no double standards.

  79. drdebo says – reply to this


    You go Porsha- never thought I'd say that or even be here for that matter- but since I am- you go girl-any women would have done the same thing! On the other hand, I am assuming it's all faked- so they are just amateur actors- and they choreographed this malay…but same results- she was justified and if they throw her off/treat her unfairly/unjustly it will not go well for Bravo.

  80. Rah says – reply to this


    Porsha attacked Kenya because she was about to out her for cheating on Kordell. Bottom line. Now she will be living with her mom forever.

  81. Rah says – reply to this


    Re: Hj – it's funny how Cynthia didn't go bat crazy like Porsha did being that she was closer to Kenya. Porsha was about to get outed as a cheater and so were a few other people but none of them jumped on anybody. Porsha can't sue because she can't control herself. Words are just that. But Porsha doesn't know enough words to battle Kenya so she resorted to the hood rat/video tramp/ gold digger/ ignorant person that she is. No excuses, she was the sole person who went crazy. Kenya is known for her props. It's nothing new.

  82. carol adamson says – reply to this


    Andy, you are responsible for allowing this to happen, I am appaud at your unprofessionism. If you see something out of line, you nip it in the bud, instead of allowing it. You should be repermented for your part, Kenya should of been stopped with her props, before it esecalated into violence. Andy and Kenya need to appoligize to Porsha. Porsha needs compasation from your show for mental anguish. Kenya thinks this gets ratings? This has become so caddy ,get real, have wommen that support and love one another

  83. Linda of Waterbury, CT says – reply to this


    While violence isn't the answer & I don't know exactly what is in this case, it was great to see Porsha stand up to a RUTHLESS BULLY. Most of us have experienced a similar experience (taunting & berating) at some point in our lives & probably wished we had put an end to it just like Porsha did. Porsha, you're my Hero!

  84. ms leakes says – reply to this


    Damn why didn't I stomp that bitch..the could've been talking bout me now..bloop!

  85. ms kenya says – reply to this


    Where moma Joyce when I need her..

  86. Charles says – reply to this


    Fire? Give that "B" an award. I Could watch that clip all day. They both should be fired. Kenya for bringing a weapon on the set and Porsha for taking the bait and putting her hands on a cast member. The director should be held accountable for allowing items that are dangerous on the set.

  87. nancy scott says – reply to this


    Re: ReeRee – She was very prepared to comment and instigate with her septer and bull horn, and how was she allowed to bring those things on stage? Andy you should be fired, you help peovoke the situation, shame on you all, for allowing this.

  88. Jake says – reply to this


    This just goes to show you that you can take the girl out of the ghetto, but you can't take teh ghetto out of the girl.

  89. nat says – reply to this


    This whole mess was setup by Neenee and Phadra. They got silly girl Porsha to do their dirty work.

  90. @pennsantana says – reply to this


    I love how Kenya always says "Dont come, unless I send for you!" Hahaha. You are really stupid! Well, guess what? If those props were your way of calling for Porsha, well.. she came for you and taught you a lesson. Porsha, did what any normal, human being… who has been pushed and pushed would do in this situation. Kenya is no lady, and she always says that she would never put any female down, cause shes just not like that… and yet, she uses every personal situation about each lady to bring them down! You are a bully Kenya! No one believes your stink, madeup, full of sh*t, manipulative stories! There is a reason that you are single, cause no one wants you! And Ima go there… Velvet left you too for the same reason! You try to be better than everyone…. and, well… your not! Porsha… you are a hero to so many of us, who watch the TV and wanna punch that ashy whore in the face! hahaha. I am in full support of your actions, cause Kenya thought that no one can touch her.. guess what.. she thought wrong!! Now, no matter what happens Porsha, you have millions of fans, so, turn around and keep on moving. But dont twirl… thats for dumb bitches who have tails! They twirl and twirl like dogs who are cross eyed trying to catch their tails. hahaha TeamPorsha all the way!!

  91. nkaufman says – reply to this


    How can your producers be so blind! Good for ratings - but really Kenya is tooooo much for any of the other wives with her antaganizing remarks which provoke! Porsha did what Kenya deserves and more! the show should still show them both - do NOT fire Porsha. This is another Teresa as a center of turmoil for ever! you will make lots of $$ if both remain on the show.

  92. Teresa says – reply to this


    Get rid of Kenya…. KEEP PORSHA

  93. Tiana says – reply to this


    Ok hold up a min.. y'all saying Kenya is a bully?? therefore I asked what is Nene? coz seriously if there is a bully among that group it's Nene. No one ever stands up to her, it's almost like they are all afraid of her. I wish they can all use the same aggression they use toward Kenya on Nene. Porsha is stupid, sounds stupid and on. this whole circle is like the enemy of my enemy is my friend thing. Porsha is trying to fit in with Kandi and funeral guru Phaedra. She went personal on Kenya first and was disrespectful. Getting fired is not even enough for her.

  94. Tiana says – reply to this


    Re: carol adamson – My sentiments exactly. so so true

  95. DG says – reply to this


    Re: pj.pretty – KEN- YA!!! Get a clue!

  96. lolanyc says – reply to this


    Re: beach – I live in the US and I'm not on perccription pills. No matter how Kenya acted it STILL doesn't change the fact you don't touch another person! Fight with words! Hold back! Be an adult! You're on NATIONAL TV!! Show is being taped! EVIDENCE! Porsha had a hard time.. yes. BUT violence is wrong. Its just a reality show people!!! It's Not like she's losing custody of her kids that she doesn't have or something serious. Divorce… WAH….

  97. Betty Bruno says – reply to this


    Bravo producer have the foull , they provoke with the question giving Kenya more to put in the show, this woman shut be out of the show, send she get in , she got a problem with all the cast. Porsha was fine, is just how Nene say, Keya was pushing and pushing to get Porsha to that point. this situation cant happen to any body, Keya out, Porsha in.

  98. Tee says – reply to this


    Re: Lacroix

    I agreed , Andy instigated about the props with his comments and the first prop.Kenya pulled out. Perez reported facts you idiot!! !!! Let the public speak now. Kenya is disgusting !!.

    The world is supporting Porsha Williams! GET RID OF KENYA.
    Andy you need to owned this one you simp led minded freak!

  99. Jenny Polisi says – reply to this


    Everyone on that stage was disgusting. The language that was used towards each other was disgusting. Porsha and Phaedra have been saying pretty bad things about Kenya and she hasyer to hit one of them. She fights back with her words. Porsha is a loose cannon she can't handle to fire that she participated in creating and will not take responsibility for action. Porsha should be fired.

  100. susan says – reply to this


    Kenya needs to be, Pooffff, gone from the show.

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