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Real Housewives Of Atlanta's Porsha Williams' Reunion Fight With Kenya Moore Was Fueled By Booze & Prescription Drugs??

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It was truly the brawl to end all reunion brawls!!

But everyone is still trying to figure out the true reason behind Porsha Williams' hair pulling attack on Kenya Moore at the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion special!

Sources close to production have revealed that a dangerous combination of prescription drugs and wine could've been what set Miz Williams off—even though cast member NeNe Leakes claimed the taping was a sober affair.

The source confessed:

"Porsha was drunk…there were two bottles of wine in her dressing room. She came to fight Kenya and needed some liquid courage! She is very unstable. She’s been taking medications and mixing it with alcohol."

The source also alleged that Kordell Stewart's ex-wife was taking prescribed pills to deal with depression following their divorce and painkillers for her recent boob job…

And the reported alcohol she drank beforehand did not mix well, leading to her eventual arrest for the attack!

We have no idea what the future holds for Porsha as a housewife, but the prognosis cannot be good.

Do U think she'll get fired from the show??

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129 comments to “Real Housewives Of Atlanta's Porsha Williams' Reunion Fight With Kenya Moore Was Fueled By Booze & Prescription Drugs??”

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  1. susan says – reply to this


    Kenya got the fight she was asking for, for the past couple yrs, What a drag across the floor by Porsha, Lol, Kenya got what she deserved. Not sorry for her one bit.

  2. susan says – reply to this


    How could Andy allow Kenya to come to the reunion with ford props? that was so uncalled for. Andy, you were wrong for allowing Kenya to carry on with her crazy antics.


  3. poosie says – reply to this


    @ tia warring. Exactly! Bravo and Andy need to be brought down to reality. Its all gone to their heads /abuse of power! They find the spawn of Satan Kenya aka Manya to sacrifice/discard Porsha (obviously for Andy, Bravos and Kenyas amusement/RATINGS cause no one else found it entertaining) using physical invasive perverse aggressive taunting, USING what started out as a PROP only to be used as a WEAPON restricting her movement, THREATENING, invading, provoking a defense/flight response. The trauma distress brought on by left Portia no choice to defend herself when Andy all the while just laughed and rolled his eyes!

    WTF Andy Pansy PLUS all the big wigs of Bravo SAT there and WATCHEd in the audience and none of the ASSHOL*s stepped in PORTIA was left to protect/fend for herself under attack when no one else did, ONLY TO BE SENT HOME, FIRED, JAIL and humiliated/alienated by this network that in fact orchestrated this whole ordeal -by a most likely ILLUMINATI ran network that beind the scenes promotes this behavior thrown at Portia.

    Actors, singers, all cancel your guest appearances on on WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVe with ANDY COHEN This is some straight up BULLSHI*T. Apparently the only people who are deserving of equality and human rights are GAYS! sue PORTIA if that slimey contact BRAVO had u sign allows it!

    SUE Portia if you can!

  4. Kash says – reply to this


    I think if 1 go both needs to go. How could you sit and let someone use props in a person's face and expect them not to get upset. This show is all for rating and its basically a bunch of bullshit. If Porsha gets fired I refuse to watch the show. Kenya the liability here, why do you have to call the cops when your the one that provoked her. I hate Kenya moore!

  5. Amber says – reply to this


    I don't think anyone should necessarily be fired for the violence that ensued. Many have been violent on Real Housewives and have not been fired. However, I do think Porsha is an uninteresting, unintelligent woman and I for one wouldn't care to see her stay. She's in her thirties and acts like a petulant child- one who throws a kicking tantrum on the floor because she let a smarter woman get the better of her. Kenya might be devious but these women often play right into her hands. I'd watch Kenya over Porsha anyway because at least she's smart and has a mind of her own. I just think Porsha needs to grow up.
    Nene has become fake and thinks she's better than everyone else…really wealthy people don't need to go around talking about how rich they are. She's just deeply insecure and it comes off as pompous.
    Phaedra is a hard- working lady but she seems extremely shady and I honestly think she's crooked like her husband.
    Kandi is mostly awesome and down-to-earth but her loyalty gets her to align with some that don't deserve it. She doesn't speak up when she should, and other times speaks up when she shouldn't.
    Cynthia is genuinely nice and she seems like skittle among m&ms- outa place but in a good way. She brings class when there's not much to be found in other places.

  6. lucymom says – reply to this


    Oh, please. These shows thrive on name calling, accusations and provocation. But physical violence is a line that there is no excuse to cross.
    i don't see how Bravo can let Porsha stay.

  7. Alyce Miller says – reply to this


    Porscha should have stump her ass along time ago! Kenya has been taughting ,and belittling her over and over,while kissing NeNe s ass . A person can only take so much from a person.Bullies pick whom they tamper with,they are really cowards.Now they want toPorscha as the bad guy! That

    sycopath Kenya was putting promps in her face,she brought them with her,so it was planned to


  8. Alyce says – reply to this


    Where is your mine,and eyes?Devil Keyna is the one whoes been dishing out! Why didnt Crazy Devil Kenya go crazy or taught NeNe? ..,.No she know better.Thats what get when you underestimate someone

  9. alyce says – reply to this


    AlyceRe: Kim
    Bullshit !Dirty Kenya!

  10. Alyce says – reply to this


    Phedra better be on the lok out,because that scandallous devil will get her husband sperm for her protencial baby,and fling it in Phedra's face.,She again would be underestimating someone,…………..-

    perm,and freez them to get her

  11. Alyce says – reply to this


    FOOLS and evil ,always see eye to eye!_

  12. Roni says – reply to this


    I'm not sure if the person who wrote this article even watched the show. It would not take pills and booze to make me respond to the type of treatment that Kenya inflicted on Porsha. Let's not talk about the pills Kenya takes. Obviously she came to the show to start a fight with all of her phony props

  13. Rebekah says – reply to this


    Kenya actions were premeditated & with malicious intent (an individual intentions to do harm to another party),thus making her the worst kind of bully.


    What Porsha did was no different than a few of the other women. However, Kenya and her props are out of the norm, the only other time I have seen them is from the other wack job on Married to Medicine.

    Keep Porsha. The girl has been thru enough why kick her when she is down.

  14. poosie says – reply to this


    Andy is team Kemya? Andy should be looking for a good lawyer! The whole thing was his fault, and Bravos! Before the show the RHOA website was asking, “What Prop Will Kenya Bring This Year?? Andy Cohen set it all up! He sat there, and snickered everytime Kenya pulled her foolishness! Andy was the one that kept it going! When Porsha complained that the bullhorn hurt her ears, he did NOTHING! He just sat there and laughed! Porsha was defending herself, and her hearing! I guess she sent for Porsha, because she came for Kenya! This was Andy Cohens fault, he could have prevented it! Andy should be fired today, along with Kenya! Portsha should take them both to court, and Bravo! Kenya needs to get back on her Medication today!

  15. Schelita says – reply to this


    Porsha should not be fired. The producers allowed the props which could have been brought as weapons. Apollo was still allowed to film therefore any zero tolerance rule should be implemented next season. Bravo needs to stop the bullying. A person does not have to be touched to be bullied. Bravo didn't even allow Walter to attend the last reunion. They favor Kenya.

  16. Schelita says – reply to this


    Porsha has really shared her life and Kenya shares lies and Bravo let's her. This won't be the last Mollywhopping Kenya receives if Bravo does not put a leash on her.

  17. My2Cents says – reply to this


    Kenya is the reason a lot of people I know had to stop watching, including myself at times. She's mental and fake and a bad actress. We all know most of the show is semi-scripted, but she just doesn't fit. She doesn't even add the drama that you WANT to see. You just suffer through her scenes to get to the others. Keep Porsha, lose Kenya.

  18. Kathy Sherman says – reply to this


    On the reunion show why didn't Andy Cohen stop Kenya Moore When had wond in her hand. I feel Andy should be held accountable not nipping that shit in the bud from the beganning. Don't fire Phorsha, if Phorsha goes so should Kenya Moore. She got the hots for Pharados husband anyway.

  19. kathy sherman says – reply to this


    Phorsha was not on drugs. But even a dog will bite you if you keep picking at it. I'll always be on Porsha's side. Kenya Moore has no respect for any of those ladies on the show. Get rid of her.

  20. Mom.hill@yahoo.com says – reply to this


    Porschafromatlantahousewives needs to go to jail or do some community service no matter what was said or pointed at her she physically attacked Kenya I along with a few friends will stop watching this show if they bring this porschafromatlantahousewives back she has a problem and we do believe she needs help.

  21. Mia says – reply to this


    Porscha needs to get fired and get some help she is a liability to the show not a responsible person actually if someone does not watch this girl she looks and acts like she may even hurt her self scary is this girl get her out of tv shows not good for any show needs some medical attention soon. Kenya keep your head up and so sorry for your loss we love u here In Chicago and indiana

  22. Tashia says – reply to this


    Re: Max – she couldn't bust her up if she tried she is nothing but a fake ass BITCH !!! She us a has been that never was!!!! I can't stand the bitch N happy she got her hair pulled out! She need her teeth kicked it!!! What goes around comes around and all the pain she has caused everyone is why her doggie was taking to give her that pain right back in her face!!!! She is a fake lier nobody and your pain was all your own doing!!! If you love your baby pup so much you NEVER.would have.let her out alone bad things happen to bad people and you got yours in 10 folds!!!!

  23. Sonya Phillips says – reply to this


    I'm glad Porsha whipped Kenya ass, drug her ass across the studio floor. Kenya was way over due for an ass whipping. Just about all the fights on the show jump off because of her. She's the type of person that throws a rock then hides her hand, and play victim. Kenya is a abusive person verbally, mentally, and emotionally. I don!t think Porsha was high or drunk I think she got tired of being abused by the witch. I have more respect for Ms. Porsha for defending her honor. It was wrong to have only Posha to leave Kenya should have had to leave too. Porsha should be allowed to come back we aspect to see her this coming season.

  24. ms.puddin says – reply to this


    [re=6670533Re: Kim – yes I agree..they sat there n talk mad shit about Kenya

  25. ms.puddin says – reply to this


    Re: foolproof – yes..preach

  26. Cynthia says – reply to this


    Kenya deserves what she gets..she is a massive instigator,and just not good in any way…can not stand anything about her,her dog was blessed by God when he took her away from that nut.

  27. Kyla says – reply to this


    If porsha would shut her trap, Kenya wouldn't talk about her!!!!! Kenya she just wanted to feel your hair…heehee! Porsha phaedra and nene instigated it from the time the cameras started rolling. They got porsha to do their dirty work and sat right there on the couch and watched. The props didn't provoke her, Kenya's words did! But did you see that hair fall back into place when Kenya got up!!! Go Ms. Moore! Go Ms. Lawrance!!

  28. DeeR says – reply to this


    Re: MsBoop – I totally agree! Andy should be fired also. He allowed Kenya to taunt porsha, then told porsha to apologize to Kenya. Smh!

  29. Julie Russell says – reply to this


    Hell no keep Porsha, get rid of that selfish, mean bully, jealous NENE!!!!!!!

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