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Joan Rivers Refuses To Apologize For Her Latest Offensive Joke! Is She Right To Stand By Her Material?

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Joan Rivers has made a LOT of offensive jokes over the span of her 5+ decades on stage.

But when she threw out a tasteless joke about the Cleveland kidnapping victims on The Today Show, she lost a lot of people- and not just those on the set with her!

Attorneys for Gina DeJesus and Amanda Berry quickly made a public statement demanding an apology from the octogenarian comic.

So does Joan plan to say she's sorry for offending them? Nope! She says:

"I'm a comedienne. I know what those girls went through. It was a little, stupid joke. There is nothing to apologize for. I made a joke. That's what I do. Calm down. Calm f**king down. I'm a comedienne. They're free, so let's move on."

Joan just doesn't surrender! And though she did go on to say she's very happy the women are free and hopes they have happy lives, the attorneys' demand for an apology will go unfulfilled.

But what about Joan's defense? Does being a comedian give one carte blanche to joke about anything? Or are some topics too serious?

What do U think??

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52 comments to “Joan Rivers Refuses To Apologize For Her Latest Offensive Joke! Is She Right To Stand By Her Material?”

  1. Hillary says – reply to this


    This lady needs to be put out to pasture already…what a total and complete asshat!

  2. Mike says – reply to this


    Here's a joke for ya:

    Do you wanna know the real reason Joan Rivers husband, Edgar shot himself? To get away from her.

    Is that funny, Joan? Probably not, but come on, move on, it's just a joke.

  3. james says – reply to this


    I agree with both Hillary and Mike she needs to get a life and quit making funny of other people who was treated like this she is just a wash up has been that can't get a real job

  4. Kate says – reply to this


    Re: Mike

    Completely offensive and spot on!
    Thank you for saying it so I didn't have to.
    Joan Rivers desperation is almost as pathetic as her face.
    Such a sad comedown for a once-talented woman.

  5. 5

    The Emperor's New Clothes - people are afraid to tell her it's time to retire - she's senile!

  6. beach says – reply to this


    There's no excuse for it. No matter how she spins it, there are some topics that should be off limits. It hurt those girls, and probably others who have been through similar things. Joan is disgusting and ought to be ashamed of herself. There was nothing funny about that at all, and those that lauged are just as messed up as she is.

  7. kuroineko says – reply to this


    She is one rude women even her comments on her show are tasteless she could care less about these three girls shewon't apolize to them but when she is in front of GOD she will have nothing to say he will deal with her . I cannot stand this women she is as bad as the honey boo boo show she's horrible.

  8. Jh says – reply to this


    I bet she would not like another comedienne calling her daughter a ugly bitch to the world!!! LOL It`s just a joke Joan. But I`m sorry it`s the truth as well!!! You should
    be VERY worried about meeting your make!!!

  9. Sue Baldwin says – reply to this


    I have never thought she was funny……only rude, crude and nasty.. All of her money cannot buy her class……..

  10. polkadotcandy says – reply to this


    I'm sorry but what those girls went through were similar to what the Jews went through with the Holocaust. Is it ok to make jokes about the Holocaust b/c the Jews are free now? Enough said.

  11. EvaCee says – reply to this


    Re: Mike – Actually believe it or not she HAS joked about it…. I've heard her so yeah, it probably is funny to her!

  12. Punkieboy1 says – reply to this


    Joan Rivers is so sick her husband killed himself to get away from her…

  13. medusabrown says – reply to this


    All you people who can't take a joke, grow the fuck up! Ms Joan is as sharp as she always been, that will never fade. It's God's gift to her!! Sit on that for awhile. As for you idiots that said her husband killed himself etc. you are just being mean because you are not a comedienne by trade, she is. Get the fuck over it!

  14. medusabrown says – reply to this


    Re: Jh – How do you know? She might be the one to answer the door if you get up there. She will probably have a bucket and mop so you can mope the streets of gold! Now say your hail Marys

  15. Matt says – reply to this


    Typical jew. Always think no one has suffered as much as them…

  16. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Normally I like her but she is WAY out of line with those comments.

  17. Carol says – reply to this


    That comment was the lowest of low & not at all humorous. You can be sure that if HER daughter was one of those poor girls, and someone made a joke about it…she wouldn't stop at only wanting an apology!! So horribly sad!

  18. shane says – reply to this


    Joan is Joan
    No she should not apologize, she has said that she is happy they are free and hopes they live happy lives.
    This whole discussion is really about policitacl correctness, not humour !!
    So as far as im concerned Political Correctness can go fuk it's self. Its the reason this world is so violent.
    It strong holds people from expressing, so in return makes them act out and in most cases , in a violent way.
    Go TEAM JOAN….

  19. bTeri says – reply to this


    Rivers has reached a new low.. and that in and of itself is pretty amazing.. Once she knew she actually hurt these women that suffered so horribly to respond with profanity and no apology was reprehensible.

  20. AlexisJaime says – reply to this


    First thing I want to say is that it was a joke and that Joan didn't mean to be insulting or disrespectful toward the struggle of those survivors. That being said, not everyone finds all topics palatable when making jokes.

    Someone might think its funny to hear a joke about the KKK hanging a black person from a tree and then setting him on fire while comparing his screams to the squeals of a pig, but most people wouldn't. The reason being is because racism isn't funny.

    Rape, sexual assault and abduction isn't funny, so why is it considered okay to joke about such things?

    Again, I realize it is a joke, but as a survivor I don't want to hear jokes about SA. Jokes like that have a way of belittling what we as survivors go through.

  21. Wayne says – reply to this


    she said they had more room than she and her daughter big fucking deal . all you self righteous people condemning her make me sick. ok it was tasteless but comediennes do put out tasteless jokes sometimes.With all the real problems going on in the world you wanna bitch about old funny lady Joan.grow the fuck up!!!

  22. Jeff Moore says – reply to this


    I support free speech and the use of current events to become material for comics, but there is a line that should be drawn. When the "comedy" is using material that further exploits tragedy and/or the suffering of people, the line has been crossed. Simply put, this douche is past her prime, and is looking for ways to get back into the spotlight. It's over, sit down and retire with a scrap of dignity, Joan Rivers. We see this with many stars whose time has past, they will do anything to regain the spotlight, even if it is at the expense of innocent people who suffered real tragedy/suffering. Maybe she shouldn't apologize, maybe the best apology she could give these people, all people, would be to sit down, shut up, and avoid cameras at all costs, accepting the fact that the sun has set on her career, and possibly try to bow out with some dignity.

  23. Carry says – reply to this


    I believe in Free Speech 100 percent. I don't believe that she should be required to apologize to the girls for the joke she made. I do however think that the joke she made about them was crude and mean and that she should feel the need to apologize.

  24. Kelly says – reply to this


    AMEN…. Jeff Moore!!!

  25. Ken says – reply to this


    It's a joke. Lighten up. Sheesh, people are idiots.

  26. jscottv says – reply to this


    If Joan Rivers gets one more face lift she will have a goatee!!

  27. Mountainmurf says – reply to this


    It is noted below that her husband, Edgar, committed suicide many years ago. I seem to recall that she had made some similarly distasteful comment about someone, but when someone said something about Edgar's suicide, she was very much offended. Wish I could remember details. Old age catching up…

  28. Grumpy Old Fart says – reply to this


    If you can't take a f*cking joke then stay the f*ck inside with your phone, tv, blinds and computer off!

  29. whutwhut says – reply to this


    It's so amazing that we have reached a time in history when we demand not to be censored, we cherish our ability to be ourselves and to completely express ourselves fully, yet when people make a joke we don't like, we reign down hatred on them and require an apology. Poor comedians. I mean, it's a real shame. You can't poke fun at any situation, you can't make a light-hearted comment without the world wielding pitchforks and torches, ready to run you out of town. I fear for the future of comedy, because clearly, it's always going to be "too soon". America is getting stupidly sensitive, and it's ridiculous that no one has a sense of humor anymore. Can't take a joke at all. Can't let water slide off your back. It's a sad state.

  30. Carolina says – reply to this


    What a bitch! How could she say that? I normally love her but this was way over the line. I wonder if Paula Deen got so much backlash for her racial comments, isnt this much worse?

  31. skinnap says – reply to this


    Look love her or hate her Joan Rivers is who she has always been. She does her thing, takes no prisoners, nothing is off limits for her and she withstands all the flack she incurs because of it. If you don't like her comedy don't listen to it and for those of us who get it and are not looking for reasons to get our panties in a bunch, we appreciate her willingness to make us laugh even when we are uncomfortable about the subject. I just don't understand why not agreeing on a topic opens one up to hateful and snide comments from people who have a different point of view.

  32. Dustin says – reply to this


    How about we stick Joan in a house for a decade and have her mounted by some ugly rabid beast, anytime the freak wanted it, I think that would be really funny. These poor girls will need therapy for the rest of their lives. Joan, you are over 80, isn't it time for you to, I don't know, die?

  33. pink says – reply to this


    Re: Mike – I agree but I wish he would have made it a murder/suicide instead!LOL! The world would be a better place if this bitch were not in it.

  34. kady says – reply to this


    After what those girls went through, I wouldn't think a stupid joke would be such a big deal to them. Apparently this generation is determined to embrace their feeling of entitlement no matter what.

  35. Abigail says – reply to this


    Someone seriously needs to get this old hag off of national tv ..she's not a comedian she's a crap talker that gets paid.Joan find something better to do !

  36. Brenda says – reply to this


    I think that even though she is a comedian it does not give her license to offend those that have truly suffered by others. Since she will not apologize pull her shows off the air, do not buy anything she sells on HSN, or anything else she may do. She has NO class or respect for innocent people.

  37. ledfoot says – reply to this


    Really?!?! She knows what they went through?! Was she kidnapped as a child, held captive for 10 years, repeatedly raped and beaten?!?! Being a comedienne (which she's NOT) does NOT mean she can say offensive, cruel and nasty things and get away with it. Is it funny to make fun of her husband committing suicide? No and she wouldn't want people to make fun of her husband suicide. there are some things that should NEVER be turned into jokes–suicide, kidnapping, child molestation, rape. Maybe the next time she gets plastic surgery the surgeon can sew her offensive mouth shut. She never was funny and she is nothing more than a bully who's made money making fun of others. It's about time she stops getting paid for being a bully. She needs to take a good long look at her ugly self in the mirror. She's vile inside AND out.

  38. Strangeasitmay says – reply to this


    Its not just her who make fun of everything under the sun. Family Guy and South Park also crap on extremely sensitive real life stories, and they do this all in the name of comedy. Its not funny but they continue to slide by with it.

  39. Lindsey says – reply to this


    Seriously people, it's Joan Rivers. If any of you expect ANY differently from jer then YOU my friends are the "ASSHATS"

  40. joe roberts says – reply to this


    I don't know all of the details about what those poor girls went through, but I am certain that they didn't walk out saying, "The room was so small, I'll never get over it!" Joan didn't joke about what was DONE TO them, she just compared one room to another.

  41. G@ry says – reply to this


    It doesn't matter who you are, and if you are a big time comedienne or not. There are certain subjects you just don't joke about, and this is one of them. The word "comedienne" doesn't give you "carte blanche" to joke about just any subject you want. And don't try to fall back on the "freedom of speech" card. You're just ignorant!

  42. Angela says – reply to this


    Someone did make a joke about her husband suicide years ago and she cried and said how insensitive they were she boo-hoo now I know it was just an act for attention they need to cancel her show like they do when other entertainers make disrespectful comments

  43. Cate says – reply to this


    Re: medusabrown
    I'd accept her excuse that she's a'comedienne' if she was in the least bit f@#king funny. But she's not. The only thing that is funny about her is in her wallet - it's the points she's racked up on her loyalty card at the plastic surgeon's where she gets all that labiaplasty done on her face! *ba-boom tish*

  44. Oni says – reply to this


    Joan Rivers has always been a hack. She relies on shock for her humor just like, Limbaugh or Stern.
    I've personally never found her amusing and completely understood why she got banned from the tonight show. One of the few times I ever agreed with Leno.
    Physically she is more of a muppet than a human. Her lack of facial expression is creepy. In CGI/ robotics I believe they call this the "uncanny valley."

  45. Cathy says – reply to this


    Re: shane
    Bullsh%t. Political correctness is just trotted out as an excuse by bullies and the un-funny to be able to say whatever the feck they like about others without having to cop the consequences of your actions. In this case, Joan has said what's she's said and others are saying 'yeah, we don't like the disrespectful and cruel crap that comes out of your cake hole, you emotionally stunted, dried up old gym sock'. Pretty sure no one here is saying she shouldn't be allowed to say what she likes, just that they don't like what she said. See… good old freedom of speech at work. The door swings both ways, Shane-o. Besides, I'm sure she doesn't give a rat's crap what we say about her. She doesn't need you roaming comments sections on the interwebs defending her *ahem* honour.

  46. Cathy says – reply to this


    Re: whutwhut – c
    If nothing is off limits when it comes to 'mature' and 'grown up' comedy, then Whutwhut (& quite a few other Rivers apologists on here) must be the type of guy /gal that finds 9/11 jokes funny.
    You sir/madam, are a douche! Poor comedians?! Spare us your wailing and indignation. If they don't like the backlash, it's real easy, they can just STFU. If they want to be able to say what they like in the pursuit of ego-stroking LOLZ, then they accept that people mightn't like it. Freedom of speech isn't just the reserved for the self-proclaimed 'funny'… the rest of us are allowed a turn as well.

  47. @haltomguy says – reply to this


    Come on Perez, you've met Joan..you know she is not a malicious person. It was an off color joke. If you are a true lover of Joan you found it quite funny. All these kids today that are so hyper sensitive about sh*t need to learn to laugh at life. Those women had a horrific experience, and they will take every dime they can get recanting thier stories, reliving the pain for the almighty dollar. Long live the ones who will always have the courage to say what everyone else is thinking!!!

  48. Deb says – reply to this


    Re: Matt – now your just as bad as she is!

  49. Coco Wellington says – reply to this


    Ummm I'm sorry but Joan started doing comedy in the late 60's.. So 5+ decades is a bit much unless you're living in the distant future.

  50. Dorothy says – reply to this


    Perhaps someone should chain her up in her daughter's tiny guest room, board up the window(s), lock all the doors, and throw away the keys. I wonder how many, if any, of the audience thought it was FUNNY. There must have been complaints!!!!

  51. Dorothy says – reply to this


    Re: medusabrown – Just like her, you can't make a valid statement. Your language is as foul as she is.

  52. Dorothy says – reply to this


    Re: ledfoot
    Right on!!!!