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Madonna Strips Down To Sing And We're Not Talking Acoustically!

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madonna instagram underwear singing

When you're a world icon like Madonna, you can do whatever you want and no one will mind!

The queen has been hard at work on her next album, collaborating with the likes of Natalia Kills and MoZella and now she's taking things to the next level!

Singing in her seXXXy underwear!

Madge shared on her Instagram the photo above and wrote:

Today I decided to sing in my underwear! No one seemed to mind! #loveyoufromtheinsideout. #artforfreedom

Well, we have two things to say about this: one, why would anyone even mind? Two, who would say no to her Madgesty?!

The queen can do whatever she wants and no one will bat an eye!


[Image via Madonna/Instagram.]

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11 comments to “Madonna Strips Down To Sing And We're Not Talking Acoustically!”

  1. Jay says – reply to this


    when exactly did she turn from being a trendsetter to a pathetic old hag again? seriously, she's totally obsolete and only still worshiped by ppl living in the past and/or gays. and if I have to see more "sexy" half naked pics of her I might turn gay soon too…

  2. CranflexerBogon says – reply to this


    She's an icon in the GAY world and among women (mostly older women who grew up in her day of reign). She's an icon whereever people say words like "fabulous" (a word no htero male uses). I have never in my life ever met a white suburban or rural american heterosexual male madonna fan (maybe, in the ghetto, hetero wigger males and guidos like her but I cant relate to them and their tastes. or meybe even they dont. They tend to like rappers). Maybe she had a few in the 80s but i was too young in the 80s to notice. By the time I became aware of music, grunge was the thing with hetero white males. If we had seen on the news "tonight's Nirvana concert has been cancelled and madonna will play instead" we would have FLIPPED A SCRIPT. "what the FUCK?" And the reason she can do anything she wants is because she's an old white female not because she's madonna. They always get a free pass in anything. It takes an act of god for our society to even call an old white woman a pedophile for dating a 15 year old student. But if she were a 22 year old white female dressing provocatively. oh shit. It would hit the fan. Its called charity and jealousy. Older women get charity and younger women get jealousy. Older women only bully young women's clothing back on and I hope young celebrity women REVOLT by doing endless sex tapes (I can never get enough sex tapes).

  3. CranflexerBogon says – reply to this


    That said… its totally cool she's in her undies. I'm not anti her getting risque. I'm against society bullying young women's clothes back on And bullying their boyfriends "you are 32 .. she's only 22. whats wrong with you?"… "these young stars should put clothes on. They are a bad role model"… Society is trying to turn young white females into arab women.

  4. ohmy says – reply to this


    I mind! Put your clothes back on you old hag!

  5. tess says – reply to this


    and her rumored boyfriend (Timor Steffens) instagrammed a picture where the fans think he's on set for a new madonna video!

  6. Blair Boudreau says – reply to this


    "M" looks incredible! Stripped down or not! I recently had the honour of being one of her backup dancers at her HardCandy Fitness club in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on February 11th, and let me tell you, that bitch still has it! She looks amazing and her Addicted to Sweat workout is a killer! As a non-dancer chosen for the event, I can tell you that she nearly killed us! Professionals, non-prefessionals et all! At about mid-workout I was just trying to no "throw up"! She looks impossibly young and has the body of women half her age and a core of steel! Don't listen to the haters! Jealousy is a poor motivator for living your life! The Queen still reigns supreme! Can't wait for the new album! Xoxo

  7. anna says – reply to this


    Desperate old hag. Put your clothes on! Gross.

  8. harleymutt says – reply to this


    If it wasn't for stripping, Madonna wouldn't now or in the past had a career, what she did and still pathetically still tries to do has been done many, many times before, she never was that original, her voice is good but there is nothing great about her.

  9. Peter says – reply to this


    Did she say 'nobody seemed to mind" or is it really "nobody seems to care"? I'll probably get shot for saying this (as a gay man) but it's time for her to retire…seriously. She's just not relevant anymore, and her trying to dress/sing/connect with the young audiences is just ridiculous. She was great….in her time, but that time has now past.

  10. topf says – reply to this


    Love her. The queen looks so good. She is the pioneer, she is the one. no one can compare to her

  11. 11

    .. so did Ingrid ; sIng in My underwear … ! And..No-one seemed to mind…