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Man Charged With Murder Wants To Hide His 'Murder' Neck Tattoo Before Trial For Fear A Jury Will Think He Committed The Crime!

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jeffrey chapman murder tattoo ap watermark

A Kansas man awaiting trial for first-degree murder is afraid that his tattoo might make jurors think he committed the crime without even hearing his defense!

His tattoo by the way - a mirror image of the word ‘murder’ in all caps across his neck!


Jeffrey Chapman now wants to either have his tattoo covered for his day in court OR have it professionally removed!

Prosecutors aren’t so keen on that idea though. They’re willing to allow Chapman to cover his neck but he will NOT be able to leave prison in order to have it taken off of him completely.

The trial is set to start Monday. Chapman is accused of killing Damon Galliart, whose body was found by hunters in a roadside ditch.

We’re not jury members on this case but we have to admit, we’ve reached our own verdict just by looking at that pic!

[Image via AP Images.]

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3 comments to “Man Charged With Murder Wants To Hide His 'Murder' Neck Tattoo Before Trial For Fear A Jury Will Think He Committed The Crime!”

  1. @v@ says – reply to this


    Turtle necks used to be worn to hide hickeys. My how things have changed.

  2. bria says – reply to this


    I try not to be biased towards someone just because of appearance, but if you want to try and get street cred from a ridiculous tattoo then people are going to expect that you own up to it. People do get meaningless tattoos just because they can though. In this case I believe that the jurors are going to judge solely off of the tattoo itself. He should be able to cover it up because it may just send him to jail. I can understand someone wanting to be prosecuted fairly with only evidence instead of by the way he looks.

  3. U are wasting my time! says – reply to this


    Jesus Christ! Who care about this turd-man killer! Throw him in jail and Basta!