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Secret's Out! Tom Hardy Got Secretly Married To Charlotte Riley?!

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tom hardy charlotte riley possible wedding

Say it isn't so!

Another Hollywood hottie may be permanently off the market.

While Tom Hardy didn't directly confirm whether or not he tied the knot with love Charlotte Riley, he did refer to the beauty as his wife!

During an interview about his latest flick, The Locke, Tom said:

"Well my wife is an actor as well so she sort of gets it. Apart from that, I’m a pain in the ass really. You know what I mean? Like any other boyfriend. Isn't that part of being in a relationship?…Aw, she's pure. She's just a very kind, pure person."

WHAT??! WHERE??! WHEN??! HOW?!!!!!!!!

And does this mean with never see the pics of the dapper dude waiting at the altar for his "pure" new wifey??!

UGH. What a shame!

Still, we MUST bow out gracefully from the lost battle for Tom's heart.

If anything, we're proud to lose to someone as stunning as Charlotte!

Regardless of if they walked down the aisle already, we wish them many, many congratz!

Hold onto those giant biceps tight for us, Charlotte! LOLz!

[Image via WENN.]

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5 comments to “Secret's Out! Tom Hardy Got Secretly Married To Charlotte Riley?!”

  1. Anne says – reply to this


    Ah, this should be great, although he called Charlotte his wife before. I think she 'fits him' very well!

  2. Tess says – reply to this


    Heathcliff and Cathy are married; WOW!

  3. Jane says – reply to this


    I don't know if this is true but they definitely look like a cute couple..

  4. Martha says – reply to this


    I call my fiance my husband and we aren't married, but we are engaged and have been together for 6 years so saying boyfriend doesn't seem like enough. He can still say wife and then not be married. He later referred to himself as "boyfriend" so I doubt they are.

  5. Sami says – reply to this


    They really are a beautiful couple :) I believe that she's a kind and pure person, too. I will be very happy for them if they do end up walking down the aisle! Make some pretty, kind babies, okay guys?! LOL