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Japan Gives Avril Lavigne's Controversial Hello Kitty Music Video Their Stamp Of Approval — Do You?

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Well, it's official. This will NOT become an international incident, which is especially thankful since President Barack Obama just spent the last few days in Japan. That could've been WAY awkward.

Apparently, a Japanese official is saying that the music video for Avril Lavigne's Hello Kitty that has caused quite a controversy is actually not racist, and that, get this, Avril is being lauded as a cultural hero.

Wait, whaaaa? We totally did not expect that reaction!

Reportedly, those working at the Japanese Embassy in Washington, D.C. are okay with the video, and are saying that they believe deep down that she "had only good intentions when making the video."

Hmm this does seem to fit in with Avril's defense of the video, which cites her love of all things Japanese.

This official continued saying that they "would be happy if the discussions surrounding her song and music video results in more people discovering the beautiful and rich culture of Japan."

Well, Japan has spoken! Perhaps this will make some of the H8er bois (and girls) disappear?

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11 comments to “Japan Gives Avril Lavigne's Controversial Hello Kitty Music Video Their Stamp Of Approval — Do You?”

  1. Tsuki says – reply to this


    Gwen Stefani's been there…done that…

    …much better might I add… smh…

  2. Wrong country says – reply to this


    Why would Avril's video affect the President Obama? She's Canadian.

  3. QueenB says – reply to this


    Um…Perez…Avril Lavigne is Canadian…what does it have to do with Obama, such ignorant americans…all of you are such celebrity ass kissers it's crazy.

  4. raquel says – reply to this


    how is this video racist? the video sucked, and she was very awkward for sure, but racist? nuh..

  5. Silas says – reply to this


    I hope this is Avril's comeback, not musically, but by getting her name back out there. This video is only officially being released as a radio single in Asia. Her next worldwide single is "Give You What You Like," and I hope all the buzz this has created only helps that song chart because it has the potential to be a #1 hit in my opinion. CHECK IT OUT HERE:

  6. Kyle says – reply to this


    Re: Silas – I couldn't agree more. "Give You What You Like" Is such a different sound for her that we haven't heard before. Vocally it's different than anything she's ever released. SLAY AVRIL!!!

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    LaVigne is a Canuck. Awkward? FTI, Barack bowed to a robot.

  8. 8

    There is more to this story. Avril's record company is Epic and it's owned by Sony, a Japanese company.
    I think had she done a duet with say one of the big K-Pop girl groups it would have been more fun, more exciting, and with none of the controversy

  9. 9

    Beyond the controversy, there is also the quality of the music. Here are the usual corporate manufactured pop problems I have with all this sound alike music: (and why we need a revolution in music)

    Same band sound
    same electric instrument line up
    same guitar sound
    same bass sound
    same synthesizer sound
    same drum sound
    same over produced sound
    lyrics hard to hear
    lyrics don't mean much
    weak or no real intro
    weak or no real outro
    same auto tuned vocals
    same background vocals
    song badly written and forgettable
    song's melody range limited to about 5 notes
    no part of the playing is exceptional or stands out.
    no part of the vocals is exceptional or stands out
    no part of the song they're singing is exceptional or stands out.
    sounds fake, manufactured, and pretentious.
    What on this record has not been heard on thousands of other recordings?

  10. lisa says – reply to this


    How is this racist? Im asian and I don't find anything racist about it. I believe Gwen Stefani did the same thing with her Harajuku girl backup dancers. I don't understand what the problem is here?

  11. Not racist says – reply to this


    Having spent some time in Japan I learned that Japanese girls adore avril. This video wasnt made for the United States and its sensitivity to anything with race. It was just made for her japanese fans that continue to love and support her.