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Lindsay Lohan's New Career Trajectory Could Include Teaching Pole Dancing! She's Pretty Good At It! Watch Here!

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Lindsay Lohan was quite the chatty lady on Alan Carr's Chatty Man Wednesday night! She even gave him some pointers on how to work the pole. That, she was good at.

What she wasn't so great at? Explaining just how sober she is these days!

The actress turned reality star spent most of her time with the iconic Brit TV presenter promoting her OWN reality docu-series, Lindsay.

Everything was peachy keen and smiles until Alan brought up LiLo's resurfaced drinking issues—to which she seemingly shut down and started giving the same answers we've been hearing from her since the press tour started!

We all know Lindsay had a relapse on the show, because Oprah's sly producers exposed that shiz—but when Alan asked the Mean Girls actress about the progress of her recovery so far, she said she doesn't really remember the last time she had a drink:

"I don’t know – a long amount of time. I mean there was a point on the show when I was in a relationship with someone and I like had a drink and I freaked out and didn’t want to say anything on the show as I didn’t know how that would come across and I was just scared. And that’s when it kind of hit home that I was doing a docu-series, and I was like you know what, I’m honest and I’m open and I’ve never really hid anything, unfortunately there are some things I would’ve like to have kept hidden have been out there."

Suspiciously vague, don't you think?! Alcoholics are TOTALLY supposed to know how many days they've been sober!

Reports have been swirling that Lindz is back to hitting the bottle, with multiple sources revealing they've seen her clutching alcohol—so we really have no idea who to believe!

After asking the necessary q's, we thank the gods that Alan lightened the mood…with a pole dancing lesson!

Watch Lindsay strut her stuff on a stripper pole, while simultaneously making it rain in the video (above!)

Who would've thought a strip club staple could save an interview?!


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7 comments to “Lindsay Lohan's New Career Trajectory Could Include Teaching Pole Dancing! She's Pretty Good At It! Watch Here!”

  1. 1

    All alcoholics don't know how many days they have been sober. What kind of stupid cliché is that !

    And by they way, your precious "sources" NEVER have any photos to prove she's drinking again. None. Nada.

  2. BS says – reply to this


    She is such a damn liar. Everyone knows it and no one will hire her.

  3. Dennis says – reply to this


    Her next trajectory will be satisfying the burro in the Tijuana donkey sex show.

  4. DISGUSTED says – reply to this


    Her talents are bullshitting, thieving and whoring. No matter how many talk shows she goes on no one is stupid enough to go another round with this car wreck. She has exhausted her chances.

  5. BooHoo says – reply to this


    Re: Suhisfitsudjit – Save your breath.We've heard all the excuses.

  6. No mas says – reply to this


    Sick of this POS and her fuck ups.

  7. It's like this says – reply to this


    Re: Suhisfitsudjit – While it is very true that not all alcholics know how many days they have been sober, people who have gone through FORMAL REHAB PROGRAMS and those who are dedicated to sobriety and trying to achieve sobriety DO make a point of remember WHEN their lives changed. If you are a recovering alcoholic, partically one who has been through rehab 6 times and has multiple issues with the law because of alcohol and drug related behaviors, it is NUTS that Lindsay would be genuinely "forgetful" of when she last drank. No way. It's like being a virgin and forgetting when you were deflowered. You might not remember the date 12 years after it happens, but a couple months after? You DO remember. Important events are REMEMBERED by people. Either she is drinking often, and isn't in the sobriety mind set, or she is brain damaged to the point she isn't going to be able to take care of herself when the assistants and money dry up.