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TIME May Have Put Beyoncé On Their Cover But It's Who They DIDN'T Include On The 100 Most Influential List That Has Infuriated The Internet!

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time 100 list laverne cox lupita nyongo not included

Yikes! Bet they didn't think they'd get such backlash from this!

Even Beyoncé on the cover couldn't save TIME from this one!

The annual TIME 100 Most Influential People list was released and there are a lot of familiar names, like Miley Cyrus, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Pharrell Williams, just to name a few!

However, the internet has exploded with rage because the AH-MAZE Lupita Nyong'o and the absolutely beautiful Laverne Cox were NOT included on the list!

But, you say, doesn't TIME choose the people they include, so they don't really have a reason to be mad?


The annual Most Influential People list has a public voting period that lets people show the editor's who they want on the list! Then, after the voting period, the editors choose their picks!

Well, what's angering everyone is that Laverne and Lupita got the highest percentage of YES's in the entire poll!

AND the Orange is the New Black actress had the highest number of voters second only to Benedict!

This post from Tumblr explains the whole thing:

not included on time list
included on time list 5
included on time list 4
included on time list 3
included on time list 2
included on time list 1

Most of those people, including Seth Meyers and Carrie Underwood, got more No's than Yes's!

How is that okay?!? HOW can they be put on the list over those two?!?!??!

We don't understand!

Amidst the controversy, Laverne took to her Twitter to let everyone know that, her fans and their support means more to her than making the list!

She tweeted:

Do YOU Think TIME Should Have Included Lupita Nyong'o & Laverne Cox?

View Results

Do YOU Think TIME Should Have Included Lupita Nyong'o & Laverne Cox?

  • Nope! It's the Editor's choice! (10%)
  • Yes! This is bullsh*t! (90%)

Total Votes: 2,730

Loading ... Loading …

[Image via FayesVision/WENN/TIME/Tumblr.]

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20 comments to “TIME May Have Put Beyoncé On Their Cover But It's Who They DIDN'T Include On The 100 Most Influential List That Has Infuriated The Internet!”

  1. 1

    Beyonce doesn't even know how to speak…did she even graduate high school?
    She's the problem with American, exploiting her looks/vanity giving kids the wrong impression

  2. Amber says – reply to this


    ..why ask the public to vote then?

  3. 3

    Why would Lupito be on the list? I hardly consider her influential, she might be haing a moment right now but see where she is in 4 years.

  4. Karen says – reply to this


    WTF???? This Lupita Nyong'o is fucking ugly!—Please !!!

  5. shaygirl says – reply to this


    We are watching the demise of magazines. beyonce the humper on the cover of time, a piss star on the cover of vogue. newsweek got sold for a buck and a half. time after this is probably worth a quarter.

  6. A says – reply to this


    Oohhh fuck you lupita

  7. Spottedfeather says – reply to this


    Maybe they weren't picked for the list because barely anyone knows who they are ?

  8. notneeded says – reply to this


    Why would John Green not be included in the list? He is an incredible writer and extremely influential to me. Has been for years. While I love Lupita, most of the public has only known her for less than a year, so I do understand why she didn't make the list this year.

  9. The off says – reply to this


    What is beyonce on the cover for exactly? What has she influenced? The overwhelming majority of people in america do not even listen to R&B. She's not a scientist. I doubt very much that she has a genius IQ so she is not genius. I saw gossip posts claiming that she was going to get……. a GED. Did she ever do that? Did she ever go to college or a GED? So she's not a scholar apparently. She sings… but she didnt invent any musical technology. She didnt invent a genre a music (She's stuck in the same trap of repetition that most black females are trapped in: R & B). Jimi Hendrix was INFLUENTIAL. He helped invent a genre (hard rock). Beyonce never did any such thing. I dont understand why she is there but to sell issues or for PC reasons.

  10. The OFf says – reply to this


    And her feminist songs are actually sexist. They dont advocate "gender equality". They specifically tell girls to RUN the world Not WORK TOGETHER SIDE BY SIDE WITH males as equals. A song entitled "run the world (boys)" would be deeemd sexist.
    and MALES wrote that song in ghetto english….the kind of english you dont want influencing your kids. Ghetto english.. the english of people who cant get a GED.
    Maybe if she wrote songs urging black americans to lower their homicide rate (in half at least) and they actually DID it.. .then she would belong on the cover and also in biblical pictures holding baby jesus. I'd worship her if she could accomplish that. But she cant. Because she has no influence. The crips and bloods and latin kings would never listen to her. Until then.. her face was there to sell issues. But she is not influential. She's talented but influential? Just because people like her voice.. doesnt make her an influence. I like my girlfriends voice but she can barely influence her cat.

  11. The off says – reply to this


    The most influential people in our society are high IQ INVENTORS….. SCIENTISTS…. SCHOLARS …and if that was my magazine… they would ALWAYS get the cover. INVENTORS (my rock stars).
    Everybody else is riding on the coattails of inventors' genius. Beyonce is a fantastic singer and performer (if you arent bored of R&B's repetitious nature).. but nobody would know it if a high IQ genius hadnt figured out how to tame electrical current and use it to power a mic and a recording console. In schools, high IQ nerds get overlooked in favor of low IQ jocks and as grownups.. .. higher IQ nerds are overlooked in favor of musical ebonics. But i dont mean to single her out. There are always lots of jokes on any list. I dont even trust lists anymore. They try harder to be PC than to actually accomplish a quality list. And i'm not even going to address… Lupita Nyong'o. She belongs on the cover for ONE MOVIE? lol. MY MOM (just some lazy rich catholic jew for jesus) has done more to save lives in africa in the last 20 years than Lupita as a part time volunteer charity worker.
    My mom was trying to raise awareness about Bantu on pygmy slavery in the congo when Nygontgo was 10 years old. She was giving toys to land mine victims in ethiopia. She belongs on the cover before Lupita.

  12. The off says – reply to this


    I dont even like the idea of celebrities making these types of lists because EVERYBODY with a brain knows that in order to become a famous celeb… you pretty much have to be hot and sexy and good looking (some exceptions). So that would mean only hot and sexy and good looking people could make that list if celebrities are given too much "social value". I could go on and on. There could never be a legendary scientist on the cover. They tend to look like Einstein. Not sexy like a celeb.

  13. pink says – reply to this


    I could care less about Lupita or Lavern.I am pissed that Jared Leto is not on the list let alone the cover because what Beyoncé did this year ,he did 10 years ago.She is just now catching up to and copying him.

  14. @v@ says – reply to this


    Time used to be big.

  15. Emily says – reply to this


    The bottom line is, it's TIME magazine, and therefore, TIME has the final day on who does or does not make the list. Anyone who has an issue with this should start their own publication and make their own list.

    TIME obviously has a process through which they choose their 100, and for all we know, this is just one part of, rather than the full, criteria.

    Furthermore Perez, it's very interesting how you flip flop between calling Carrie Underwood 'Queen' when it suits you (like when you think it may attract her attention), but then playing the other side when something like this comes up.

  16. Nanana says – reply to this


    Re: Amber – it's not like she dropped our or didn't finish so she could have a baby, smoke weed, or have fun. It was a choice of hers so that she may focus her career as a singer. Because as a child her dream was so be a singer. For someone like beyonce, even if she had several Master Degrees in stuff it would not impact her life at all because of what she is doing now. She still worked hard for her dream, just without the schooling which would've been a distraction for her career.

  17. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Time's most influential list is a sham. Leaving Laverne Cox and Lupita Nyong'o off the list while Carrie Underwood and John Green are included is just the last straw. I can't Time Magazine seriously anymore. Shame on them.

  18. anonymous says – reply to this


    Re: Anonymous – –> you're acting as if you read anything at all.

  19. 19

    Voting or not, Lupita hasn't been around long enough to be considered influential on a large scale. Don't let the oscar win cloud your thinking. And I don't know what sane minded person would want anyone (especially kids) to be influenced by Laverne Cox. She's an abomination.

  20. pinky says – reply to this


    I have never heard of those two…the others are people who are house hold names