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Perez Reviews: If/Then

| Filed under: Broadway BabiesPerez ReviewsIdina Menzel

If Idina Menzel were not so super talented, then If/Then would be such a Debbie Downer of a show - more so than it already is!

Unfortunately, this is no Wicked or Rent.

If/Then fails to serve the greatness that is its leading lady and her big Broadway return in 10 years is dampened by a show that is underwhelming at best and laborious throughout.

The whole concept of the show, a musical ripoff of the Gwyneth Paltrow movie Sliding Doors, does a disservice to the material and actors. If/Then would have worked A LOT better as a musical comedy! The show is a dramatic musical, but you're not very invested in the characters because you don't have time to be. The action is split into two alternating stories that explore the different consequences Idina's character would have been faced with if she made different decisions in her life.

Brian Yorkey's book literally made us groan repeatedly. There were so many moments we wanted to pull our hair out throughout the show, but then - thankfully - Idina would sing and all would be temporarily better.

Note to Mr. Yorkey: cursing repeatedly does not make your show "cool" or "edgy".

And even worse and more distracting than the book was the choreography by Larry Keigwin. It is just embarrassingly cheesy and bad!


THANKFULLY, though, there are some real standout performances. James Snyder brings so much warmth to his role as the love interest that you can't help but fall in love with him. And LaChanze brings so much humor and personality to her role as the best friend that she almost steals the

Annmarie Milazzo did a FANTASTIC job with the vocal arrangements and she must be applauded for truly giving the audience what they want - to hear Idina sing and really show off that big and iconic voice of hers!

Menzel is at the top of her game vocally, and despite the show itself being lackluster, she will still likely get a Tony nomination!

Hopefully next in line for her… Menzel with a Z! Or something like that!

A Menzel one-woman show would have a lot more appeal and would be such a universally loved hit!

Do it! Do it! Do it!

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12 comments to “Perez Reviews: If/Then

  1. 1

    You are truly oone of the most ignorant pig-men alive. As impossible as it seems, you are more hideous on the outside than the inside. Barely. But the thing that makes you so incredibly despicable is not your horrific, wrror-filled writing. No, it's the idea that you think you are worthy of critiquing ANYONE or ANYTHING. The idea that you actually try to write reviews is hilarious. We are AGAIN laughing at you, not with you. Your poor, poor dommed son. Sad.

  2. keyth says – reply to this


    "Perez Reviews". This is what happens when you suddenly can afford a Broadway show ticket and now think one is qualified to write a "review".
    First off , this sites core audience are college aged gals who certainly couldn't afford (most) a Broadway show but do come here for the gossip etc.
    Having said that, there isn't a serious NY theater goer who would ever, EVER seek out Perez's thoughts on a Broadway play.
    So laughable.

  3. adblockplus says – reply to this


    Re: carlystyle
    I agree.
    Just another example of Perez self-medicating his huge ego by calling it "Perez Reviews".
    Till he gets his own column in a MAJOR entertainment publication (NY Times, PLaybill) he will remain just another Broadway expensive ticket buyer with cheap thoughts.

  4. keyth says – reply to this


    Perez has never scored a major tv role, movie role or Broadway role nor has he ever secured a major writing column on music, movie, tv or Broadway plays.
    Anytime Perez has appeared on TV or Broadway-it's a cameo role playing himself ("Newsicals", BH 90120". Talk shows? A commercial lasts longer than his air time on Wendy Willaims or The Talk.
    "Perez reviews" is done in a "One Day At Band Camp" style that makes readers cringe.

    Stick to gossip Perez. And even at that you just have hired worker bees to scour the internet for stories while you attend , rub shoulders, get photo ops at Broadway plays and movie openings wearing ridiculous outfits.

  5. tempe says – reply to this


    Nobody , nobody ever called Perez the queen of all media. He coined that himself for himself and once again nobody, nobody ever quotes his thoughts on Broadway plays.
    To be taken seriously Perez needs to take some serious writing skill classes, stop posting group selfies of actors,usage of excess exclamation points and the never ending "us & we".
    Attending plays wearing "Look at me " outfits only lends credence to that fact that it's about YOU and NOT about the play or any other event you go to.
    Get over yourself Perez.

  6. nationalenquirer says – reply to this


    If you're wondering what Perez is blithering about here's a snippet of a true "reviewer""

    Elizabeth is a walking irony. An independent, die-hard New Yorker, she nevertheless moves to Phoenix to be with a husband none of her friends likes. An urban planner by training, she thus finds herself in a city so sprawly and unregulated she can’t practice her profession, and so teaches it there instead, “like teaching breathing on the moon.” After 12 years of this, she returns to New York, divorced and jobless and 38, to untangle her ironies and, in the great tradition of such stories, start over. How will she make it on her own? But if the new musical If/Then has a backstory straight from the Mary Richards playbook, it moves instantly into new territory, with original results. "

  7. Kathryn Kitt says – reply to this


    Would have been nice if you mentioned my brother Tom Kitt's work as well-he wrote some lovely melodies that enabled Ms Menzek to sing her face off.

  8. Kathryn Kitt says – reply to this


    Re: Kathryn Kitt

    Meant Ms. Menzel

  9. 9

    Re: keyth – afford - Perez is the world's biggest freeloader and got comped tickets. His enormous ego feels that he is deserving of free tickets and anything else he can get his hands on. Maybe if his mommy stopped telling him he is a god while jacking him off might curb his fucking behavior.

  10. Mark says – reply to this


    Everything about this "review" baffles me. In the most unique and original musical since Kitt and Yorkey's "Next to Normal," Perez calls is a "ripoff" No it's not. It's not based on a movie or a book or play. It's an original musical from start to finish.

    He says "The book made us groan repeatedly." What about it made you groan? That's your job as a critic. Tell us specifically what about the show was unsuccessful. You insert bitchy comments about the story but don't tell your reader where it goes wrong.

    Read The New Yorker's or the Washington Post's review of this show.

  11. Kathryn Kitt says – reply to this



  12. Kathryn Kitt says – reply to this


    And now that TOM KITT and BRIAN YORKEY were nominated for BEST SCORE IN THE TONY NOMINATIONS - think you should re think your nasty comments…..