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Got A Weekend Hangover?? Here Are 10 LOL-Worthy GIFs That Will Help You Get Through It!

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The freakin' weekend happened HARD, and now you're back at school or at work—totally depressed that another two day break is lightyears away!

And while we sympathize with you on so many levels, choosing to live on the brighter side of things could lend itself to a brazilliant and successful week!

So to help you get through today's Manic Monday, we've provided our Perezcious readers with a HIGHlarious and GIF-filled recap of last weekend's events—as told by unsuspecting people and adorable animals!

Grab a latte/greasy breakfast sandwich, sit back and LOL your butt off!

1. You started off Saturday night like, "Let's Go B*tches!"

001 funny animal gifs dog

2. You arrived to the club and served the dance floor with book report realness…


3. You may or may not have made some bad decisions at the bar, but these kissing creatures in wine glasses should help!

009 funny animal gifs chinchillas in glasses

4. You're ready to retire for the night, but willing to wait up for your one true love…


5. You stumbled in around 2AM.

falling jedi

6. And woke up lyke dis…

little girl makeup face

7. Getting out of bed was probably one of the hardest things you ever had to do…

funniest gifs 2013 dog fall

8. But your friends invited you to brunch, so you have to hurry up!

tumblr inline n2abblsway1ssi980

9. And while the day was a blast, it's almost time for sleep and the dreaded work week.


10. It's now Monday and your alarm goes off. While we know it may feel far away, another winter weekend is coming! So don't do as Elmo does…

We can get through this together!

funniest gifs 2013 elmo

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