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Fox News Anchor Calls George Clooney Gay! Then Backtracks And Says He Was Kidding! Watch The Cringe-Worthy Video HERE!

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Fox News - not exactly known for its comedy stylings. So we’re not entirely shocked to see one of the network’s anchors attempt to deliver a joke that landed with what can only be described as a thud to end all thuds.

The gang on The Five were gabbing about George Clooney’s recent engagement when Eric Bolling, seemingly out of nowhere, announced that the Oscar-winning actor was gay!

Um…sorry, do you know something we don’t, Eric?

None of his four co-hosts laughed during this suuuuper awkward moment. In fact one of them even gasped!

It took Bolling about .2 seconds to realize the implications that come from calling someone gay live on-air, and then began the backpedalling.

He hurriedly explained:

“Now, now, he watches the show. Let me explain. For all the ladies out there who think he’s amazing, just admit it, he’s either gay or he’s married. Just get over it. Move on. There’s got to be someone else.”

Wow. Dig that hole any deeper and you’re gonna hit China, Mr. Bolling.

We’re assuming someone in the control room didn’t find Bolling’s “joke” funny either because later in the show, he explained himself once again, saying:

“They want me to make sure I point out that I was kidding about Clooney…get it, ‘he’s either gay or married,’ so he’s off the market. So stop dreaming about George Clooney.”

His co-host Dana Perino can then be heard say, “I didn’t get it.”

Yeah, no one did, Dana. Because it made zero sense.

Like, zero.

Eric offered up yet ANOTHER clarification even later in the show, saying once again that he was kidding about Clooney being gay.

Say you were kidding all you want, Bolling. But we’d suggest that rather than say you were kidding, just go with, “I’m not funny!”

Because you’re not. Leave comedy to the professionals. Like the staff at The Daily Show. Those guys are so good, they can get us to laugh at anything!

Even you.

Watch The Five’s Eric Bolling’s major George Clooney gay gaffe above!

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7 comments to “Fox News Anchor Calls George Clooney Gay! Then Backtracks And Says He Was Kidding! Watch The Cringe-Worthy Video HERE!”

  1. tw says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton…not exactly known for his high I level. If you didn't laugh it's probably because you just didn't get it. Pot meet kettle, remember the time you were a douche(too many so I'll specify) and tried to claim the same in a bullying fashion about Will.I.Am?

  2. tw says – reply to this


    Re: tw – s

    Auto correct removed the Q from IQ level. Go figure.

  3. Andrea says – reply to this


    George Clooney is 100% gay. But it's his choice to come out when he wants to. It's sad that he knows he will lose so many fans and movie deals if he's gay :( it's the sad truth.

  4. Dan says – reply to this


    I wouldn't be surprised if George Clooney was gay. He's one of the biggest Hollywood coverups ever.

  5. barb says – reply to this


    I'm sure there are lots of gay people in Hollywood that won't come out because they know it would affect their careers….unless of course your initials are NPH. Married with children would be a great hiding place. A lawyer( to the celebrities) said that people would be quite surprised by some of the names.(this was on one of the entertainment shows)

  6. 6

    Interesting how you post about this but say nothing about Madonna using the word gay as an insult. Oh and it's really obvious Clooney is gay.

  7. Jamie Lake says – reply to this


    What happened to the old Perez Hilton who would tell the truth? He used to have no problems outting people and just telling the truth. Now, it seems he kisses ass and pretends he doesn't know what everyone in Hollywood already knows. It's like he doesn't want to piss off the powers that be or his Hollywood friends or his advertisers. Bring back the old Perez!