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Real Housewives Stars Teresa & Joe Giudice Prove They're Totally Broke By Doing THIS While Eating Out!

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We know they're facing extreme money troubles, including the possibility of losing their home…

But we cannot believe that Real Housewives stars Teresa and Joe Giudice would go out to dinner, have friends pay for them, and STILL stiff the waitress out of the full bill total!

The jail-plagued couple joined friends at Bananas Comedy Club on April 25th in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey—only to dish out the utmost diva-like behavior once inside the eatery!

One spy inside the restaurant revealed:

"Once inside, Teresa sat with a menu covering her face for a little while. She didn’t even look at the waitress. Her friends ordered her cosmos for her. Her husband was rude. He ordered a drink and when the waitress set it down, he snapped at her asking, 'Where’s my straw?' When she returned with a straw and he just grabbed it out of her hand, with no regard for her."

Yeeesssh! Nas-teeeee!

The final insult, however, came at the end of the evening. The eye-witness said:

When the check was delivered, Teresa’s friends paid it… the Giudices didn’t even go into their pocket. The best part is that the check was $201.25 and they gave the waitress $201.00 and told her that they didn’t have a quarter. I will mention that 18% gratuity is included. Thank God, or the waitress would have been screwed!"

Sources have explained that Tre LOVES the legal attention she's getting from the fraud case—so maybe this entire night out was an act to amp up her RHONJ persona!

Either way, she needs to learn that rudeness will get her nowhere, and no one deserves to be treated that way!

This attitude is not going to fly behind bars, homegirl!

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5 comments to “Real Housewives Stars Teresa & Joe Giudice Prove They're Totally Broke By Doing THIS While Eating Out!”

  1. beach says – reply to this


    "Spy inside" really means someone making shit up and Perez posting so stupid people can believe it.

  2. Fitzzz says – reply to this


    Your a moron
    The waitress got a $36.00 tip on a 200 meal for four people
    Most servers I know would consider that a good deal

  3. 3

    The tip was included idiot!

  4. 4

    Just when you think the King of ALL Douches (Perez) can't sink to an even MORE incompetent level, he does. The writing on this post is your worst ever! Really exposes your stupidity. Ooooooh, they stiffed someone stupid enough to bring a drink without a straw out of 25 cents when the 18% tip was already included???? Alert the media!!!! Perez is done. Worst celeb news stealer on the planet. And uglier on the outside than the hideous inside.

  5. What says – reply to this


    That proves they are poor, because they were treated to a meal? Damn guess I can't let my man pay for a meal because then everyone will just assume I'm poor….