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Did Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Make Up The Cheating Scandal For A True Tori Ratings Boost??!

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It IS peculiar that Tori Spelling's new docu-series True Tori just happened to get a new show when her hubby Dean McDermott admitted to cheating.

So peculiar that many are actually questioning just how real the whole scandal is!

While we do love ourselves some Tori, there is definitely some evidence that reveals her new reality show might not be so real.

Let's go over the facts, shall we??!

1. Tori said that she agreed to film her latest reality series because the tabloids have always told her story and she wants to speak the truth, but she's already publish FOUR autobiographical novels.

2. In the first episode the actress is portrayed chasing after her four kiddies to get them ready for school WITHOUT Dean by her side, but why is she doing it all alone if she has been photographed with three nannies AND an assistant??!

3. Tori told the cameras that Dean had checked into treatment just before Christmas even though he was actively posting snaps of their kids until mid-January! We're pretty positive rehab facilities forbid most phone use and internet access. Also, Dean told us all that he had gone into rehab for "health and personal issues" on January 23.

4. Tori gave an exclusive interview to the same tabloid magazine that told the world about her husband's affair. And this was all while she complained on her multiple reality shows that she absolutely hated the tabloid coverage of her love life.

5. Emily Goodhand — Dean's alleged Canadian mistress— has disappeared after being interviewed about the nights she spent with the dad of four. Unlike other mistresses, Emily has had no photoshoots, has no social media presence, and no "close friends" of her have come forward. Is Emily even a real person???!

6. In one of books, Spelling It Like It Is, Tori actually spilled the deets about just how fake her reality shows have been. At one point Tori wrote, "I'm Aaron Spelling's daughter. I knew how to write the story. I knew what would tug on heartstrings."

There you have it, folks!

We're not sure what else we need to prove our gurl is manipulating the cameras at least a little bit, but will it keep us from tuning in??! Probably not.

After all, the first episode promises that the series will indeed be filled with some MAJOR dramz! We can't resist!

Do YOU think Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's cheating scandal is a publicity stunt??

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Do YOU think Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's cheating scandal is a publicity stunt??

  • No, who would make that up??! (32%)
  • Yes. She should win an Emmy for her performance! (68%)

Total Votes: 4,375

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30 comments to “Did Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Make Up The Cheating Scandal For A True Tori Ratings Boost??!”

  1. 1

    I can see someone making up stories for reality tv, but come on, this would be a new low, to open yourself up to public scrutiny and how about their children, that would be too messed up, I just can't see it and hope that it is not true.

  2. beach says – reply to this


    Well duh. Once again, why anyone watches this crap reality and gets into it needs to have their heads examined. It's all so stupid. Manufactured BS. America needs to quit watching crap like this and these idiots will go away.

  3. beach says – reply to this


    Re: Queen Bee 36 – Wake up Queen Bee. Not much truth in any of the reality shows, and you fools all buy into the nonsense and they laugh all the way to the bank. Only stupid people watch the stupid crap they call reality tv.

  4. 4

    It is NOT a "Reality" show when you have camera's following you around! total bullshit and people eat this up! why? because it's better than their hum drum lives! so sad. If they cancelled all this supposed "reality" bullshit maybe we can get some good writers back on writing some decent 'scripts" for TV

  5. Huntress says – reply to this


    I think he cheated look at her she looks like Mr. Ed and he married her for her last name. I really think that she doesn't care how she is on tv as long as she is on tv.

  6. ... says – reply to this



  7. Rhon says – reply to this


    The latest pictures of this inFAMOUS duo show them trotting around with their daughter, Stella. She is in the middle holding each of her parents' hands. It reminds me of the Clintons after his indiscretion leaked out. They were seen walking across the White House lawn to board a helicopter. Smack dab in the middle was their daughter holding each of her parents' hands. The message was obvious. These two fabricated an existence that belonged in a fairytale. The public bought it. How anyone could truly believe that Candy would allow her grandchildren to go without is ludicrous. Perhaps her daughter's quest for attention annoys her, but she is probably picking up some of the tab behind the scenes. I don't think anyone really believes they have no help with their finances or with the raising of their children. Look at their lifestyle. They constantly move from house to house. Photographers accompany them everywhere, even inside her SECRET stay at a hospital. Also, she's snapped as she is released from the hospital. Kris Jenner has some serious competition in these two. Perhaps they should create a joint REALity show!

  8. LM says – reply to this


    I thought it was odd from the very first issue of Us Weekly putting the story out and then NOT ONE word about Emily Goodhand AT ALL!!!??? No tabloid coverage. No pappo's following her around….wth is that. I also found it odd that T and D were together for New Years all lovey-dovey with the kids in the pic!??? I sure wouldn't be cuddled up to my hubby if there were tabloid rumors swarming about his infidelity!!! She certainly knows how to keep her name in the news and gain TV shows and money from the lies and extortion!! Poor unfortunate soul!!

  9. Charlie S says – reply to this


    The new show is more fake than Tori's horrendous boob job!

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    Who cares. She IS Aaron Spelling's daughter. I hope she takes those probable innate skills, knowledge and connections and runs with that.

  11. Suzie says – reply to this


    I am certain he cheated. She is the thinnest she has ever been and you can see the stress radiating from her. I agree the show may be "enhanced" for ratings, but I have no doubt the situation exists.

  12. Donna Martin says – reply to this


    I hate to say this but after watching Dean admit he was suicidal and Tori freaked b/c she was worried about "production" I felt like this is a big fat set up.
    Yes Dean has seriously problems, you can't make that shit up, but the affair?? I'm not so sure anymore. Tori is a terrible actress and is acting terrible on this show. It's really fucked up that's it's on Lifetime and not some never heard of channel. It's also completely ridiculous that I'm watching it, I'm not sure what's worse???

  13. Ara says – reply to this


    No one knew that Dean was in treatment and Tori hadn't seen him in 3 months. Bs. They don't care. They are not big enough stars. Tori dials dean so kids can talk to daddy? No that never happens. Also it would take more than 24 hours to get Into treatment. They also would never allow filming. So big BS. They are hurting for $. Tori quit the pain patches.

  14. jen says – reply to this


    tori, yes it is sad dean made a terrible mistake, but it seems both your hearts are so broken, im not you but i aslo lost a good man for the same reason, and i regret that i listen to my friends instead of my heart, and to this day he has never had another, now i realize his mistake is his guilt not mine, and to this day 10 years later he is still in regret. dont be like me not trusting, u r a beartiful person, people do make mistakes, and forgivness is there,in the heart ,

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: jen – So date him and then take him back now. Go on, and have fun.

  16. KatZ Meow says – reply to this


    They both LOOK awful… like they are going through some type of emotional trauma. However some of their words and actions do LOOK rehearsed or scripted. But, personally, I think the world is going mad and they are just another example of how this culture is septic and detrimental to society.

  17. Been There says – reply to this


    I believe Tori Spelling. Last year, I went through this same nightmare when the other woman came to my front door. As I watch Tori struggle with the pain of the betrayal and how to move forward, I can relate to that. Wanting to know all the details of the affair, having mixed emotions about the guilty spouse and realizing that the man you loved and thought you knew so well, is not the man you thought he was. Tori, I found myself finishing your sentences as you spoke to the camera and the counsellors. You can't fake the rawness of her emotions. Only someone who has been through this can understand.

  18. mary howard says – reply to this


    Re: Donna Martin – I for one am rooting for both of them. They are partners in life and as parents they are doing what needs to be done. Marriage isn't easy and to do it in front of the cameras must be doubly so. They aren't taking the easy way out, which would be divorce. I pray they come out of this stronger and that their marriage is even better. Go Tori and Dean!!!!

  19. Beth says – reply to this


    Did you also not note on Episode 1 they opened with the first interview dated APRIL 1?? April Fools!

  20. mia says – reply to this


    A. She does have nannies but she has to to the morning routine alone. Later in the same episode she is shopping with her friends. Who is with the kids??? NANNIES!

    B. She was recently saying they had little money and Dean couldn't afford a vasectomy….but he has money for 3 months of rehab???

    Pure crap. These two just need to go away!

  21. Wow Perez says – reply to this





  22. Noelle says – reply to this


    Why are these two clowns still on t v??? No one gives a shit about Dean and Tori!!!

  23. Noelle says – reply to this


    I agree but look at Dean too! He looks like a neanderthal on crack! Ugh

  24. Noelle says – reply to this


    I agree and I believe he deserves all the problems he has because he cheated on his first wife too

  25. Wendy says – reply to this


    I feel bad for Tori, I loved them as a couple, but watching this show, I feel that Dean is acting his way through the whole thing. He knows how to get to Tori with what he says, every time it gets to the nitty gritty, he does something (brings up the suicide thoughts, and then the mini breakdown on the couch) to make everyone feel sorry for him.

    he should be the one walking on egg shells but it looks like he is making her feel that she needs to walk on egg shells…

    too bad all of Tori's besties are gay, cause one of them needs to swoop in and sweep her off her feet.

  26. Waleh says – reply to this


    I think it's real, there's no way her friends would be that great at acting, you can see the wear and tear on Dean, look at his face, it's deeply wrinkled, and the bags and circles under his eyes aren't fake. I truly believe it's real and i'm not an idiot. No one would bring their children into a show to make a buck, well, at least most people won't. Their emotions and arguments don't seem staged at all…

  27. Media studies prof says – reply to this


    The fact that this couple subjects their children to all this and uses them as the focus for such a show is a disgrace. All those photo montages between scenes is testimony to a real lack of judgement on both their parts and the producers of the show. Its just exploitation from start to finish. The privacy of children should always be protected especially in times of parental conflict. Those little children have far too much to deal with without the crap that the show dishes out. Shame on the adults for this.

  28. Rick says – reply to this


    Re: Donna Martin – what's worse is your grasp of the English language and the conveyance of it.

  29. Brown Eyed Girl says – reply to this


    Not buying any of it. They are both bad actors and Tori lives in a fantasy. Their love story? It's interesting seeing all these "posed" photos of the "perfect happy family" intertwined in this show. Part of the issue here is they are trying to live some fairy tale, that they have been faking, and don't live in reality. Tori wants to live in the photograph. Sad.

    The fact that they are doing all of this with their kids is unforgivable. Has either of them thought outside of their self involved dillusional personalities that they are doing major harm to their children?

  30. cass says – reply to this


    She claims to feel like such a fool yet shares all this crap . Not real. why would anyone want to share the pain she claims to be feeling. If I felt like such a fool about my husband cheating on me the last thing i would be doing is going public with all my raw emontions