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How Fetch! 5 Mean Girls Secrets Revealed 10 Years Later!

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Mean Girls' 10th anniversary is slowly turning into the best day…EVER.

If only we could break up our Spring Fling crown and throw it out to all of our fellow Glen Coco fans! *SIGH*

Anyway, no matter how many times we've seen Mean Girls, some secrets will always stay with the cast and crew…

….until now!

Find out five fabulous fact about the ultimate chick flick exactly 10 years after it's theatrical debut…AFTER THE JUMP!!

damien from mean girls

1. Daniel Franzese almost wasn't cast as Damian, but that all changed when he met Tina Fey! Daniel remembered:

"[Amanda Seyfried was doing her audition] and she was like, ‘I think I’ll wear this outfit, or this one.' And she had two tops and one was yellow and one was, like, merlot. And I just butted in and said, ‘I would go with the merlot.’ And Tina turned around and laughed. And I said [to Tina], ‘I just want to tell you I think you’re fabulous,’ and she said, ‘Thank you!’ We started talking for a little bit and then when I was next, I went into the room and they said, ‘You ! We loved you! We thought you worked here. Now we’re excited.’”

rachel mcadams

2. Martha Stewart helped Rachel McAdams and Rajiv Surendra bond.

Rajiv said:

“When I went in for my final callback, in the waiting room it was just me and Rachel. And we were just sort of sitting there, and she saw on my résumé that I had done something with Martha Stewart [laughs] a couple years before. And she’s like, ‘Wow, what did you do with Martha Stewart?’ So we kind of clicked right away. And then when we were shooting, I believe she was furnishing a new apartment or she was just moving into a new place, and she was looking for an egg poacher, so there was a day where I helped her find an egg poacher. So random!”


3. Jonathan Bennett insists Rachel has the softest lips EVER.

The man better known as Aaron Samuels recalled:

“I will say this: Rachel McAdams has the softest lips on the face of the earth that anyone will ever kiss. Hands down. I think I did tell her that! We kissed for the first time on camera, and I was like, ‘Whoa!’"

jonathan bennett

4. Lindsay Lohan made Jonathan giggle!

Jonathan spilled:

“I remember [the scene I couldn't keep a straight face for] was the one where Lindsay and I are sitting in the house and she tells me that Regina’s cheating on me; we could not keep it together to save our lives. We really couldn’t. We just couldn’t. We laughed, because we had to look at each other really serious, and by that point Lindsay and I had become really close so we had tons of inside jokes, so every time we had to look at each other very seriously, if there was even a hint of a smile from either of us, we would lose it.”

5. The whole cast are still bestiez!

Daniel dished:

“Yeah, [I talk to] most of them actually. Lizzy [Caplan], definitely. Lindsay, I do. Lacey [Chabert] and I are going to lunch tomorrow. I see Jonathan Bennett every once in a while, Rajiv and I are really close. Diego [Klattenhoff], who played Shane Oman, and I talk. I see Amanda occasionally, and we always have a good time. I haven’t seen Rachel McAdams since the movie. And I haven’t seen Tina in a long time. Oh! I see Amy a lot. … It’s a small town; Hollywood is a high school we all go to. … [With Lindsay] we talk about our day-to-day lives mostly. Our friendship definitely has the feeling of ‘we went to high school together,’ after all these years. She was high school-aged when that happened, and a lot of those girls didn’t have a typical high school experience, so this is the [alternative] version of that for her, I’m sure. We hang out like normal; we just laugh. And she’s doing great. I’ve definitely seen a positive change in her.”

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    Watched the movie once a long time ago at the discount theater. It was not bad but I would not pay full price for it.

  3. 90s kid says – reply to this


    MEAN GIRLS was the TWILIGHT SAGA of 2004!