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Damn! Christina Aguilera Was Straight Up "Rude" To This Mean Girls Star! So Not Fetch!

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damian mean girls meet christina aguilera rude

WHOA! This is so NOT fetch!!

Christina Aguilera has NEVER SEEN Mean Girls!

Daniel Franzese, aka Damian from the film, recently revealed as one of his 10th anniversary secrets that he met Christina and introduced himself!

Ya know, cause he sang her song Beautiful in the film and what he revealed about the starlet was NOT kind!

He said:

"Never again. It's actually funny because I met Christina Aguilera and I thought for sure that would be an exciting moment in my life. And I was like, "Christina, my name's Daniel. I sing Beautiful in Mean Girls. And she was like, "Never saw it." And then turned her back and walked away. She was so rude."

WHOA! We're sure Christina has changed since then! There's no WAY she still hasn't seen the movie!

But even still, we're surprised to hear she was rude to him!

However, we're sure this was some time ago and Xtina has matured and wouldn't be rude if she saw him again!

At least we hope not!

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17 comments to “Damn! Christina Aguilera Was Straight Up "Rude" To This Mean Girls Star! So Not Fetch!”

  1. 1

    You don't say would have never would've guessed she was an awful snot bag. lol I bet her being a flop has nothing to do with that. She's such a never was.

  2. KC says – reply to this


    You're surprised to hear she was rude to him? It's not like you never posted accounts of other celebrities who have had less than pleasant run-ins with her.

  3. carol says – reply to this


    Most celebs that talk about awful experiences with their idols say CA was the biggest disappointment. I've heard for years what a nasty person she is.

  4. kc says – reply to this


    this is the third time I've heard a story like this about her

  5. Roxanna says – reply to this


    Yeah…. ive heard a few stories similar to this about her over the years on various outlets. A part of me does think that maybe she is just a royal B****.

  6. jaimie says – reply to this


    That wasn't even that bad. She just said never heard of it and walked away. I've heard worse.

  7. 7


  8. Peterpan says – reply to this


    Totally out of context: She just said "Never saw it" and walked away…IS THAT BEING RUDE? Maybe sha was running because she had to be somewhere elese in time, where did they meet? Probably in a kind of event or something on the red carpet and they're usually running from one place to another…and guess what? She's a super star, well known internationally speaking, and then we have Daniel WHO?

  9. renaissance247 says – reply to this


    Once she did that Lady Marmalade song/video, she changed. Her sound, her tone, her attitude (her hair, that awful black hair). When she did her first album she was probably a doll. I don't doubt he had an unpleasant experience with her. I haven't liked anything she's done since on her second album or beyond. Anything since it was released (including it) was wretched.

  10. Angie says – reply to this


    Re: Peterpan – Exactly. She can out sing him any day.

  11. FL says – reply to this


    Mean Girls was an o.k movie but it's time to move on. Not worth anyone getting their panties in a twist over it.

  12. 12


  13. Loca says – reply to this


    When people meet famous celebs they know someone will either say they are rude or were nice to them. Christina has had many encounters of people saying she is not a nice person when the cameras are not on her. I believe him she could have handled it better he was obviously excited to meet her all she had to do was chat for a few minutes and excuse herself is what people with manners would do.

  14. al says – reply to this


    You know I find it funny how Perez and Gaga are both kissing er Christina's butt after the whole Justice for Bionic thing.

  15. al says – reply to this


    Re: Angie – really not even her Back to Basics album was amazing you've been missing out on some good music missy

  16. Loca says – reply to this


    Christina looks 40 years old here.

  17. anonymous says – reply to this


    Re: Mr. Xpose – hahaha this made me lol