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Well this is something we just have to hear! Even though it was totally icky and awkward, James Franco thinks his attempt at hitting on a 17-yaer-old gir… Read more…

9 comments to “You Think It's Icky, James Franco Thinks His Attempt At Picking Up That 17-Year-Old Over Instagram Was Totally OK!”

  1. Sam says – reply to this


    Franco sounds like a predator.

  2. LCP says – reply to this


    It's fine, let them have their fun. Is it hurting you? I don't think so. She's over the age of 16 and I'm pretty sure that means it's legal.

  3. Jane says – reply to this


    Let's be real. It happens all of the time and just because it is James Franco it is some huge deal. Hell, I always dated older men when I was in high school. Get over it. There are worse things in the world going on like actual predators preying on CHILDREN.

  4. Crtz says – reply to this


    For once, Perez got it right. Yes I was 17 a few years ago older guys hit on me & while some were cute it was still creepy. At 17 your basically a kid c'mon. He being that creepy guy lol, regardless of his fame or not, he obv just wanted to bone a pretty 17y.o . He should've known better, esp because of his fame, is he stupid come on now of course 17yo is gonna show the world! Lol he's trying to excuse his behavior, just admit it dude she's too young. Stick with 21 as the minimum. He's honest @ least but he seems like a pig lol

  5. So what says – reply to this


    So what, who cares, everyone is doing this, shes legal let them at it, its no ones business but theirs is what i say!!

  6. DB says – reply to this


    get over this story! its old news!

  7. Designer girl says – reply to this


    I would have banged Franco when I was seventeen.

  8. K says – reply to this


    At the end of the day she is of the age to consent NY = 17, Scotland = 16. Having said that she could very easily have had a whole year of legal sex with whomever and with the response like "not when you're around" would suggest that a) she has a boyfriend she is prepared to cheat on and b) probably sexually active as well.

    I'm not trying to paint her as some slut, if she wants a sex life she's old enough to have one. All I'm saying is she may not be this virginal innocent little kid and this shouldn't even be a story, James Franco isn't the first man to find young women attractive and he certainly won't be the last

  9. Dylan Howell says – reply to this


    I don't think it's her age that makes it creepy (seventeen isn't exactly a babe in the woods), but I do think it's the reek of desperation behind his texts that sets the icky tone. The rapid fire way he kept messaging her is just plain weird, especially when you realize it's James Franco doing it. Geez, man… You can't turn a corner and find somebody else to have sexy with you? You have to hound THIS particular girl? Creepy.