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Florida Lawmakers Say Concealed Weapon Permits No Longer Required In The Event Of… THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!!

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Oh, Florida! If you were to ever break off from the rest of the Continental United States and sink to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, where would we turn for our wacky-ass news?

A new law has been proposed in Florida, Senate Bill 296, which would allow residents of the Sunshine State to carry concealed weapons without a permit in the event of an emergency (like, say, a hurricane.)

Blah, blah, politics, WHATEVER. The highlight of this story comes from State Senator Dwight Bullard who tried to attach the most outrageously entertaining amendment to any law ever. In his estimation, if residents are allowed to carry concealed weapons sans permit during a hurricane, he thinks they should also be allowed to do so during… wait for it… wait for it… The Zombie Apocalypse. Yup, THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!!

Here's his plainly worded proposed amendment:

zombie amendment florida law

As it turns out, Dwight staunchly opposes the new law and this was his way of drawing attention to how ridic it is. He offered:

"For me, as laughable as the amendment might seem, it's equally laughable that people who haven't gone through the proper training, the background check, the license to carry — we're saying because of a hurricane or flooding or sinkhole, these individuals have gone from gun owners to concealed carry permit holders… I'd argue a crisis is probably the last instance in which you want someone who is not a concealed permit holder to carry a weapon."

Good points, sir!!

More than that, it's comforting to know that parts of the country are finally prepping for the end of times!!

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10 comments to “Florida Lawmakers Say Concealed Weapon Permits No Longer Required In The Event Of… THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!!”

  1. Face it says – reply to this


    Sounds like some one is claiming their territory ,for you not to go there , sounds like they are preparing . i guess war is real and they want to keep you out of their area , ones everything happens ?
    I see …

  2. seriously says – reply to this


    they know Marshall Law is coming and want the criminals to know ,Florida
    is not state you wanna go to steal or committ crimes ,good for them ,cuzz incase of the dollar collapsing or if natural disaster strikes ,florida won't end up like NYC or L.A like on the rodney kings riots ?

  3. andy says – reply to this


    this makes total sense cuzz florida is republican state with money and jobs like texas ,they are not broke like california or new york or michigan ,
    i guess florida don't want ppl there that don't belong there ,after what ever they are preparing for happens ???

  4. Otter says – reply to this


    What a nice image to play over and over and over. Asshole.

  5. sang lee says – reply to this


    Re: seriously – i guess they don't want people there from broke states like ,new orleans ,new york , Cleveland , illinois or maryland going there after wards ,cuss ones marshall laws gets declare the country will be divided into different countries like Europe ?
    i guess they are marking their territory .

  6. sang lee says – reply to this


    every state surrounding florida is broke new orleans ,new york , alabama ,ohio , illinois or maryland ,etc etc , almost bankrupt .

  7. Stephanie says – reply to this


    It's obvious you have never been in a place where a natural disaster brings out looters and criminals looking to steal your stuff; by any means they can! I'll be damned if gun owners shouldn't have the right to walk around their neighborhood, including their front yard, with a concealed weapon to protect themselves from those people!

  8. 8

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  9. 9

    Look at what happened during and directly after hurricane Katrina. They confiscated legally owned guns, leaving survivors open to be victimized by looters and other criminals. Florida is trying to make sure their citizens can protect themselves in the event of chaos.

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    Canada's government made a reference in jest to the Zombie apolocalypse a ways back too. Let the tin foil hatting commence.