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A Look Into Peaches Geldof's Personal Idols Might Help To Reveal What Was Really Going On

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The days before Peaches Geldof's death prove that her overdose may not be all that surprising.

It's now coming to light that Peaches was reportedly OBSESSED with the late and great Elliott Smith — who was himself addicted to heroin and committed suicide at 34 years old in 2003.

Her increasing obsession was marked by describing the late musician as her "kindred spirit" and a screenshot of her most listened to songs, all of which were strummed by him.

We're not sure what brought on her possible problems, but it's unfortunate they weren't spotted and dealt with sooner.

If only Peaches talked to someone about her demons, maybe this could have all been avoided.

[Image via Peaches Geldof/Instagram.]

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13 comments to “A Look Into Peaches Geldof's Personal Idols Might Help To Reveal What Was Really Going On”

  1. 1

    Is this really necessary? The poor woman is dead and gone. Why do you look for "clues" in everything? There is no reason to pick her entire life apart. It is not any of our business how or why she died. Move on with your life and let her rest in peace.

  2. 2

    Where was her husband throughout all this ?!?! Were they on the rocks ?
    I feel so awful for her and her sons :'(

  3. Courtddb says – reply to this


    I am blown away by your ignorance. "If only she had talked to someone about her demons" if you have ever known anyone who has struggled with this addiction, you would not be so ignorant to assume that "talking" to someone would actually help.
    As a parent who had had her child in and out of numerous treatment facilites within the last 5 years, you realize, they are fucking addicted and will lie thru their teeth about their well being, just to get their next fix.
    The first time they snort, smoke or shoot it up, may as well be the last. It's all they care about. So, for you to assume that all she needed to do was talk to someone… Offensive. To any of us who have gone thru this struggle.

  4. Lame says – reply to this


    Go fuck yourself, Perez, you poofter twink. Remember when you called her a fat junkie?

  5. 5

    Re: Courtddb – wow, I couldn't of said it better!!! he has no idea what he is talking about or understands addiction. I myself am not a mother but have had friends lost the battle of addiction. and myself when I was a teen I put my parents through hell with a addiction of cocaine . but I fought through it. clearly perez is a ignorant asshole. and should keep his mouth shut when he doesn't understand

  6. whutwhut says – reply to this


    Let's not blame Elliott. Some of us have had addiction problems, and have been obsessed with his music, and managed not to die.

  7. KK says – reply to this


    Does anyone remember when Peaches posted that picture with her son and there was a ghost hand grabbing her hair? CREEPY to think about now

  8. 8

    Late Great? When will society stop putting selfish drug addicts and a pedestal and call them what they really are, selfish drug addicted assholes. Once society shuns them , the will less likely to occur

  9. PB Bunny80 says – reply to this


    Demons? Really? How uneducated! She had mental illness! A disease just like cancer!

  10. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: KK – I do, and have tried to figure it out and can't. Online photoshop mavens have checked it out and have so far maintained it's clean, but I don't know.
    It was uber weirdness and the more you look at it, the more creeped out you get.

  11. Aly says – reply to this


    'It's now coming to light that Peaches was reportedly OBSESSED with the late and great Elliott Smith — who was himself addicted to heroin and committed suicide at 34 years old in 2003.'

    It is not true, his death has never been declared a suicide by the police, if you read the autopsy report it says 'could not be determined. A LOT of people are misinformed about this, you should look into this.

  12. Sandy says – reply to this


    Yes they have to want to help themselves, you can try all you want with a drug addict, if they are grown up, independent, 25 years old, they will find one way or another to still get their hands on the drugs. Nothing anybody close to them can do until they wake up to themselves. People don't understand unless they've been in the situation, how heartbreaking it is to watch someone you love slowly destroying themselves and you are powerless unless you lock and chain them in a room! Which of course you cannot do. Parents are not to blame. Bob was probably worried sick about her for years.

  13. Sandy says – reply to this


    Having said that though, the media, pop culture, is always glorifying, endorsing and romanticizing drug abuse - look at Miley Cyrus. Half the songs on the pop charts seem to have drug references in them. It's all part of their 'gangsta' culture, I wish they could see up close what it does to people, their families - how ugly, painful, distressing drug addiction is for them.