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President Obama Slayed With His Speech At The White House Correspondents' Dinner! Catch All Of His Jokes HERE!

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If drone strikes dropped jokes, there would be no survivors after this.

President Obama gave a joke-filled speech for the White House Correspondents' Dinner that we totally gave our seal of approval to.

Our favorite moments were when he compared the Obamacare website to Frozen, mentioned that Sasha asked Bill Clinton to come in for career day, and said that since John Boehner is having an even harder time with Republicans than he is, that orange really is the new black!

Also, it was kind of a surprise when he threw in a plug for Hillary Clinton instead of Joe Biden. Awk-to-the-ward.

Ch-ch-check out the President's entire set (above)!!!

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7 comments to “President Obama Slayed With His Speech At The White House Correspondents' Dinner! Catch All Of His Jokes HERE!”

  1. Rob says – reply to this


    I'm so happy he's doing a great job as a comic since he can't seem to lead our country. How about he starts to do something about Putin, tell the truth about Benghazi, and stop commenting on news stories without knowing all the facts. It would be nice to have a strong President instead of a celebrity who can't lead.

  2. Simonzee1 says – reply to this


    Not all news is good news.

    Below is a good example of bad news but the new trend in left wing fascist news using distorted religious language. The author must have been reading Botton's latest works on plagarising religious language and icons.

    Obama Should Thank Satan Donald Sterling’s Rant Was Released The Same Week As The Benghazi Email

    May. 04, 2014

  3. wanker says – reply to this


    Re: Rob – you seem really stupid. not only that, but you come off as a fat follower. if you still are confused about benghazi, then that explains everything anyone would ever need to know about you personally.

  4. Rob says – reply to this


    I'm not confused at all about Benghazi. The president and his administration lied to get re-elected. I find it amusing that you are calling me stupid since your sentences are incomplete and start with lowercase letters. Also, the followers are those who listen to everything the Jon Stewarts tell them and don't question anything. I'm sure you were a George Bush hater and if he had done the things Obama has, you would be very critical.

  5. jackson says – reply to this


    Re: wanker – its obvious you don't follow the news. they got the goods on Obama and killary on Benghazi. they have e=mail proving the video story was a lie. while those in Benghazi died, Obama did debate prep and went to bed. killarys whereabouts are still unknown. One general called Obama a COWARD

    Impeachment of Obama should start right away but we know because he affirmative action he'll get a pass.

  6. BoogamcDoogaLoogaWOOOF says – reply to this


    Please. The guy doesn't write his own speeches or jokes but he does have the delivery of a comic. He claims to be so "transparent" yet to this day I cant figure out if he is pro gay marriage or anti gay marriage. His opinion changes with the wind.

  7. 7

    nerd prom.