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Bryan Singer Is Named In ANOTHER Sex Abuse Lawsuit Along With Gary Goddard!

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bryan singer accused more sexual abuse

And the list keeps growing.

In case you haven’t been following along, X-Men director Bryan Singer and friend Gary Goddard have both been named in previous suits, alleging that they sexually abused underage teens.

Well, things just got worse for them.

A UK citizen, who remains anonymous, alleges that Goddard was involved with him from age 14 to 17, and every year things escalated until one TERRIBLE night when he was 17.

Things started in 2003, when Goddard contacted the 14-year-old on social media, then at 15 they had clothesless webchats. Eventually they met and would just lay in bed, in the nude, until the teen turned 16, and they had sex.

However, at 17 years old, the teen was at a Superman afterparty when Goddard tried to force himself on the young man, and brought in a “large, musclebound man” who beat the kid up. Singer was also there, and allegedly tried to rape the teen while Goddard sat by, naked on the bed.

All of the suits against Singer have come from the same lawyer, and this one is no different.

Both Singer and Goddard’s lawyers are vehemently denying these claims and insist that their clients are innocent. In fact, you can read the entire statement from Goddard's side (below):

"It is a sad indictment on society that when once spurious claims making false, serious and highly damaging allegations have been made - especially where compensation is sought - that other similar claims may follow.

The allegations made against Mr Goddard are vehemently denied and will be vigorously defended at any trial of these matters and Mr Goddard is entirely confident that he will be fully vindicated."

We can’t imagine all of these men making these claims up, but it’s also hard to believe there are people that evil in the world.

[Image via WENN.]

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10 comments to “Bryan Singer Is Named In ANOTHER Sex Abuse Lawsuit Along With Gary Goddard!”

  1. Gary says – reply to this


    I lived in Los Angeles in the late 1990's and met Bryan Singer at a gay bar called Rage. I told my friend I was with that he invited me to a party at his house in the valley and my friend refused to go because (my friends quote) "he will drug you and butt-rape you". I don't know how true the allegations in these lawsuits are but I wouldn't doubt it if they were true. Where there is smoke there is fire.

  2. Gemma Rox says – reply to this


    I'm not buying this at all. Same lawyer, same tricks, different country.

  3. 3

    "And the list keeps growing"
    "We can’t imagine all of these men making these claims up"

    This is disgusting reporting. All of these men? This makes two. Two men are making the most serious accusation you could ever make against someone, all with apparently zero evidence. Nothing. Absolutely no evidence. You're a fucking chump if you believe this nonsense.

  4. TV101 says – reply to this


    I mean C MON the truth is Bryan Singer does not have to resort to these type of acts to get men into his homes or hotelel rooms. What a bunch of crap until proven otherwise. I'm not believing these until I see evidence. How ridiculous. Not every girl or boy who claims rape is claiming the truth usually there are but it is tougher when there is money and power involved.

  5. 5

    Accusing someone of a crime without proper evidence is just plain ignorant.

  6. perezasshole says – reply to this


    told you idiots it was true perez tried to make the victims look bad.

  7. 7

    Re: Gary – Where there is smoke there is fire.

    When you can't think by yourself, you use this type of cliché.

    Let's talk about your friend : once a liar always a liar

    how does that feel ?

  8. LibLou says – reply to this


    In reply to the others on here, the law states innocent until proven guilty - lets see if these accusations turn into truths before we judge, but also what about the abuse of power, the voice of the victims; the sexual gratification of these types of predators being mentioned does not comply with normal. Young kids are easily intimidated and the thrill of fear is the greatest turn-on for pedophilles and sexual bullies. I will wait for the court case and hope that the truth outs.

  9. fid says – reply to this


    I will not consider him guilty until proof comes out proving he is. Unfortunately in this day and age of litigation, people so easily can accuse someone of heinous acts without any proof. The proof that has been released so far do not bode in the claimants favour. That and the fact that the lawyer representing them seems like a bottom feeder type looking for publicity doesn't help. IF Bryan Singer is found not guilty and has proof showing he was not involved, I'm hoping he goes after this lawyer and the two claimants because false claims of sexual assault are the worst kind, because it detracts from the real cases that happen on a daily basis.

  10. Tori1 says – reply to this


    Re: TV101 – Rape is not perpetrated in order to get sex, it's about power and control you dumba$$