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Peaches Geldof's Widower Thomas Cohen DID NOT Tamper With Evidence! Police Confirm Drug Paraphernalia Was Found Near Her Body!

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peaches geldof thomas cohen discovers body wenn

Guess Peaches Geldof's death wasn't such a mystery after all.

While it was reported that her hubby Thomas Cohen discovered and disposed of the drug paraphernalia that contributed to her fatal heroin overdose on April 7, police have confirmed that they found paraphernalia when they arrived on the scene.

The cops also insist that Thomas is not being suspected for any sort of involvement in supplying Peaches with the drugs that killed her.

Authorities might've tried to keep the circumstances of her death as private as possible, but when one was as famous as Peaches, it is hard to keep anything a secret from the public for too long.

We hope her family realizes that her lethal drug addiction does not change how beloved Peaches was to all of us.

The journalist and model's death was indeed tragic, but she will always be remembered for her amazing smile, humor, and devotion to her children.

R.I.P, our angel!!

[Image via WENN.]

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17 comments to “Peaches Geldof's Widower Thomas Cohen DID NOT Tamper With Evidence! Police Confirm Drug Paraphernalia Was Found Near Her Body!”

  1. Kevin says – reply to this


    Oh yeah. REAL devoted to her children……… What a joke.

  2. 2

    Just another dead junkie.

  3. 3

    Poor wording there M. Shooting junk next to your 11 month old is not devotion.

  4. Felicia says – reply to this


    I had to cringe at devoted to her children as well. To know how she struggled with the death of her own Mother and to send her own children to that same fate is so cruel and selfish. I'm sure she loved her boys. I bet she would have done anything for them. Except give up the drugs or get help for her addiction. My own two boys are near in age to hers and my biggest fear is leaving them. Dying in some accident or becoming truly sick. I couldn't imagine willingly shooting myself up knowing the risks. It's a shame. Not for Peaches or the years she will miss but for the cycle she has pushed her own babies into. Bless them and keep them.

  5. Megfred says – reply to this


    I seriously hope there is some sort or investigation in regards to the well being of the children. I highly doubt her family, and husband were oblivious to her drug use so to leave her alone with a child to me seems horribly irresponsible on their parts.

  6. Trex says – reply to this


    Devotion to her children would have meant staying alive and present

  7. Heyya says – reply to this


    As a mother I find it insulting to say she was a devoted mother and wonderful person. It's disgusting that we keep glorifying all of these "famous" peoples overdoses. All it is teaching the younger generation is it's okay.. It's a sad world when this is a headliner and yet someone who actually does something with there life - charities, marathons, etc are on the second page - if at all.

  8. 8

    Her kids should've been taken away & she shouldn't been forced to go to rehab.
    What an ignorant woman. Sad that she's dead, but it's her own fault.
    No one dies at 25 unless it's drugs, terminal illness or a traffic accident.

  9. 9

    how on earth you could call her a devoted mother after dying next to her child and taking herself out of those babies' lives …… especially when she had it happen to herself. what a shame you would glorify this. so sorry for her poor kids.

  10. cheech says – reply to this


    being a junkie and killing yourself through an OD is not devotion, thats being selfish. She wasn't an angel she was a drug addict who killed herself and took her out of her childrens life much like her own mother. CPS really needs to inspect the childrens wellfare, because it's a possibility that the father is a drug addict too.

  11. meem says – reply to this


    I feel so bad for those adorable babies. They must be wondering where their mama is. So sad. She was a selfish idiot who put herself and drugs over the well being of her kids. Not someone to glamorize.

  12. Kathleen says – reply to this


    It's such a shame that people who are rich/famous/the offspring of the rich/famous get constant epitaphs like this. I totally agree with all the other comments- she wasn't a wonderful mum!

  13. crystalynn says – reply to this


    These days, you can't say someone is a bad person just because they're an addict. Addiction is a gene that affects so many, if it hasn't affected you, you're lucky. Many, many mothers, Good mothers, are affected. What makes this sad is that she had the money and options to get treatment and she and those around her chose to ignore the problem. That's sad. And there is Never an excuse for using around your children. I pray that if the father has addiction issues, this opens his eyes and he straightens his life out. These days, there's no excuse. Not when there are so many good (PAINLESS) treatment options available, especially to those who have the cash. I wish these babies well, let's hope they don't follow down what seems to be the family path.

  14. Jeaane says – reply to this


    I am a mother of a son near enough the same age as Peaches. It doesn't matter how Peaches died ir is still very, very sad. Such a sad loss of life. I do wish her husband and their sons will get all the love and support to help them get through this still tragic time even 4 weeks later. R.I.P lovely lady

  15. sophie says – reply to this


    Where are you getting your information from there hasnt even been an enquiry into her death thats in july and there wasnt anything found at the scene to say she was taking drugs.

  16. Kelly says – reply to this


    Beloved by all of us?? Not sure about that and as for devoted to her children are you choosing to forget when her son fell out his pushchair because she was too busy on her phone? Then there is the drug use…..

  17. Gio says – reply to this


    Re: crystalynn – You are quite wrong, addiction is not genetic! It's a choice, often influenced by those around us, such as our parents. My father was an addict of sorts, but nobody in our large family even touches alcohol. We made a different choice.